Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 22: I Will Not Attack Those That Don't Attack Me First

Chapter 22: I Will Not Attack Those That Don't Attack Me First

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"You also know about the event Han Yufan arranged for me?" Tangning turned to look at Long Jie questioningly, thinking she must have told Mo Ting. However, Long Jie quickly waved her hands, signaling this had nothing to do with her.

"In this industry, as long as I want to find out, I can find out anything."

By now, Tangning was no longer surprised. How else did Mo Ting manage to climb to the top? So, she smiled at him, "Don't worry, you've already handed me the sword to kill my enemies, I will definitely finish it off satisfactorily."

Mo Ting didn't respond, he just simply reached out his hand to touch Tangning's hair.

Upon seeing their actions...Long Jie got goosebumps all over. These two, they've only gotten married not long ago, but how come they resemble a married couple that has been married for years?

After the shooting was complete, the three of them returned to Beijing. Onboard the plane Tangning and Mo Ting leaned on each other affectionately, but as soon as the plane landed, they went their separate ways like strangers.

Han Yufan had sent the new manager, Lin Wei, to pick them up from arrivals. At the exit, the female manager, Lin Wei, stood waiting. Not only was she wearing a light purple chiffon dress, standing on 10 inch high heels and wearing sunglasses, she was also looking continuously at the watch on her wrist. Her whole body exuded a sense of impatience, like as if the roles were reversed and she was an international superstar waiting to be picked up instead.

Tangning noticed a sign with her name on it placed beside Lin Wei's feet. She decided to ignore it and headed straight out of the airport with Long Jie.

Long Jie gave a muffled laugh; Tangning's slowly developing her own temper. Halfway through their journey, Tangning received a phone call from Lin Wei, "Tangning, where are you? Isn't your flight suppose to arrive at 12?"

"I'm already on the way back to the office," Tangning replied calmly.

"Didn't you see me when you came out of arrivals?"

"I saw you," Tangning remained calm, not showing even the slightest emotion.

"Then why didn't you come to me?" Lin Wei was furious.

"You were wearing sunglasses, I thought you were at the airport to perform a show..." Tangning replied sarcastically.

"..." Lin Wei's face was turning red from anger as she hung up the phone and rushed back to the office.

She started off in the industry early, but her eyes were extremely short-sighted. Even though she had helped make a few artists famous, they always ended up either offending the powerful or being sent to rehab. So, as a manager, she didn't have a very good reputation in the industry. As for this time, Lin Wei was requested by Mo Yurou because she obviously wanted Lin Wei to handle Tangning for her. But, who would have expected, without even getting to see Tangning, she was made to look like a fool first.

She was determined not to give up. After all, Tangning was, at most, an outdated model; how dare she not show any respect?


20 minutes later, Tangning arrived back at the office first. Upon entering the main entrance of Tianyi Entertainment, she headed straight for Han Yufan's room and threw the door open.

"I'm waiting for your explanation," Tangning exclaimed as she slammed both hands on the table, "So, there really is something happening between you and Mo Yurou?"

Han Yufan stopped what he was doing, hesitated for a moment, then sneakily changed the subject, "You just landed, how come you came straight here?"

"How long has it been?" Tangning continued with the same subject, "How long have you and Mo Yurou been together?"

"Tangning!" Han Yufan suddenly yelled, "I've had enough of you, do you know how annoying you are? Can't you do stuff that men like, like Yurou? What woman nags every day like you?"

Tangning slowly pulled back her hands and looked at Han Yufan questioningly, "What do you two think I am? A toy?"

"Tangning, let's break up...I am indeed with Yurou...and we are truly in love," Han Yufan spoke to Tangning like he was talking to a stranger that had no relation to him. "You shouldn't blame me - there is no explanation for love. From now on we merely have a subordinate and superior relationship, I am your boss and you are my employee!"

Tangning sneered as she raised one corner of her lip; she was calmer than Han Yufan expected, "So, I guess you're not planning to release me from my contract? You must assume, if you were to let me go, Mo Yurou will never succeed."

" still have to wait 3 years."

"Is this why you have organized for me to appear at that event?" Tangning continued to question.

"For your current status, this event suits you perfectly." After speaking, Han Yufan returned to sit on his chair and flipped through some documents, "If there isn't anything else, you can leave. Also, Lin Wei is your manager. From now on, you must follow her orders."

Her 5 years of fantasy, were all wasted on a jerk!

Tangning couldn't say her heart didn't hurt, but at this moment, she felt angry more.

"Do you know what happens to unfaithful people? - they won't have a happy ending." After saying these words, Tangning turned around and left Han Yufan's office. Of course, her determination to make Tianyi disappear from the entertainment industry for good, was stronger than ever.

Tangning returned to her room. Meanwhile, Lin Wei had just returned from the airport. Without knocking, she walked straight into the room pointing at Tangning and yelling, "Are you aware that from now on, you are my artist? Do you still want to be a model and take jobs? How dare you treat me like this...are you a pig?"

Upon hearing these words, Tangning suddenly got up out of her seat and slowly stepped towards Lin Wei, "Repeat what you said, what were your last 4 words?"

"I asked if you are a pig?" Lin Wei repeated herself arrogantly. As soon as the last word left her mouth, Tangning's slap had already landed on her face, "This slap is to put you back in line."

Lin Wei was stunned. Her eyes widened as she prepared to fight back, however, Tangning pulled out her phone and handed it to her, "I have plenty of indecent photos like this in my phone. Because of the 4 words you just said, I've decided to send them to the 4 biggest media companies."

Lin Wei froze for a moment, not quite understanding what Tangning meant. Until she looked down at the screen to see a photo of her seducing a director. Her brain suddenly went blank!

This can't be, how could Tangning have these photos? She was so careful...this was impossible, it had to be fake.

"I know Mo Yurou is behind all this. If you hadn't gone overboard, I wouldn't have bothered dealing with a simple manager like you, don't seem to know who you're messing with..."

Lin Wei started to get scared as her hands began to tremble. If she had known Tangning was holding this information against her, she definitely wouldn't have agreed to Mo Yurou's request of making things difficult for Tangning.

So, her face immediately changed as she knelt down, "Tangning, I didn't mean to treat you like this, please don't release the photos, I will be over if you do..."

Tangning looked down at Lin Wei, "The following words, I will only say once: I will not attack those that don't attack me first, but if someone attacks me...I will make it impossible for them to return from the depths of hell. From today onwards, do your job well and I'll do mine. If you want to scheme and play games...I'm happy to play along. But the consequences...won't be as simple as releasing these few photos..."

Tangning at this moment was vicious and domineering. Lin Wei didn't know how to react - didn't they say Tangning was a push-over?

"I understand. I know what I should and shouldn't do," Lin Wei was completely intimidated by the look on Tangning's face.

After letting out some anger, Tangning's emotions pretty much returned to her normal calmness and her tone of voice was once again indifferent as she questioned Lin Wei, "When do I have to appear on stage at the event?"

"'re going?" Lin Wei couldn't understand what Tangning was thinking.

"Just tell me when," Tangning repeated.

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