Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 21: New Manager - Lin Wei

Chapter 21: New Manager - Lin Wei

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The next day, they were scheduled to film a commercial. Tangning was supposed to film with a few other models, however...the photographer felt Tangning's presence was too strong; if there were too many people, they would only serve as a contrast to accentuate her. So, in the end, only one male model remained.

Early in the morning, Long Jie knocked on Tangning's room door, however...when Tangning came to open the door, she appeared to be hiding something, not allowing Long Jie to enter. Long Jie immediately looked at Tangning as she asked, "Is there someone else in the room?"


"Tangning! How could you be like this? Although you have split up with that jerk, you only just got married to Mo Ting, how could you mess around like this? Let me in, let me in, let me see who's so brave to seduce my precious Tangning!" Long Jie was a bit agitated; with her strength, she appeared to be ready to push open the door. However, at this time, Mo Ting reached out his hand to stop it. His tall and fit physique shrouded the two.

"Big Boss, it's you..."

Long Jie was stunned as she laughed awkwardly.

Mo Ting glanced at Long Jie briefly, his gaze carried a sense of approval because, with her around, Mo Ting would be rest assured no man could get close to Tangning. So, without a word, he headed into the bathroom to shower.

After seeing him leave, Long Jie rested on Tangning's arm as she spoke, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? You made me embarrass myself in front of such an important person!"

"I only found out last night when I returned to the room," Tangning shrugged innocently.

"Oh god! He's so romantic! Someone as busy as President Mo actually caught a direct flight to a place like this to keep you company. Tangning, your luck really has changed. Thinking about all those years you've spent with that jerk, when did he ever visit you at your work?" Long Jie lit up, "Indeed, there is a difference between different people."

"Are we still going to the location of the shoot?" Tangning reminded, even though she acted like she didn't care the night before.

"Is President Mo coming?"

"He should be coming," Tangning whispered.

Mo Ting had come all this way, of course he couldn't miss watching Tangning's performance. The show at Hai Yi Centre was already unforgettable - he was looking forward to seeing how Tangning would perform at an outdoor shoot.

30 minutes later, the three of them arrived at the location of the shoot. Because he couldn't reveal his identity, Mo Ting could only watch from afar. Tangning stepped out of the change room in a light blue lace dress which hugged her curvy body, highlighting her positive attributes, especially her long slender legs which looked like they had no limit - she looked perfect like a sculpturist's work of art.

The theme for today's shoot was a bride chasing a runaway groom. While chasing, the bride injures her leg without the groom noticing. In the end, the sparkling diamond on the bride's hand creates a beautiful rainbow from the reflections of the sun's rays awakening the groom to the promises he made to the bride. Finally, the groom returns and the couple reconcile...

"Tangning, the emotions today change quite a lot, are you OK with that?" The photographer from the previous day had become today's director and he asked Tangning out of duty.

"No problems," Tangning gently nodded.

The director made an 'OK' gesture towards her before reminding her to get into position.

"Should we do a quick run-over?"

"It's not necessary," Tangning straightforwardly turned down the director's suggestion. If he hadn't worked with Tangning before, the director may have doubted Tangning's abilities, but after seeing her professionalism the previous day, the director had complete trust in her. Hence, after she said it wasn't necessary, they just went ahead and started filming.

Because the entire commercial had no script and took up only 30 seconds, the models were required to get into the right emotional state really quickly. The scene they were about to film, was the one where Tangning would be chasing. So, the expressions on her face had to show a sense of urgency; starting off looking hopeful and slowly changing to despair as she realizes she can't catch up...

The filming was about to start. Without the help of anyone, Tangning found her position in front of the soon as the slate clapped down, Tangning disappeared. In her place, stood an abandoned bride looking around helplessly searching. Her eyes reddened, but no tears fell out. Most importantly, after running, she was detailed enough to add in some panting...

Her emotions increased as she continued searching. The urgency on her face looked like she was almost at the brink of falling apart.

Mo Ting watched from afar. He realized Tangning was like a dust-covered gem. No wonder, 3 years ago...she was able to come out on top. If she had never retreated back then, right now, how successful would she be?

"President Mo, our Tangning isn't bad is she?" Long Jie's eyes contained an unconcealable pride, "If only she wasn't held back by that jerk..."

"From now on, no one will hold her back," Mo Ting responded coolly as he stepped his tall figure back into the car.

Long Jie smiled knowingly because she knew Tangning wasn't going to give anyone the chance to hold her back ever again.

And of course, she was even more convinced by the man in the car, because he was the owner of an empire.

Because of Tangning's professionalism, the shoot ran smoothly, saving the director half a days time. The director was extremely impressed by Tanging, so he tried to offer her a solution to her rumored problems, "I heard your current company has no idea how to plan out your career. Are you interested in stepping out onto a bigger stage?"

Tangning took the business card from the director's hands, but refused politely as usual, "I am happy where I am right now."

The director didn't pressure Tangning as he smiled at her, "Even so, we will always welcome you."

Tangning thanked him and started to head towards Mo Ting. But, Long Jie suddenly flew towards her holding out her phone exclaiming, "Just then, there was a woman called Lin Wei that called, proclaiming she is the new manager Han Yufan has arranged for you. She also said, after you are finished with your shooting, you should return because Han Yufan has organized for you to make an appearance at an event. The date of the event will be 3 days from now. I've just done some research on the brand. Even though it isn't an unbranded product...many consumers have complained about them for years."

"Han Yufan obviously wants to destroy you!"

Tangning grabbed her phone from Long Jie as she remained calm, "Let's head back first, we'll talk later."

"This is something you've worked hard towards, if you accept this job, all you've done would go to waste." Long Jie's heart broke for Tangning.

"Long Jie, do you think...I haven't prepared for something like this?" Tangning sneered. She didn't expect Han Yufan to actually give up on the Tang family's background and choose Mo Yurou, "I've said before, being in the lead and NOT being in the lead, is only a word of difference. The two outcomes are only separated by a thin line."

"I won't play the wrong cards again..."

Not far away, Mo Ting was sitting in the car. Their eyes met and they both smiled at each other. After Tangning boarded the car, Mo Ting handed his phone over to her, "I asked Lu Che to search through the database for information regarding this lady called Lin Wei, who will be your new manager. Her resume and dark past is all in here."

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