Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 18: A Victorious Battle

Chapter 18: A Victorious Battle

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In an instant, Han Yufan and Mo Yurou's news became the talk of the town; their previous efforts with PR had been completely overturned. Since Han Yufan and Tangning were an engaged couple, the video revealed Mo Yurou was a third party that had stepped in between the two, so she quickly became a hated homewrecker that everyone cursed under their breaths.

At this time, a member of the media stepped out to reveal that the Crown's Star substitute incident was all Han Yufan and Mo Yurou's idea and Tangning was forced to innocently take on all the blame.

The netizens were in an uproar.

Later that day...even bigger news was released regarding the incident at the airport.

Tangning was previously criticized for disrespecting her fans, resulting in disgust from passersby. But, after Mo Yurou's indecent video was released...Mo Yurou's Official Fan Page posted up a statement clearing the entire incident of Tangning's fault. It was revealed that the fans had planned the entire incident beforehand and they even pointed out it was all because they wanted to stick up for Mo Yurou. Luckily, they had now realized, the idol they were protecting, was not worth it.

On top of everything, evidence was posted up of Mo Yurou's assistant privately providing details of Tangning's schedule to the fan club. Records of the discussions that took place in planning for what happened at the airport was also posted.

In the end, a clarification letter on behalf of Tangning was released clearly explaining that Tangning hadn't thrown the flowers on the floor. They also praised Tangning for being polite and sincerely apologizing even though she knew she was being slandered. Most importantly, when she was being protected by the police, she caringly asked the police not to be so rough, in case they hurt someone.

This was released by Mo Yurou's Offical Fan Club, which meant Mo Yurou's fan club had now become a defeated army. Even her biggest fans had now turned their back on her, how was anyone to trust Mo Yurou ever again? The media continued to be negative, fans stepped all over her, even companies that had previously used Mo Yurou as a spokesperson immediately took down their ads and sent out letters from their lawyers.

Seeing all this, Mo Yurou knew...she was over...she was completely over!

"Yurou, you need to remain calm. You still have the child in your stomach. With this child, you don't have to be afraid that President Han won't obediently listen to you. Even if in the end, you can no longer be a famous model, at least, you can still be the wife of Tianyi's CEO." Mo Yurou's assistant tried to calm her down after seeing her throw everything on the floor, "Don't damage your body, there's still a long road ahead."

Hearing this, Mo Yurou agreed with her assistant's reasoning. Even if Tangning was to make a comeback, so what? With the child in her stomach, she still had a chance to win.


As soon as she stepped off the plane, Tangning received a phone call from Mo Ting. Long Jie also immediately searched up the progress of the ongoing battle. Their odds were looking good, it didn't seem like the tramp had any chance of a comeback.

"Should I congratulate my wife on a victorious battle?" Mo Ting was sitting on his office chair as the contours of his face were highlighted by the rays of sunlight coming in through his office window. He looked handsome as usual.

Tangning laughed gently and responded with a cheeky voice, "Must you congratulate me every time I make a move?"

"Can't you tell? I'm just looking for an excuse to give you a call..."

Tangning's heart fluttered. "Too bad I can't come home tonight," she responded in a quiet whisper.

"If you tell me you miss me, there might be a miracle," Mo Ting teased. "Do you want to try?"

"Even if there was no miracle, I would still miss you," Tangning replied seriously, but because she was embarrassed, she hung up the phone before Mo Ting could give a response. On the other side of the phone, Mo Ting gave a muffled laugh as he immediately called Lu Che on the intercom.

"Help me organize flights to Liusen, as soon as possible. While you're at it, pack all the documents I need to sign so I can take them onto the plane with me."

Tangning had no idea there would be a surprise.

After disembarking the plane, she went straight to the location of her shoot. As her contract included print ads, even though it was already night, she still entered the studio.

Alongside her, there were a few foreign models that would be in the ad as well. Every one of them were extremely professional. Upon seeing Tangning standing around with no expression, the photographer was suddenly worried whether she would be able to meet expectations. The print ad required the model to be snapped in the spur of the moment and had a high degree of difficulty. Within a second, the model had to express emotions that suit the product; this was a real test of a model's acting abilities.

Unfortunately, Tangning's body was hidden by the long dress she was wearing, so no one could see her positive features. It was not until she changed and stepped out that everyone could finally see her perfectly proportioned body. Everyone in the studio was stunned, whether it was her height or her measurements, everything met international standards.

With her casual black patterned A-line dress, paired with a sleeveless dark denim jacket, she was completely exuding sexiness.

But her expression...

The photographer was still worried, so immediately walked over to Tangning to explain, "The photos we are taking today will have a slightly wild style, like a wild cat out for a stroll at night..."

"I understand," Tangning nodded calmly.

The photographer didn't explain any further. Asian models have always been of this quality, there is no point expecting too much.

"Come, everyone get in position. Let's start with some solo photos, Jason!"

The models that were called each walked up to stand in front of the screen. Quickly and professionally, they all completed their shots - Tangning was last. Because she was last, she was under extra pressure. After all, in terms of appearance, she couldn't compare to the foreigners. If her acting wasn't up to speed, the whole shoot could easily be foiled.


Upon hearing the photographer's call, Tangning walked in front of the screen wearing hf's bracelet from their 'Charming Night' collection. The photographer continuously explained how she should pose to achieve a wild look, but Tangning just smiled as she nodded understandingly. One thing the photographer hated the most was people that pretended they understood when they didn't. So, he spoke a few words before grabbing his camera and taking a few steps back, "Let's just try a few test shots to see how it turns out."

"No, it's OK, let's just do it," Tangning requested.

Seeing her confidence, the photographer anticipated seeing a joke. In aggravation, he warned, "You asked for it. Once I start, there won't be a second chance."

"OK," Tangning answered in her usual calmness.

The other models all felt Tangning was digging her own grave; she was obviously given a chance yet...she didn't want it, what is she thinking?

"Then, let's get started..." The photographer waved as he looked at Tangning without much expectation.

Tangning nodded, then...

...while everyone was gathered around waiting to watch her embarrass a split second she entered into a different state of mind, surprising all onlookers. They watched as she naturally spread her legs apart, wrapped her left hand around her right hand's wrist and gently spread apart her lips. As she bit the middle finger of her left hand, in an instant, everyone was stunned by the look in her eyes - it was so threatening...compared to the weak persona she had earlier on, it was like she had turned into a completely different person!

What impressed everyone the most, was the bracelet on her wrist, which appeared to be supplying her with this wild energy - she and the product went perfectly together, like they had completely fused into one...

The photographer was speechless... where did hf find this gem? This level of professionalism is comparable to that of an international supermodel.

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