Uprising In The Plot! After Transmigrating, The Bigshots Pampered Me

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: We Support You

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Chen Lin and Yu Hong lived in Switzerland for their health. She was the first to raise an objection.

“No! I can’t let Yaoyao get hurt like this.” Chen Lin’s mental state was obviously different from that of an ordinary person. Her eyes seemed to be out of focus as her gaze swept across everyone before finally landing on Yu Yao.

“Yaoyao, Mama’s precious daughter! Don’t believe them. They’re all demons!”

Chen Lin suddenly stood up and rushed towards the screen. Yu Hong hugged her. “Shh… Shh… Don’t worry. Yaoyao will be fine. With me and her three brothers around, she will be protected.”

However, Chen Lin kept struggling and slapped Yu Hong’s arm. “You’re all bad people! You all say that I’m mentally ill and refuse to let me see my daughter. Now, you’re saying that Yaoyao is sick too. You just want to make me and my daughter never see each other again! You bad people, you devils!”

Chen Lin’s condition gradually worsened. Yu Hong quickly shuffled her away. The family doctor came over and gave her a tranquilizing injection. She, who had been making a ruckus just now, immediately fell asleep quietly.

Yu Yao blinked, forcefully suppressing the bitterness in her heart.

If there was anyone in the entire Yu family who would stand on Yu Yao’s side unconditionally when she and Yu Wan had a conflict, it would be her biological mother, Chen Lin.

That year, when she lost Yu Yao, Chen Lin had suffered a huge blow to her spirit. In order to make her wife better, Yu Hong had found a girl who was about the same age as the lost Yu Yao and brought her home, telling his wife that their child had been found.

Chen Lin, who had been on the brink of collapse, slowly recovered. As her mental state gradually returned to normal, she discovered her husband’s white lie.

She could not take out her anger on Yu Wan, but she could not treat her as her own daughter and dote on her. In order to help Chen Lin nurse her spirit and body, Yu Hong lived overseas with her all year round.

After finding Yu Yao, Chen Lin was ecstatic and her mental state started to become unstable again. Therefore, she could only return overseas for treatment after spending a short time with her biological daughter.

In the novel, even though Yu Yao had known of her mother’s feelings for her, for the sake of her mother’s health, she had never told her about the grievances and pain she had suffered at the hands of the Yu family.

She had never really enjoyed the time she spent with Chen Lin.

After taking his wife back to her room, Yu Hong appeared in front of the camera again. He was a little tired. Looking at Yu Yao on the screen, Yu Hong’s mood was very complicated.

Yu Hong naturally felt guilty towards his daughter, who had led a wandering life for more than ten years. However, in the long time after Yu Yao had been lost, his wife had suffered from a severe mental illness and the atmosphere at home was always cold and awkward.

He had thought that his wife would recover after Yu Yao came back, never expecting her condition to worsen.

Thus, Yu Hong had always had a slight dislike for his biological daughter. However, he also believed that he should not treat her badly.

Therefore, he did not accuse Yu Yao of being too willful when dealing with the mental hospital. “Yu Yao, do you know what the consequences will be if you force someone like that into a corner?”

Yu Yao nodded. “Of course. I’m already mentally prepared to bear everything.”

Yu Hong stopped talking to Yu Yao and looked at Yu Lang instead. “Yu Lang, the impact of this incident on Yu Yao is only on an individual level, so she can easily say that she will bear the consequences, but you are the successor of the Yu family. Are you sure that the Yu family can withstand such negative public opinion at this juncture?”

Yu Lang shook his head. “I don’t know, Father.”

“But I understand people being indecisive and causing chaos. All sins can only be buried, they don’t truly disappear. Even if we hide the truth this time, there will be a day when it will be exposed in an even more unbearable way. At that point, I’m afraid that we will have to pay an even greater price to eliminate the adverse effects on us.”

The three brothers, who had memories from their previous life, knew that all the evidence would later become rocks that would be used to crush them. They also lost the most precious thing in their lives.

At this moment, Yu Heng, who had been silent all this while, also spoke up. “This matter might not develop to the point where it threatens the Yu family. As long as we plan ahead and seek the cooperation of the police and online media, we will be able to prevent Yaoyao’s bad reputation from spreading and minimize the losses.”

Yu Yao had not expected that there would be someone in this family who shared the same thoughts as her. Only then did she seriously look at Yu Heng on the screen.

Yu Heng looked a bit like Yu Lang, and their auras were very similar. If she didn’t know that they were two years apart in age, she would probably have mistaken them for twins.

Yu Heng was very sensitive. He almost immediately realized that Yu Yao was observing him. He suppressed the nervousness in his heart and nodded at Yu Yao. “Yu Yao, you made the right decision. I’m proud of you. I will do my best to shield you from the harm that might come. You can trust me completely.”

Yu Jue keenly sensed that his second brother was secretly strengthening his relationship with Yu Yao, so he immediately expressed his stance: “Yu Yao, I support all of your decisions unconditionally! I will do better than Eldest Brother and Second Brother!”

To be honest, whether it was Yu Lang on the other side of the screen or Yu Heng, both of them felt their hands itch at the same time. They had to work hard to restrain themselves from killing their younger brother!

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