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Chapter 719 - 719 Testing the Blade With a Demon

719 Testing the Blade With a Demon

To them, the black mass was not a flood or a ferocious beast but a medal point.

“There’s a limited number of them, so whoever manages to snatch most will get them!”

The muscular man, Commander Ji, was the first to charge into the demon horde. His force field burst out, and every strike caused waves in the tide-like demon army.

General Wei and the others did not fall behind. They all released their auras and flew into the demon tide.

The dozen or so people were like meat grinders. Wherever they passed, meat and flesh flew, and blood rained down.

The endless waves of demons began to fade away.

On the city wall, Captain Zhou and the others were dumbfounded by the scene before them.

Was this the pillar of the southern warzone?

Hundreds of millions of demons couldn’t even stop the charge of a dozen people!

“Brothers, we can’t let General Wei lose face. Kill!”

When they returned to their senses, all the military personnel, led by Captain Zhou and the others, roared and rushed out of the city, colliding with the demon army.

Hot blood rushed out of their bodies. The comrades from the past joined hands once more.

Lin Qiye had no idea about Ocean City’s counterattack.

At this moment, he was dragging a group of demons with him, and he had arrived at a place thousands of miles away from the city.

“What a troublesome fellow.”

Lin Qiye furrowed his brows and looked back from time to time.

The demons chasing him had sealed the space, making it impossible for him to teleport.

With his speed alone, he couldn’t escape from the group supported by the demonic cloud formation.

He wanted to turn around and deal with them, but the demons didn’t fight him head-on. As soon as they saw him attack, they would scatter and escape, not giving him any chance.

Although he could catch up and kill them one by one, that would be too troublesome.

The weaker demons had already been killed by his Thunder God Aspect, and those still alive were slippery like an eel.

It was even more challenging to kill them.

The demons seemed to have noticed Lin Qiye’s sullen mood, and they couldn’t help but shout.

“Human, don’t waste your energy. Honestly submitting to our race is the best ending for you!”

“F*ck you!”

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Qiye threw out a bolt of purple lightning, which instantly destroyed the demon distracted by the voice transmission.

Under the purple thunder’s destructive power, even Earth Immortal Realm demons couldn’t resist it.

In the blink of an eye, they had lost yet another comrade. The demons trembled in fear and did not dare to be distracted. They were all tensed up, afraid Lin Qiye would seize the opportunity and annihilate them in one blow.

The two Celestial demons at the back of the group suddenly trembled, and their faces turned ugly.

“King Tuo Ni’s aura has disappeared!”

“How is this possible?”

The three-horned demon and the painted-skin demon were both in disbelief.

Could King Tuo Ni have been defeated by a human warrior?

This thought was immediately rejected.

King Tuo Ni’s power was far beyond their reach. How could he be defeated by a human so easily?

What’s more, King Tuo Ni’s aura disappeared without any warning.

Rather than saying he had been defeated, it would be more reasonable to say he had left this territory.

“Did King Tuo Ni retreat?”

The expression on the three-horned demon’s face changed.

“Impossible. He didn’t show any signs of defeat. He won’t give up just because a human powerhouse is in the way!”

The painted-skin demon immediately denied it.

The plan to target Lin Qiye was personally issued by the Supreme who led their tribe.

If he couldn’t complete the mission, even King Tuo Ni would have to suffer a heavy punishment.

However, King Tuo Ni had indeed lost contact with them. For a moment, the two leading demons couldn’t help but hesitate, wondering if they should continue to pursue.

Lin Qiye also sensed King Tuo Ni’s aura when it disappeared.

Not only did he notice King Tuo Ni’s aura disappearing, but Meng Tu’s as well.

“What’s the situation? Was he not after me?” Lin Qiye was a little dumbfounded.

He had run away because he thought King Tuo Ni was coming for him. But now, it seemed he had misunderstood.

He confirmed once more that King Tuo Ni and Meng Tu’s energy had completely disappeared.

Lin Qiye could not help but stop in his tracks.

When the pursuing demons saw him suddenly stop, they were all shocked and hurriedly halted.

“It seems like your reinforcements aren’t strong enough.”

Lin Qiye turned around unhurriedly, the corners of his lips curling up into a smile.

Since the threat of a Half-Supreme was gone, it would be impolite of him not to properly entertain this bunch of fellows who had been chasing him for half a day.

The sinister smile on Lin Qiye’s face made the demons shiver. They suddenly had the urge to turn around and run away.

“Sir, what should we do now?”

The demons all realized that King Tuo Ni seemed to have disappeared and was all nervous. They didn’t know whether to escape or fight.

“Keep him busy, and don’t let him escape.”

The face of the painted-skin demon darkened.

Don’t let him escape?

The demons at the Human Immortal Realm and Earth Immortal Realm felt their hearts being tugged at. Their already ugly faces became even more twisted.

Lin Qiye stood high in the air, clenching his fists so tightly that they made cracking sounds.

He tilted his neck and twisted his wrists as if he was warming up.

“Don’t be afraid! He’s just bluffing. As long as we don’t fight him head-on, he can’t do anything to us!”

The three-horned demon roared in a low voice as if it was encouraging its subordinates and giving itself courage.

However, everyone knew they had only lost a few companions chasing after Lin Qiye because Lin Qiye had no intention of fighting them.

Now that King Tuo Ni had disappeared, Lin Qiye was prepared to face them head-on. None of them could withstand his storm-like attacks.

They couldn’t withstand the strange and terrifying purple lightning either.

“Did you have a good time chasing me just now?”

Lin Qiye strode forward and approached the demons.

The demons retreated, their nerves tensed, ready to escape at any time.

“Human, I advise you not to be too arrogant.”

The painted-skin demon lowered its voice and warned, but its pace of retreat was not slower than the others.

“Arrogant? Do you know how to spell the word arrogant? I’ll teach you.”

Lin Qiye’s chin was up high, and his proud appearance made the demons want to rush up and hit him.

However, while Lin Qiye looked calm on the surface, he secretly activated his Immortal Eye and quickly observed each demon.

He could see all the energy movements and their weaknesses.

Lin Qiye had released 10% of his origin energy, and after the first round of using the Thunder God Aspect, there was not much left.

Only releasing one-tenth of his origin energy would not cause side effects that would endanger his cultivation realm. However, if he exceeded this limit, his cultivation realm would suffer gradually.

He didn’t want to waste his cultivation on these scums.

However, he didn’t have much energy left. If he were to pursue and kill the demons one by one, not only would it be exhausting, but most of them might even escape.

Therefore, he had a bold idea.

In the Celestial Realm domain, one’s life level would complete the first transition. Even if one’s body was shattered, one could reform it through immortal energy.

To kill an opponent swiftly, one had to attack the opponent’s origin power directly.

To do this, one needed to be highly concentrated and capture the opponent’s origin to analyze. At the same time, the power exerted must be strong enough.

If Lin Qiye were to face multiple Immortal Realm experts together, his mental power would be split up, reducing his strength.

Not to mention killing, even causing effective damage would become extremely difficult.

On the battlefield, Celestial Realm experts would fight from time to time.

Even a Celestial wasn’t invincible on the battlefield.

If a cultivator at the Celestial Realm were to fight against hundreds of cultivators in the Human Immortal Realm, although they wouldn’t be surrounded and killed, it would still be challenging to kill more than one-tenth of the targets.

In fact, if they were careless, they might even be severely injured instead.

Lin Qiye had many records of killing waves of demons instantly.

However, that was because the target’s cultivation he had killed was much lower than his.

Furthermore, its strength was also countered by him. It was still effective against cannon fodders, but against Immortal Realm demons, it was basically useless.

When Lin Qiye dealt with the siege of the sky-devouring demon clan, his cultivation reached the Celestial Realm, and he released 30% of his power. He also had the support of the world’s power.

However, the demons he killed with one strike were only a few dozen.

But now, he was planning to kill all four hundred in one go.

This idea was a little crazy, but it was not whimsical.

“I’ll use you guys as test subjects and see what I’ve gained from this trip.”

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