Villain's Rising

25 25. Let's Just Have Some Fun

(Are you up?)


(Open your eyes! I know you’re up dumbass!)


(Dude…! What’s going on? You’re scaring me!)

“That girl! She’s insane!”

Sam was lying on the ground. A crater was made around him. The wooden floor that was once stretched there elegantly was now scrambled.

Traces of dried-up blood could be found on Sam’s clothes. As he lay there he closed his eyes once again and calmly started speaking his thoughts.

“Listen, if she wanted to kill me or take revenge, she could’ve done so while I was out for the count. But here I am, completely fine!”

(Completely fine?! Bitch you got your ass whooped last night! She killed you!)

“Yeaa! And oh God was that a brutal death! I don’t know the record, but I think that was the largest and most highest chokeslam in recorded or unrecorded history!” Sam laughed.

(For fucks sake Sam! It’s not the time for your self roasting jokes! We need to devise a counterattack plan!)

“What counter-attack plan? Bruh we completely lost last night” Sam sat back up.

(We could’ve defeated her with our limiters off!) The voice in his head retorted.

“My ability doesn’t work on her! I don’t see how removing our limiters would have helped us!” Sam frowned in ridicule.

(We could’ve turned every human in this city into our slaves and made them attack her or we even could’ve used them as human shields!)

“Again?!” Sam responded furiously. “We’ve talked about this before! It’s not the time yet! We can’t do that now!”

“There is Starsuper, he would find me and end me! There’s a reason why any of the Progenitor’s power holders before me never took their limiter off. As you always say, let’s not do anything stupid yeah?”

(-Sigh… Fine. We will wait till we find any weakness on their bloodline…).

“Good,” Sam said as he stood up and dusted his clothes.

It’s just been a few hours since he was last killed but looking at his energy now, no one could guess that. Even people with [Immortality] need a few days to recover after they die.

(So what about the girl? What do we do?)

“If she kept me alive, that means she wants something from me, not that she could kill me anyways but you get the point right?”

(Yeah. Among all of your sub-powers, your [Immortality] is absolute. Anyway, any idea what she wants?)

“Well maybe she fell for me, after all when it comes to being handsome and hot, no one could compare to me. Plus my black hair, kyaaaa~ I’m so hot!”

Sam placed his palms on his face as his cheeks flushed in red.

(Kill me please!)

“Haha, just kidding. Well, I don’t know what she wants…”

Sam placed a palm on his chin and looked up.

Morning sun rays were peeking through the hole that was made across the upper floors and the basement’s ceiling last night.

(But you do have a plan right?)

“…No” He shamelessly admitted.

(We’re so fucked!)

“Now calm down dummy. She has yet to tell Anthony about us.”

(Yeah? how do you know that?)

“Because if Anthony knew about us, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

(Yeah, agreed. So… everything we did, every effort of past few days, it’s wasted?)

“Well, we got more information. For starters, we now know she possesses some kind of Adapting ability. She also has more than 3 abilities, which I think Anthony has too.”

(What if it’s not just her, but the whole Willburn family that possesses this Adapting ability you speak of?!)

“Definitely couldn’t rule out the possibility of that. She could tell if an ability is being used, Starboy showed us something similar in the past too. Maybe this one is also unique to them…”

(Damn these Willburns! What the fuck are they?!)

“A stepping stone. That’s all they are.”

Sam scoffed. His eyes on the other hand were filled with determination.

“For now let’s go.”

He said and started walking towards the exit door. After a few steps, he stopped in his tracks. Instantly he turned around and started scanning the whole place.


“Ahhh… Kiara”

(Oh God! You’re still clinging on to her?! At least let her go now! She even tried to kill you!)

“No, you idiot! I mean where the fuck is she?! I’m pretty sure I left her out cold right around there!” Sam said as he pointed at a certain area.

(Wait… She has the [Regeneration] ability as one of her many sub-abilities! Did she heal and runoff?!)

“Aghh fuck!”




A flaxen-haired girl was standing outside the classroom door for the Warrior Class. Hesitantly she put her hand on the doorknob and opened it slowly with a click sound.


A cool breeze from the air-conditioned classroom welcomed her as she went in and closed the door behind her.

The classroom was more crowded than she originally remembered. It’s because she only attended the class on the first day.

Deciding to blend into the crowd she slowly took steps towards an empty seat.

“Rebekah?!” Startling her, A hand grabbed her shoulder from behind.

But at the sound of the familiar voice, she instantly turned around.

“Brother…?” She asked, her lips trembled and her eyes watered.

“Is that really you?” She inquired in a trembling voice.

However, the answer was not what she was expecting. Her brother tightened his grip around her and started dragging her out of the class.

“Brother! Stop! You’re hurting me!”

Only after they came out of the class into a comparatively less crowded corridor did Anthony let go of her hand. He then manifested a sound barrier around them and proceeded to speak.

“Where the fuck were you?! You know I have to watch over you right?! You should be happy that Illuminati didn’t find out about your disappearance, or else we would have a much bigger problem on our hands right now!!”

“Brother I-“

“Shut up Rebekah!” Anthony yelled again losing his calm.

Rebekah didn’t answer and just looked down. Seeing this Anthony massaged his eyebrows before going for a hug.

Wrapping his arms around her in his embrace, he calmly apologized and calmly asked a question.

“I’m sorry Rebekah…” He spoke in a regretful tone, “Was it the Progenitor? Dad said he has returned.”

A few seconds of silence followed next. Seeing this Anthony asked again.

“Rebekah, tell me was it the Progenitor?!”

“Why didn’t you come for me?” Rebekah answered in a low whimpering tone.

“Rebekah, I did come! I tried to find you but my Divine Sight didn’t work! When I told dad, he said our Sights can’t work on him. That means we cant keep an eye on him or take his powers. That’s why I ask you, was it the Progenitor? Because if yes, then it’s bigger than us!”

Rebekah pushed Anthony back and gave him a fierce stare. If only looks could kill.

“This is the third time you broke your promise! You’re not! My brother!” Rebekah answered and started walking out of the barrier.

“Rebekah! Wait and answer me!” Anthony tried to grab her hand but his hand just went through her.

“A Phasing ability?!” He questioned in disbelief.

“And to answer your question, no it wasn’t the Progenitor.”

Rebekah responded and went inside the classroom with her usual aloof expression as if nothing happened.

Anthony kept standing there for a few minutes with trembling hands.

Students who tried to approach him hesitated after seeing the dread look on his face.

After a few seconds, a familiar voice called out to him, shaking him from his thoughts.

“Oye, you’re scaring them,”

Anthony looked up in front of him to find it was the black-haired boy.

“Sam… I- Uhh… Rebekah’s back…”

“What?!” Sam acted stunned at the news. “Here? Is she in the class right now?”


“Well, why are you so sad then? Your sister is back!”

“Yeah but…”

Anthony fought in his mind for whether to tell Sam everything or not, but in the end, he clenched his fists decided not to drag him into the mess.

“Yeah you’re right, we just had a little fight that’s all.”

“Haha I see, it’s okay you guys will make up yeah? Now remove that look from your face” Sam said while placing a hand around his shoulder and making him walk with him to the class.

‘See what did I tell ya? He doesn’t know shit. Now let’s find out why?’ Sam spoke in his mind.

(It was a big risk to come here yourself instead of sending a clone)

‘Calm down drama queen, our college life is just starting! Let’s enjoy our time here! Let’s just have some fun!

For a moment Sam exhibited a sadistic smile but it disappeared as soon as it came.

‘After all, for the first time in 19 years of my life, I’m actually starting to enjoy doing something!’


Information available on:

[Divine Sight]

•Can see when the other abilities are being used.

•Can copy the abilities of others. Limits to this usage are still unknown.


[Matter Manipulation]

•The power to manipulate matter.

•The user can shape and manipulate matter, i.e. anything in the universe that has substance and mass/physical form, starting from molecules and atoms to planets and other astronomical features.

•Energy, being massless, is not matter, so while a matter manipulator may be able to generate energy, they are unlikely to directly control it.


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