Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 15: The Number One Shameful and Stupid Model

Chapter 15: The Number One Shameful and Stupid Model

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" don't want to get married? Then we won't do it..." Tangning smiled, "Let's wait until you are no longer busy, we can talk about it later."

Like this, Han Yufan was flustered. He reached out his hand and placed it overbearingly onto Tangning's shoulder. With an angry look in his eyes, he asked, "Do you not love me anymore?"

"What about you? Do you love me?" Tangning carefully slipped out of Han Yufan's grasp; she had promised Mo Ting she wasn't going to have physical contact with another man.

Han Yufan was stunned. He opened his mouth, but no words came out, because, towards Tangning, he had never had any feelings - he was only using her. He slowly relaxed his hands, "We are already at the stage of getting married, why would you question our love? You will become my wife soon, can't you think on my behalf? It wasn't easy for Yurou to be nominated for the Top Ten Model Awards. Tangning, I'm just annoyed that you can't be more understanding."

Tangning slowly distanced herself from Han Yufan. She remained composed, "Then from now on, you may have to get used to how I am now." After their conversation, Tangning left Han Yufan standing there alone as she left the building.

Han Yufan was puzzled, he didn't understand why Tangning's attitude had changed so much. But, after careful thought, he assumed she was still jealous of him and Mo Yurou. However, he didn't have the energy to go coax her. After all, Mo Yurou was still in need of comforting and Tangning had never been one to make others worry. After her anger subsides, things will most likely go back to normal.

She's always been so useless, without any temper to even stick up for herself.

Tangning knew Han Yufan wasn't going to chase after her - her heart had already given up on him. Instead, she was quickly hurrying home to see Mo Ting. At the thought of Mo Ting, Tangning's heart felt like it was suddenly lit up by a bright light.

"Tangning, I'll take you home first so you can recharge your batteries. Tomorrow, we will be signing a contract for you to shoot on location," Long Jie said happily to Tangning.

"Long Jie, cancel the lease on your home and move over to my old home. Give my home a bit of life. You can change the locks as well. If Han Yufan asks, just say you have moved over to take care of me and it is no longer convenient for him to have the keys," Tangning suggested. "Tomorrow, I will sign a new contract with you."

" for me, this way I can save some money." After their conversation, Long Jie looked at Tangning with an ambiguous smile, "The mighty president of Hai Rui Entertainment, how is he in that aspect?"

"Don't be so nosy, ok?" Tangning replied, staring into Long Jie's eyes.

After returning home, Tangning had a lot of free time since Mo Ting was still out for the day. She headed for the kitchen and found the servants cooking. Lifting up her sleeves, she offered, "Let me help!"

"Madam, how could we trouble you?" The chef in charge of the meals was a middle-aged woman over 40. She liked Tangning as she gave off a peaceful vibe.

"How about this, you rest for the day and allow me to cook for Mo Ting tonight." Tangning led the chef out of the kitchen.

By the time Mo Ting arrived home, it was already late at night. However, as soon as he entered the house, the first thing he did was look for Tangning. Wearing an apron and standing in the kitchen barefooted, Mo Ting found Tangning concentrated on cooking. Mo Ting was surprised as he stared at her quietly. He was immediately attracted by her long slender legs. He walked straight over to her and hugged her from behind as he gently kissed her on the ear.

"President Mo, don't muck around, I'm cooking fish..."

Mo Ting reached over and turned off the stove. Lifting her chin, he went directly for her lips, "But, right now, I just want to eat you up..."

Tangning put down the kitchen utensils in her hands and turned around to hug Mo Ting, clumsily returning his kiss. His soft touch captivated her and as she noticed the charming mole on his ear she became completely infatuated.

Mo Ting's kisses were intermittent but gentle, inching slowly down her body, eventually returning to her collarbone where he stopped, "Any lower...and I won't be able to control myself."

"Fish...I need to finish cooking the fish." Tanging pulled away from Mo Ting's lips, once again lighting up the stove, finishing off what she had started. Mo Ting chuckled and reached his hand out to pat Tangning's head as he admired her creation.

"Let me help you."

"President Mo can cook?" Tangning asked raising her eyebrows.

"Today, I'll allow this. But, from now on, no more entering the kitchen. I don't want you to get hurt." Mo Ting was protective of Tangning, especially her legs, inside he was even considering buying insurance for them.

"So controlling..." Tangning commented, but, deep down she understood it was because he cared.

The married couple prepared dinner quietly - it turned out, they were both great chefs. Tangning cooked Mo Ting's favourite dish, while Mo Ting cooked Tangning's favourite dish. Without difficulty, the dining table was soon filled with a satisfying feast.

In perfect sync, the couple looked at the dining table amazed. After all, enjoying life like this couldn't be done by just anyone.

"Tomorrow, I might have to go to Liusen for a photo shoot. I most likely won't be able to return home," Tangning reported to Mo Ting honestly.

"Aren't you signing the contract tomorrow? Will you be leaving straight away in the afternoon?"

"Uh huh, hf's new product launch is urgent," Tangning nodded. "Mo Ting, give me a bit more time. I will definitely rise to a position you are proud of."

"I've never doubted you." Mo Ting placed some food in Tangning's plate. Their eyes met, both looking at each other admiringly.

Of course, Mo Ting was most looking forward to seeing Tangning slowly advance and how miserable Han Yufan and Mo Yurou would be.


After a windy night, it started to shower lightly.

Upon returning to Han Yufan's home, Mo Yurou grabbed everything she could and threw it on the ground, breaking them into pieces. Especially when she thought of Tangning signing the contract tomorrow, her heart could not accept it. Worst of all, Han Yufan had actually helped Tangning - this was the most unbearable thing for her.

Han Yufan threw open the door to find a shocking scene in front of him. He spotted Mo Yurou standing with a vase in her hands. Immediately, he ran over and embraced Mo Yurou in a hug, "Don't be so upset, it's not good for the baby."

"I'm surprised you know it's bad for the baby, even though you just watched as Tangning stole my deal."

"We still have plenty of chances. I'm already working on securing an even bigger collaboration. Stop paying attention to Tangning. Even if she was to become spokesperson, what would come of it?" Han Yufan continuously patted Mo Yurou on the shoulder, "Babe, listen to me, don't hurt yourself."

"Even if you do this, I'm still not convinced." Mo Yurou raised her head with tears in her eyes, "She's held on to you for so many years, I will definitely not allow her to have what she wants."

In reality, she had already ordered her assistant to create a commotion among her fans and she was already seeing results. Her fans had already started discussions about tearing down Tangning and were throwing insults at her.

If she was to lose, she wasn't going to allow Tangning to win.

Most importantly, she ordered her assistant to post up the details of Tangning's schedule tomorrow, giving anti-fans the opportunity to cause trouble to Tangning.

Does Tangning really think it's so easy to be a spokesperson? Tomorrow, she will become the airport's number one shameful and stupid model.

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