Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 36: A Desire to Control Artists

Chapter 36: A Desire to Control Artists

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"Although I debuted in France...back in the days when I appeared on the runway, I got to know a lot of European and American supermodels: Heidi, Wengna and others. The editor of the American Royal Magazine was also my mentor for half a month. However, they may not remember me now. Back then no one knew my Chinese name - they knew me as Kira," Tangning explained calmly.

Hearing Tangning mention the names of famous European and American personalities, Long Jie and Lin Wei blinked their eyes in surprise.

"I know Han Ruoxue wants to get rid of me as soon as I'm of no use and is using me to boost Mo Yurou. Especially now that I'm in the US, she thinks I stand no chance."

"Hmmph, shameless!" Long Jie grunted.

"I'm also familiar with the editor of the American Royal Magazine. Would you like to catch up with your mentor?" Mo Ting, who had been quiet for a while, suddenly asked.

"Mo Ting, I've said it before, I don't want you helping me."

"Just treat it as a private get-together," Mo Ting smiled while one side of his perfect face shone charmingly under the sun.

"Hmmm...OK," Tangning nodded. Of course, she would never have expected, this private get-together would end up being the deciding factor in the fight between her and Mo Yurou.

Mo Ting owned his own manor in the US, so there was no need to stay in a hotel. The pure American-style rooms were warm and cozy - more comfortable than any hotel suite. As it was a bit far from the Secret Headquarters, Mo Ting had already instructed Lu Che to find out the schedule for Secret. Lu Che was well prepared, he even knew what time they would be having dinner. Tangning found this very impressive, while Long Jie and Lin Wei couldn't help but to reflect on themselves.

After having a quick shower, Tangning stood by the window and looked out. At this time, Mo Ting approached her wearing a black robe - his black hair was dripping wet with water.

Tangning naturally took the towel out of his hands, stood on her tiptoes and started to dry the beads of water from his hair. Meanwhile, Mo Ting stared at her with a serious expression.

"What do you want? You are looking at me with so much focus..."

"I was thinking, since it's daytime, whether I should do something I shouldn't..." Mo Ting hooked onto Tangning's chin and gently kissed her on the lips - their tongues danced together. Afterwards, his soft lips slowly made it's way next to her ear as he whispered seductively, "On board the plane, I wanted to keep kissing you..."

Tangning glanced out the window, worried people outside would see them, however, she couldn't resist Mo Ting's teasing as she found herself losing control of her body. She was weak in his arms.

Their robes somehow found it's way onto the floor as they faced each other in their most vulnerable state. Losing control, they quickly found themselves on the soft bed.

Because the lighting was bright, Tangning could clearly see Mo Ting's figure - it was comparable to a Western model. His body was not thin and weak like a typical Asian man, his body was firm and built with perfectly sculpted muscles. His skin glowed a healthy bronze - seeing his body drove Tangning crazy...

Mo Ting was pleased to see her scanning his body - he too was impressed by hers.

Tangning's body met international model standards; perfectly proportioned at 178cm tall, with measurements that were just right and a beautiful pair of pale long slender legs, it was hard to resist temptation around her.

The two figures were like a pair of perfect bodies coming together; this was a gift from heaven and meant to be.

Mo Ting laughed, "If we keep our figures like this for the rest of our lives, our chances of divorce would be zero."

Tangning also responded with a laugh. She gently lifted her left hand and brushed Mo Ting's right ear, "I love this mole of yours the most, it's like you were born with an earring."

Mo Ting could no longer hold back his burning passion as he leaned over and pressed his lips against Tangning's. His warm palms also could not be controlled...

Tangning released a quiet moan of pleasure as she reciprocated by passionately kissing Mo Ting's ear.

The two continued affectionately. When they finally got tired, they embraced each other and fell asleep. After they woke up, they leaned against each other and whispered sweet words before affectionately doing what they wanted to do. Of course, as usual, they did not complete the last step of their intimacy, but Tangning still wished life like this would stand still - it was too perfect!


Meanwhile, Han Ruoxue was having dinner at the hotel with Han Yufan and Mo Yurou. Seeing Mo Yurou acting cautious, she quickly said, "You shouldn't be so afraid of me."

"Ruoxue Jie..."

"I am indeed not satisfied with you, but regardless, you are my brother's decision. Since we will become a family soon, I will definitely be on your side." Han Ruoxue cut the steak in front of her and placed a piece in her mouth. She then glanced gently at Mo Yurou, "I know you and Tangning are like water and fire and Tangning is quite arrogant at the moment. Originally, because of what happened between you, I felt we owed her, but after the things she did recently, I feel like she is not worth the pity."

"The meeting with Secret will be at 8am tomorrow, but I have already told my assistant to tell her it is at 9am. Secret's editor hates people that are late,'s likely Tangning will be replaced tomorrow."

"But...wasn't the plan to have us attend the shoot together?" Mo Yurou didn't understand Han Ruoxue's actions.

"I only said you were shooting together to create a topic of discussion and take the focus off your scandal. Now that we are in the US, it's not like she is the only Asian model around. When the time comes, we can easily find another model to work with you," Han Ruoxue explained.

"Tangning's not going to give up..."

"This is the magazine's decision and has nothing to do with Tianyi. Once the shoot is over, your value will multiply. Whereas Tangning's career will suffer after people back at home find out about the cold reception she received here in the US. This ought to teach her a lesson."

Tangning had said it before, Han Ruoxue was the type of person that enjoyed controlling her artists. So the look Tangning had when she landed, was enough to ignite Han Ruoxue's hatred. As if she wasn't going to find ways to make her suffer.

Mo Yurou looked at the two people backing her and felt like she was about to become a superstar. How could Tangning, who had nothing, compete with her?

Indeed, Lin Wei ended up being notified of the 9am meeting time by Han Ruoxue, but, Han Ruoxue had no idea, Mo Ting already had a precise schedule in his hands. So when Tangning saw there was a difference in the time, she could already guess what was going on.

"Tangning, it's obvious Tianyi wants to get rid of you, what should we do?"

"Since Han Ruoxue wants me to be late, I'll be early instead..." Tangning replied, "But, both of you better be mentally prepared; I may be replaced."

"I've been prepared a long time ago," Lin Wei responded, "At the same time, I have also prepared a way for you to get it back..."

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