Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 23: Frozen for Three Years

Chapter 23: Frozen for Three Years

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The corners of Lin Wei's eyes were still teary. Wiping them away, she slowly stood up. She thought for a moment before responding to Tangning, "26th, next Wednesday."

"Are you still being told by Mo Yurou to reject all my jobs?" Tanging guessed.


"Note down every single one and keep every single email from every single client for evidence. Next Wednesday, I will use them," Tangning ordered calmly, "If you still have a sense of judgment, you will know, following me is more promising than following Mo Yurou. Just on the fact that she is a mistress alone, she will never get the chance to step onto the international stage."

After hearing these words, Lin Wei thought about why Mo Yurou had been getting into trouble so often lately, while Tangning's popularity was on the rise. She realized it was because all along, Mo Yurou had relied on acting weak and gaining sympathy. Meanwhile, Tangning...was using Mo Yurou as a stepping stone to make a comeback.

Lin Wei weighed the pros and cons and decided it would be best to follow Tangning, "I will help you prepare everything."

Tangning nodded as she started to leave. But, just as she reached the doorway, she seemed to have remembered something as she turned to warn Lin Wei, "If you don't have the ability to manage a PR crisis, then don't do anything scandalous for me to clean up after you."

Put simply, if she couldn't avoid having photos taken of her, she shouldn't have gone around seducing someone she shouldn't have.

Lin Wei's face turned pale. It was the first time she had come across an artist who had planned so far ahead without anyone knowing. From the looks of it, apart from seducing men, Mo Yurou really didn't have anything else going for her; in fact, she was unknowingly waiting for Tangning to send Tianyi Entertainment packing.

Coming out of the building, the day was still young. Tangning returned to her car with a tired look on her face. Upon seeing her, Long Jie was extremely heartbroken, "Did you have an argument with Han Yufan?"

"Han Yufan asked to break up," Tangning replied calmly as she leaned her head back and slowly closed her eyes. She appeared to be trying to hide her emotions, "Long Jie, did you know? When Han Yufan spoke those words, it sounded like he was reading from a textbook."

"He even wants to freeze my jobs for 3 years."

"That jerk, how can he be so disgraceful? Isn't he afraid of being struck by lightning?!" Long Jie protested as she turned sideways. Seeing Tangning suffering, she reached out her hand to comfort her, patting her gently on the arm, "Do not allow a man like that to make you feel bad, especially since you are going to make that jerk pay everything back ten-fold."

"I'm not capable of controlling my emotions completely yet, take me home," Tangning requested in a gentle whisper.

"OK...have some rest."

Tangning knew, judging by Han Yufan's cold and careless attitude, he wasn't going to stop at making her attend rubbish events like this. All it would take, was one word from Mo Yurou, and he would be able to do something even worse. She had to find a way to destroy Mo Yurou's plans of standing in her way.

By the time Mo Ting arrived home, it was already 8pm at night. However today, he didn't smell the aroma of dinner being served - all he felt was a cold chill. At first, he thought Tangning hadn't arrived home yet, but as he entered the bedroom, he saw her lying quietly in bed. No need to explain, she must have been treated unfairly today.

Mo Ting walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. Upon sensing the familiar presence, Tangning immediately sat up and hugged him.

"If you want to cry, then cry. You will feel better," Mo Ting gently patted Tangning's shoulder.

Tangning had been holding it in all day, but after being comforted by Mo Ting, she immediately let go and burst out crying, "Sorry, I promised I wouldn't cry over unworthy things..."

"It's okay, cry...Apart from me, who else would you be able to show your true self to?" Mo Ting encouraged. Maybe because Mo Ting's hands were so gentle, or maybe because Mo Ting was older than Tangning by 7 years and exuded a sense of safety and maturity, Tangning cried in Mo Ting's embrace for a long time until no tears were left.

"Better?" Mo Ting asked.

"Yep." Tangning freed herself from Mo Ting's embrace, "You mustn't have eaten yet, I'll go cook..."

Without doing anything else, Mo Ting grabbed hold of Tangning's chin and used all his strength to press his lips firmly against hers. Not only did he want to kiss away her tears, but he also wanted to use this special moment to comfort the hurt woman in his arms.

A kiss...was the best medicine and best painkiller. The couple kissed so passionately, the world felt like it was spinning as they tried to catch their breaths.

"Tangning, I hope that no matter if you are happy or sad, I would be the first person you would turn to. I don't care how many masks you are wearing on the outside, once you are home, we have to face each other truthfully. We should be like a normal married couple. We only need each other." Mo Ting wiped away the tears on Tangning's cheek as he stood up, "I've said before, you aren't allowed in the kitchen anymore."

Tangning saw Mo Ting turning to leave, so she quickly grabbed onto him, "I need you, I need you right now...I need you to stay with me, hug me, kiss me..."

"I need energy to kiss you."

Tangning stopped crying, removed her blankets to get out of bed and held onto Mo Ting's hand, "Then I'll keep you company..."

The couple had an enjoyable dinner and showered. After returning to bed, Mo Ting leaned against the headboard and read some documents, while Tangning tried to sleep. But no matter what she did, she couldn't fall asleep.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't sleep, can you read me a book?" Tangning peeped out from under the blanket and pleaded Mo Ting.

Only in front of Mo Ting did she not remain emotionless. She also didn't have to be calm and capable like she was in front of Long Jie. In front of Mo Ting, she was completely a little wife - a wife that needed to be spoilt.

Of course, in front of Tangning, Mo Ting also didn't have to be the Mo Ting everyone knew. If she was his subordinate, he would have thrown his documents in her face. But, the person before him was Tangning, so he picked a book from the bookshelf and returned to the bed. He wrapped Tangning in his arms as the two of them opened the book together and started reading.

This was such a simple gesture, but it turned out, Han Yufan the jerk, would have never done something like this for Tangning. Who would have thought, it would turn out to be the King of the Entertainment Industry, that would be willing to experience such a silly thing with her.

The scars in her heart felt like they were slowly being healed. It was not long before Tangning fell asleep in Mo Ting's arms...and as usual, she slept sweetly.

The next morning, the air was slightly humid. Tangning was awoken by the sound of her phone ringing, it was Lin Wei. Her voice was a lot gentler than the previous day, "Tangning, I just arrived at your house, but only your assistant is home."

"I've moved."

"I came to tell you, after President Han announced you would be appearing at the corporate event, the fans you gained are now in an uproar. They are arguing intensely amongst themselves. They said if you were to appear at this event, it means you are supporting unreliable goods, there is no way they can accept it and are ready to abandon you..."

"What's Mo Yurou's reaction?" Tangning asked Lin Wei straightforwardly.

"She can't wait to see you suffer. Going to this event was her idea from the start. Not only does she want to step all over you, she wants your life to be a living hell."

"Then let's see next Wednesday, who's life will be a living hell..." Tangning responded with a deeper meaning, "In the meantime, don't worry about the fans, let them yell at me as much as they want!"

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