Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains

Chapter 288 - Were You Mistreated?

Chapter 288: Were You Mistreated?

One after another, the reporters raised their cameras and frantically took pictures, and started to ask questions. “Mr. Lu, your son is suspected of plagiarism, and the original creator even almost commited suicide. How do you explain this?”

“Also, your daughter bullied the other party’s daughter in front of everyone, and even forced the other party to return all the favors she received from your family. How do you explain this?”

“As for your daughter’s heaven-defying skills in traditional Chinese medicine, if she didn’t receive a good education in the Qi family, how do you explain that?”

The reporters fired off questions one after another.

It felt like a bunch of flies were buzzing around in front of Father Lu. He shouted impatiently, “What’s there to explain?!

“Show me evidence that my son plagiarized. As for my daughter forcing the other party, the only portion she got back had to do with her mother’s song. As for why my daughter is so awesome, that’s because she’s smart and eager to learn. How does that have anything to do with that d*mn Qi family?”

Father Lu’s imposing tone was completely self-righteous. When he roared with his tall and mighty figure, everyone trembled in fear.

However, there were also many reporters who feebly held out their microphones and continued to ask questions. “Then, from what you’re saying, your daughter’s achievements have nothing to do with the Qi family. Then, why did Mrs. Qi say…”

“What did she say? Isn’t she here? Why is she asking you to speak instead?”

Father Lu’s face was cold. Before the reporter could finish speaking, Lu Xiao looked fiercely at Zhang Xinhui.

Zhang Xinhui was already trembling with fear. She was afraid that Lu Xiao would cut her down if he was unhappy, but when she thought about how there were so many people around, she put on a bold face and spoke for her daughter’s sake. “You, how did you treat our Yan Yan in the past?

“You, did you bully and ground her often? Is that why she’s so understanding?”

Zhang Xinhui actually wanted to say something worse, but looking at Lu Xiao’s overbearing face, she inexplicably didn’t dare say anything, and only asked this question.

Father Lu laughed coldly. “Did your daughter tell you that?

“You can ask around. When she was three years old, I sent her to learn the zither; when she was five, I sent her to learn painting. Whatever she liked, whatever she wanted to learn, I let her do it. I helped her and I gave her the best to eat and use. I even gave her an extra million yuan each month for her living expenses. I never mistreated her!

“As for you, how did you treat my daughter?

“Because she wasn’t in good health, you left her in the countryside since she was young, and it was just one old man who was willing to take care of her.

“But how much can this old man know?

“He tried his best to find teachers for her so that she could learn more. When it came to private girl matters, however, she could only rely on herself!

“Did you ever help her?

“You actually have the cheek to come and ask me what I did wrong? I haven’t settled accounts with you yet!”

Father Lu’s face was dark, and he was about to explode with anger.

It was only because his daughter had stopped him that day that he didn’t go over to their place to thrash them soundly!

“This, this…”

Zhang Xinhui was instantly at a loss for words. She suppressed her emotions and looked at Lu An behind Lu Xiao.

Didn’t the old man say that Lu An had never blamed them? Wasn’t this proof that they hadn’t mistreated her?

“Lu, Lu An, tell me: When you were with us, did Dad and Mom mistreat you?”

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