Vampire Overlord System in the Apocalypse

Chapter 356 - The Fearful Kingdom


Within the Ignitias Kingdom, the Dragon King Drakon Ignitias glanced at a large floating sphere as his eyes squinted nervously, several other dragons in their humanized forms stood around him. A particular dragon woman with long pink hair and sharp, purple-colored eyes glanced at the sphere, her clothes seemed exotic and reminiscent of Arabic clothes, her skin was also chocolate-skinned, and her scales purple and wine-colored.

Her power emanated from her chest like an overflowing aura of illusory and dreamy essence as she glanced over the orb in front of her. She moved her hands, which had thin and sharp, purple-colored claws, her delicate and frail-looking fingers were covered by slim, purple-colored scales.

She looked over the floating watermelon-sized orb with a smile, her eyes flashing with bright pink light.

"How is it?" asked the King nervously. A clear concern could be seen on his face.

The Dragon woman smiled pleasantly as her eyes were filled with a sudden fascination.

"Amazing… The Draconic Essence that I can see through my Illusory Dream Orb is incredible.. To think that there could be a Dungeon that could harbor such amounts of energy at such an early stage. This is definitely suspicious, my lord…" she said.

"Can you sense the power of the entities within that dungeon through your [Clairvoyance]?" asked the King.

The woman closed her eyes as she touched the orb, her vision was suddenly transported above the skies of the Dark Forest, nearing where the dungeon emerged… a large manor could be seen from very far away. However, a crimson-red aura began to slowly spread across the forest, the smell of blood started to filth the area as well.

She began to inspect the quality of the energy emanated… if whatever was there was easily slaughtering these strong Draconic Beast without even breaking a sweat, the beings within that place were definitely mighty.

But how mighty?

She tried to at the very least try to see through that…

She concentrated her gaze some more, putting effort into it…

Little did she knew that Jon had already detected her with his even greater power of sight.

"Someone is observing us, Noah-sama."

"Hm? Then shut her eyes down." Said Noah.

"As you wish."

Jon glared back at the Dragon Woman, as his crimson-red eyes flashed with bright light, his third eye opened vertically as it released waves of energy towards her illusory vision made through her own version of Clairvoyance.

She woman hadn't seen Jon yet, but suddenly, she sensed it.

T R U U U M M !


Enormous eyes peered at the very fabric of her soul and being, these were not just two eyes, or three, they were countless eyes opening constantly, her vision was suddenly filled with them as a horrifying pain attacked her mind and eyes!

F L A A A A A A A S S S H H H !

"Ungh…! No…! Nooo! Make it stop! Unnnggrrryyyaagggh…!"

Suddenly, the woman fell unconscious in front of the King!

"W-What happened?!"

The other Royal Dragons around her were just as shocked as the King!

"Who could have done this to the Dragon Heroine of Illusions?!"

"S-She's okay?"

"I've never seen something like this happen!"

"Was she cursed?!"

"But how? That's impossible, she wasn't there to be cursed, to begin with!"

Drakon glanced at the woman's unconscious body as he couldn't help but feel a sudden chill run through his spine.

"This is bad… Whatever that being was, it is definitely stronger than her, a Dragon Hero! In the worst-case scenario, we'll have to employ the aid of the Dragon Heroes and also of the Legendary Treasures left by the Gods…" said Drakon.

"W-What? All of them?"

"But this… if it was capable of defeating Dragannia… What guarantees us that they will be able to not do the same to the other Dragon Heroes?"

"Fool! The Dragon Heroes are blessed by Fate, the Draconic Epics have blessed them… Dragannia is merely not good at fighting, but the other Heroes should be able to defeat any threat using the Legendary Artifacts!"

"That's… true…"

"What about… the experiments in the Laboratories?"


"Wait, I thought those experiments were not real!"

"It is obviously false, they do exist. But how would you think the people would react if they knew about them?"

"King, do you mean that you're going all out?"

"Hmm… I don't know if being too cautious is the right thing… Perhaps… No, if they really knocked her out by merely looking at her… Then whatever is it is definitely strong. I have already sent one hundred men led by the three Dragon Generals, they should at least buy us some time to prepare and also see their full strength." Said the King.

"King, how about asking for assistance and aid to the nearby nations? We should at least tell them!"

"But wouldn't that only show some weaknesses? If we can't handle some monster tide and a dungeon, then how will the other nations think about us?"

"Bah! This is not the time for pride, foolish lizard!"

"How did you called me, scaled bastard?!"

"Gentlemen, calm down! We'll do things accordingly to the level of threat they truly are… However, I will do as you said and share the information with the other nations, we don't lose anything doing so. If things escalate out of control, we can use their aid. Remember that the Teleportation Gates are still active, as long as we pour Draconic Energy into them, they should be able to bring faraway armies!" said the King. He was still filled with hope. Drakon was actually an intelligent man and was already planning several steps ahead, thinking of what the worst-case scenario could be already.

Meanwhile, Noah traveled with his family and allies across the beautiful Dark Forest, exploring the wilderness, picking up magical plants, mushrooms, and cooking whatever they found. The meat of the monsters of this world was truly quite delicious!

"Dragon meat is the besht!" said Eleanora while eating a large steak.


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