What if My Brother is Too Good?

Chapter 21

The cold medicine that Housekeeper Zhang gave her was very effective. In addition to the effective cold medicine, Huo Wu had a healthy and strong body, so when she woke up the next day, her fever was gone.

Her head no longer felt dizzy, her body was relaxed, and she felt her strength returned. She really felt great.

As soon as the fever subsided, Huo Wu’s stomach began to growl. Huo Wu had only eaten two bowls of porridge in over a day; her body had probably digested all of that already.

Now that she regained her energy, her stomach rumbled in protest.

Huo Wu slowly recalled the events from last night. At two in the morning, Huo Yusen awkwardly fed her porridge one spoonful at a time. Huo Wu can’t help but burst out laughing recalling that scene.

Fortunately, Huo Yusen had already returned to his room to rest and was no longer here. Otherwise, his expression would turn as dark as the bottom of a pot if he found out what she was laughing at.

However, Huo Yusen’s actions had greatly surprised Huo Wu.

It also seemed like the effect of acting coquettishly and spoiled was much better than what she expected.

Huo Wu inexplicably remembered a fairy tale she read when she was a child called——Little Pony Crossing the River.

A pony wanted to cross a river, but before he crossed, he asked a squirrel and a cattle whether the river was deep. The squirrel told him that the river was very deep. Many of its companions had drowned trying to cross the river. However, the old cattle told the pony that the river was shallow. The river didn’t even go past the cattle’s legs. The pony can only cross the river himself to gauge whether the river was either deep or shallow.

This principle can also be applied to interpersonal relationships.

One can’t judge whether a person was good or bad just by listening to other people’s one-sided words. Instead, they should interact with the person themselves before making their judgment.

Before Huo Yusen had taken care of her, Huo Wu had given up her plan on holding her older brother’s thighs. She felt that Huo Yusen was too cold and distant. However, after he took care of her when she was sick, she somewhat changed her mind about him.

When she recalled the helpless but patient expression on Huo Yusen’s face as he fed her porridge, she couldn’t help but think that he was cute.

Yes, he was somewhat adorable.

Huo Yusen should be the opposite of the word cute.

His facial features were pronounced, crew-cut hair, and the muscles on his body highlighted his masculinity. Coupled with a pair of slender, powerful, and long legs, he was simply walking eye candy. His body exudes unparalleled charm.

No one else had seen the adorable expression he had shown her last night.

While Huo Wu was immersed in her thoughts, Housekeeper Zhang knocked on the door and walked in. she glanced at Huo Wu, and asked with concern, “Has the fever subsided?”

Huo Wu was sitting on her bed. A beauty was the most beautiful when she had just woken up. Her long hair was like a waterfall as it fell around her waist messily. Her whole demeanor gave off the aura of a languid beauty.

Huo Wu nodded her head when she heard Housekeeper Zhang’s words, “The fever is gone. I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore.”

Housekeeper Zhang smiled in relief, “That’s good.”

Huo Wu put her hands on top of her pink blanket and asked, “Housekeeper Zhang, did my older brother wake up yet?”

“Yes. It seemed like the Eldest Young Master didn’t sleep well last night. He had just gotten up.”

Huo Wu finished drinking the porridge last night at 2:30 AM. She waited for her body to digest the food a little before she laid down on the bed again. Because she had slept a lot before, it took a while for her to fall back asleep again.

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