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Voyage Of The Villainess

Voyage Of The Villainess





Voyage Of The Villainess

Rating: 9/10 from 61 ratings

This is the tale of how a villainess became the greatest voyager in a world filled with magic and danger.

Carolle was killed in an explosion on the MVI Queen Liner crew ship to which she was assigned. She transmigrated to the body of Malaya Venizever Marina, the youngest daughter of the Marina Dukedom of the Empire of Sahaya. And the villainess of the novel Fate of the Stars, which she read.

She accepted her role and awaited the fated graduation ball to get her doom flag. Where she will be exiled, and from there she will be able to go on her new journey and fulfill her dream! In the new world full of unknowns, she aspired to be the greatest voyager in history.

"Who cares about the plot?! When you have a whole new world of unknown! You should explore it!"

Author Notes:
1. English is not my first language, so please tell me if there will be grammar errors.
2. The story might be slow or fast depending on each arc.
3. All constructive criticisms and reviews are welcome!
4. All the best to the story and have fun reading.

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