Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 2 - Danger

Chapter 2: Danger

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As Madam Zhao listened to the curses, her tears flowed even more fiercely.

Su Xiaolu looked at the teary Madam Zhao and cursed in her heart.

She was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who lived in the twenty-first century. On her way to a late-night snack, she’d been killed by a car that had raced up the sidewalk.

Unexpectedly, when she regained consciousness, she had become a baby.

She was reborn through the womb, and into the olden days at that.

The current situation was very bad.

In the olden days of favoring boys over girls, her birth had not been a good thing. She knew from the old woman’s curses that there were people who wished her dead as soon as she was born.

Su Xiaolu vaguely felt that something was wrong with Madam Zhao. Her strong intuition told her that Madam Zhao was in danger.

Thinking of her birth, Su Xiaolu quickly thought of postpartum hemorrhage!

However, she was a baby now and could not speak. The others in the family could not be counted on either. Su Xiaolu’s gaze landed on the little girl beside Madam Zhao. Just now, she heard this little girl call Madam Zhao, and Madam Zhao called her Sanmei. This must be her elder sister.

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Who could save Madam Zhao? She was probably the only one who could, but she couldn’t speak. How could she let her sister know that her mother was in danger? Su Xiaolu couldn’t think of a way, so she held her breath and cried.


Su Xiaolu cried her heart out.

Madam Zhao’s thoughts were called back. Her mother’s instincts made her raise her hand to pat her daughter. “Simei, be good. Don’t cry… Don’t cry…”

Su Sanmei also came back to her senses and climbed onto bed to help Madam Zhao coax her sister.

“Be good, sis. Don’t cry. I’ll carry you.”

Su Sanmei knelt on the inner side of the bed and carefully carried Su Xiaolu to coax her.

Su Xiaolu cried nonstop. Her face was red from holding her breath. Although she was getting breathless, she did not stop. Her cries were so loud that they drowned out Madam Wang’s curses.

Fortunately, she was healthy and loud.


Her cries made Madam Zhao’s heart clench. She was afraid that her daughter might have some illness. She knew that she could not count on her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, so she gently tugged at Su Sanmei’s sleeve and said weakly, “Sanmei, put Simei down beside mother. Go to the field and call your father back.”

Su Sanmei obediently put down Su Xiaolu and got off the bed. Then, she quickly opened the door and ran out.

Seeing that Su Sanmei had gone to get help, Su Xiaolu stopped crying.

In the main room, Madam Wang was cursing non-stop.

“You jinx, cry until you die. If you cry again, I’ll come over and suffocate you…”

“You rotten loser. Cry yourself to death. Shut up and die, you short-lived bastard.”

Madam Wang’s scolding was unpleasant, and Madam Zhao’s heart ached when she heard it.

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As she sobbed, she patted Su Xiaolu and said softly, “My Simei is a good girl. She has to be healthy and live a long life…”

Su Xiaolu stopped crying and was trembling. She felt terrible. She could feel Madam Zhao’s gentleness and love. Whether this family welcomed her or not, her mother would definitely welcome her.

But in the current situation, it was hard to say if she could even be alive to grow up.

Turning into a baby made her powerless. Madam Zhao’s situation was too dangerous. She could even feel her life slowly slipping away.

She was frantic. Suddenly, everything went black.

She suddenly found herself in an unfamiliar place. She was lying by a small spring with two patches of black earth beside her. She was still a baby, but something was different.

She thought of the novels she had once read. Could this be the Space?

As she chanted in her heart, her vision darkened again. When she opened her eyes again, Madam Zhao was beside her. Her eyes were closed, and her hand was still subconsciously patting her gently.

Su Xiaolu chanted to enter the Space again. When she opened her eyes again, she was lying by the spring.

She took a deep breath. The air was filled with spiritual energy. This place was a treasure. Since the air was full of spiritual energy, the land and spring water were definitely the same. If only she could let Madam Zhao drink some of this spiritual spring water.

Su Xiaolu silently chanted and secretly tried.

Finally, she tried to secrete the spiritual spring water. She felt a wetness on her fingers. She struggled. Madam Li did not tie her up, so she was able to quickly raise her hand. She sucked on her thumb and tasted the sweet spring water.

Looking at Madam Zhao, whose eyes were tightly shut, Su Xiaolu reached for her mouth with difficulty.

Perhaps because she was too weak now, the spiritual spring water was only dripping out drop by drop.

After moistening Madam Zhao’s mouth, Madam Zhao licked her lips. She was so tired that she couldn’t open her eyes. In her daze, she felt that her lips were cold. She subconsciously licked them.

It was water. She wanted water so badly.

The water was so sweet and warm. When she drank it, she felt a warm force nurturing her, gradually giving her strength. She opened her eyes and found her little daughter’s hand by her mouth. Madam Zhao was shocked and quickly pushed Su Xiaolu’s hand away.

After checking that her daughter’s hand was safe and sound, Madam Zhao apologized guiltily. “Simei, I’m sorry. I was so hungry that I almost ate your hand.”

After feeding Madam Zhao about a small bowl of spiritual spring water, Su Xiaolu felt very tired and sleepy. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She hoped that the spiritual spring water would be useful and allow Madam Zhao to last until Su Sanmei found her father. She wanted to see it with her own eyes, but she could not resist it and fell asleep.

Madam Zhao looked at the sleeping Su Xiaolu with a gentle but guilty gaze. It was all her fault for being useless. Her youngest daughter had yet to drink a mouthful of her milk since she was born.

She had regained some strength now, but she still couldn’t get up. After giving birth, no one came to help clean her up. She looked up at the dim roof and sighed.

In the main room, the cursing never stopped.

Madam Zhao gave birth to a daughter, which made her mother-in-law, Mrs. Wang, very unhappy. She cursed Madam Zhao’s family inside and out, including the four children.

Madam Zhao could not curse her mother-in-law back and could only cry silently.

Su Sanmei ran into the field. The three brothers, Su Dalang, Su Erlang and Su Sanlang were collecting the golden jade sticks in the field. Old Master Su led the way with his sons.

In addition, Su Sanlang’s two silly sons were also helping with the work.

When Su Sanmei reached the ground, she shouted, “Father, Father, go back and take a look. Mother and my little sister are not feeling well.”

Su Sanlang came out of the field with a big basket on his back. His tanned face was covered in sweat. At this moment, he looked worried. “What happened to your mother?”

Su Sanlang did not notice that Su Sanmei had said that Madam Zhao had given birth to a daughter. Instead, he was paying attention to Madam Zhao’s condition.

Old Master Su also came out. He said with a dark expression, “What’s there to see? She gave birth to another money-losing girl. Sanlang is not allowed to go. Do your job well.”

Hearing that she had given birth to a girl, Old Master Su cursed the black luck in his heart. His third eldest son already had four children, but it was equivalent to having none. Old Master Su knew very well that the third brother’s family was going to be useless.

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