Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 47: A Magazine With Two People

Chapter 47: A Magazine With Two People

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After the solo shoot was complete, Tangning stepped out of the studio to allow for the set to change. She also needed to put on a new set of clothes. However, upon returning to the waiting room, Mo Yurou's assistant was standing guard at the door with a provoking look towards her.

"President Han is inside, you will have to wait for a bit."

Tanging glanced at Mo Yurou's assistant calmly before gently pushing him aside and opening the door.

Inside the room, Mo Yurou was sitting on Han Yufan's lap - the two were immersed in a passionate moment. The scene in front of her was like the night she discovered the two of them cheating on her. This kind of provocation and disregard for other people around them seemed like they thought they had already won.

Upon seeing the two, Tangning wasn't angry or hurt like the first time she had discovered them this way. Instead, her eyes looked at them in mockery and ridicule.

Mo Yurou did not expect Tangning to walk in so sudden. Seeing Tangning act naturally, she couldn't continue what she was doing.

Realizing the situation, Han Yufan also pushed Mo Yurou off his lap, "Let's continue back at the hotel tonight."

"I love you, Yufan," Mo Yurou took the opportunity to confess her love proudly. After all, she had stolen the best thing Tangning owned, Han Yufan...or so she thought.

"I also love you, babe." After reassuring the woman in his arms, Han Yufan stood up and warned Tangning, "You will both be doing your photo shoot together in a moment, make sure to coordinate well with Yurou. You too, Yurou, don't cause trouble for each other. We can't afford to make an even bigger joke of ourselves, understood?"

"Yufan, don't you understand Tangning by now? Isn't her purpose of being here to cause us trouble? Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her."

Tangning was quiet the entire time. Using her fluent English, she just simply asked the stylist and makeup artist to continue with their work. Han Yufan left the room with an angry expression on his face. Passing by some staff, he took the opportunity to ask them how Mo Yurou's photo shoot went.

They all responded with, "Not bad", "She has a promising future", "Very good" and "She will go viral". Whereas, when asked about Tangning, they just smiled meaningfully with no opinion.

Tangning was so perfect, they couldn't find words to express it. However, in Han Yufan's eyes, he thought Mo Yurou must have left a stronger impression.

As the photo shoot was approaching, the stylist sincerely prepared one black and one white piece of clothing for them. The plan was to make them appear like a pair of sisters. Originally, Mo Yurou's provocative character was more suited to black, whereas Tangning's gentleness was more suited to white. But because white was more eye-catching, Mo Yurou ran over first and snatched the white one for herself.

"This..." The fashion designer was put in a difficult position.

"Give it to her" Tangning said without even blinking an eye. "As long as Miss Mo is sure she won't regret!"

However, Long Jie was not willing to accept this situation. Standing behind Tangning, she threw a verbal grenade at Mo Yurou, "Are you addicted to snatching things from others?"

"Tangning already agreed, what right do you think you have to disapprove, you're merely an assistant," Mo Yurou picked up the white clothing proudly.

Long Jie slightly stomped her feet, however, Tangning turned to her and said, "That piece of clothing indeed suits her better."

Hearing this, Long Jie immediately understood - there was no way Tangning would simply give her clothing to someone else. So she calmed down.

Like this, the two models ended up swapping their clothes; there really wasn't much difference, they were both cheongsams (a.k.a qipao). After putting on the white cheongsam, Mo Yurou looked bright and lively - it was a refreshing sight to see. The detailed embroidery on the cheongsam especially made her appear like a goddess; it matched her well.

Mo Yurou wasn't stupid, she knew light colors were more eye-catching, that's why white was her first choice - who would wear such a lifeless color like black? But, thinking about it, Tangning's dull personality was perfect for it; Mo Yurou couldn't help but laugh at the thought.

"Black suits you well."

Judging by the situation at hand, if Tangning was to wear black, wouldn't she become her backdrop? Mo Yurou was daydreaming.

Tangning smiled as she returned the compliment, "White also suits you."

"The shoot is starting, could the two models please get ready," the photographer's assistant called from outside.

Mo Yurou took a quick glance at Tangning, her heart was racing - this was the first time she was to a stage with Tangning. Her opportunity had finally come to show off her skills; she was going to make everyone realize Tangning was an outdated model who was not comparable to her in a million ways.

Following closely, the two models entered the studio one after another. This time, the backdrop was a modern street scene that gave off a melancholy aura.

The photographer watched as Tangning and Mo Yurou stepped on set. A sudden thought came to his mind: not only did Tangning have a strong modeling foundation, it was possible she even understood photography. He could see from the way Tangning chose her angles and worked the lighting that she also understood the use of complementing colors.

Why did the photographer suddenly think this? Because the backdrop behind them was old and melancholy, whereas the sky was white. If you imagine placing something white on a blank piece of paper, it would only disappear into the background. On the other hand, what would happen if you placed something black?

No matter how small it was, it would still catch the attention of whoever's looking at it.

To confirm his thoughts, the photographer turned to his assistant and asked, "Did Tangning see us change the background?"

"I think she only saw us carrying the backdrop in..." the assistant replied.


She was professional and understood how to take advantage of the situation. If a model like her didn't become famous, there was something wrong with this world.

The photographer was impressed with Tangning even more.

On the other hand, all Mo Yurou knew how to do was go with the flow. She only knew to stand in front of Tangning because standing in front of Tangning would make her stand out more...

Tangning let her have her way and did everything to satisfy her...and support her.

"Come, get ready...we need to get started. The first set of shots will have Miss Mo standing in the foreground holding onto Miss Tang's hand. Miss Tang will be following behind. I want you to both look excited, like it is the first time you are out on the streets."

Hearing she was to stand in the foreground, Mo Yurou smirked to herself. Indeed...picking white was the right choice. There was no doubt she would get famous from this magazine shoot, so her prideful expression increased. She simply turned around, grabbed Tangning's hand unwillingly and pulled a pose like she was anxious to move forward...

However, what pose did Tangning do? She simply placed her focus on a small street vendor pictured in the backdrop. The street vendor was selling lots of beautiful fabric and she appeared to be fascinated by it. By looking at her, you could feel how badly she wanted to stay and not be pulled forward. At the same time, she showed off the smooth curves of one side of her body while drawing Mo Yurou into the scene...

But because her expression was so vivid...all the attention was on her...


...Mo Yurou...

...simply became part of the backdrop...

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