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Chapter 34 - Are You Going Back?

Chapter 34: Are You Going Back?

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Madam Wang was still cursing in her room, causing everyone in the house to frown. The men did not want to go to her side, and the boys had already run out to play.

When Madam Zhou went out, she even dragged her third daughter, Su Yufang, along. She did not want her daughter to be beaten up by Madam Wang at home.

There were no women at home, so no matter how much Madam Wang cursed, no one paid attention to her.

When Madam Zhou and Madam Li went out together, Madam Zhou could not help but say, “Sister-in-law, do you think Third Sister-in-law will come back?”

Madam Zhou felt a little worried just thinking about it. Without the third branch, their lives were tough. On the contrary, that family might be living a better life out there on their own.

The water that had been spilled could not be taken back so easily.

Moreover, there were rumors in the village that Su Sanlang never missed when he went hunting. His life was getting better and he even made money. Madam Zhou thought that if it were her, she would definitely not be willing to come back.

Madam Li smiled and said, “How would I know if Third Brother’s family is willing to come back? I only know that this is an order from Father. I’m just a messenger.”

Whether they were willing to come back or not was up to the third branch. Even if they wanted to quarrel or cause trouble, it had nothing to do with her. All she knew was that if she didn’t have a good life, no one could.

It was fine as long as her goal was achieved. They were all in the same village, and they would see each other frequently. When she heard that Madam Zhao was enjoying life now, Madam Li felt uncomfortable. Why should she be bullied by Madam Wang at home?

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When Madam Li said that, Madam Zhou also understood.

She did not say anything, because she had also thought about what Madam Li was thinking.

Madam Wang had never treated girls as humans. In the past, with Madam Zhao’s daughter in Madam Wang’s sight, Madam Wang’s own daughter was fine and did not suffer much. However, ever since the third branch left, her daughter became more conspicuous.

In the past, Su Sanmei would cut the weeds and carry the grains. Now, it was her daughter’s turn. In just two months, Su Yufang had lost a lot of weight. Madam Zhou’s heart ached when she saw this. When she thought about how Su Sanmei was doing well now, she felt upset.

Before long, they arrived at Su Sanlang’s house. Madam Li had a loud voice and was already shouting, “Third Sister-in-law, is Third Sister-in-law at home?”

Madam Zhou also shouted, “Third Sister-in-law, come out quickly. We’re here to see you.”

Madam Zhou knew that Madam Zhao would be shocked by their shouting.

It didn’t matter.

Madam Zhao was feeding Su Xiaolu and was indeed shocked when she heard the shouting.

Su Xiaolu choked because of the shock. She would never forget Madam Li’s voice.

There was also an unfamiliar voice. Hearing her call her mother ‘third sister-in-law’, Su Xiaolu quickly realized that it was probably her aunt whom she had yet to meet.

These two visitors were definitely up to no good.

Su Xiaolu’s impression of Madam Li was bad. When Madam Zhao had just given birth and was in a state of depression, Madam Li had happily come to tell her that her family had been kicked out. She had provoked Madam Zhao so much because she did not want Madam Zhao to live a long life. Because of this, Su Xiaolu never thought that Madam Li was a good person.

Su Sanmei was in the chicken coop before she ran into the house. She looked at Madam Zhao timidly and called out softly, “Mother.”

Madam Zhao looked at the fear in Su Sanmei’s eyes. She pulled her over and stroked her hair. “Don’t be afraid, Sanmei. Mother is here.”

Madam Zhao patted Su Xiaolu gently and lowered her eyes to hide the worry in them for Su Sanmei.

However, Madam Zhao had no idea that Su Xiaolu could see them clearly.

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Madam Zhao sighed and picked up Su Xiaolu. She stood up and said to Su Sanmei, “Sanmei, go out and catch some insects. Leave it to Mother to entertain your aunts”

Su Sanmei was a little afraid and did not know if she should listen to Madam Zhao or stay behind to accompany her.

Madam Zhao stroked Su Sanmei’s hair and smiled. “It’s fine. They won’t dare to do anything to Mother. Don’t worry.”

Madam Zhao was worried that the Su family would have ideas after knowing that they had money now.

As for if Madam Li and Madam Zhou would hit her, she was not worried. In the past, Madam Li and Madam Zhou did not hit her. Now that they had already split up, there was no reason for them to hit her.

Su Sanmei nodded and went out obediently.

Madam Zhao carried Su Xiaolu out. As soon as she came out, she saw that Madam Li and Madam Zhou were already outside the fence in the courtyard.

Madam Li and Madam Zhou were both sizing up this small courtyard. There was an indescribable bitterness in their eyes.

Both of them thought that the third branch should be living a difficult life after being separated from the main family. They would not be able to eat well or wear warm clothes. But now, the situation has completely reversed.

How could all that firewood not keep them warm?

They had even made money from hunting. How could they not be full?

The small courtyard was even fenced up. The straw hut had been renovated and everything looked good. When Madam Zhao came out, they were surprised. It had only been two months since they last met, but Madam Zhao seemed to have changed into a different person. She looked better and had even gained weight.

“Sister-in-law, Second Sister-in-law, you’re here. Let’s talk inside.”

Madam Zhou walked out to open the gate with a calm expression. Madam Li and Madam Zhou were not like ferocious beasts, so there was no need for her to be afraid of them. As for those that she could not avoid, there was nothing she could do even if she was afraid. After thinking it through, Madam Zhao’s mentality changed.

“Alright, alright. Second Sister-in-law, let’s go in. Let Yufang and Sanmei play together for a while. It’s not good for them to hear too much from adults, right?”

Madam Li said to Madam Zhou.

Su Sanmei had really grown up over the past two months. Her skin had become fairer and her hair looked good. It seemed that the third branch was doing well.

Compared to Su Yufang, the difference was stark.

Su Yufang and Su Sanmei were about the same age. She was a year older than Su Sanmei. The little girl had long hated Su Sanmei in her heart. Now that she saw that she was better-looking than her, she was even more unhappy.

However, Madam Zhou did not intend to bring her along. Su Yufang said to Su Sanmei, “Sanmei, let’s go and play.”

Su Sanmei did not want to play with Su Yufang. She said cooly, “I’m going to catch insects and feed them to the chickens.”

In the past, Su Yufang would bully her. Su Sanmei always remembered that.

She had no friends, but she didn’t want to play with Su Yufang either. When her fourth sister grew up, she could play with her, so there was no need for her to be friends with Su Yufang.

Su Sanmei ignored Su Yufang, who said, “Do you know why my mother and aunt are here? They’re here to ask your family to go home and work. When you get home, Grandma will only scold you instead of me.”

Su Sanmei was so angry that her eyes turned red.

Su Yufang smiled and continued, “Everything here will be brought back to the house. You’ll even have to give me your clothes.”

Su Yufang had noticed that Su Sanmei was wearing new clothes.

Tears streamed down Su Sanmei’s face when she heard that. She mustered up her courage and pushed Su Yufang away. She choked and said, “No way. We’re not going back.”

Su Sanmei ran into the courtyard. She ran to the door but did not enter. She heard Madam Zhou and Madam Li talking inside.

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