Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1505 - Chapter 1505 I am not like you!

Chapter 1505 I am not like you!

Wu Juecheng was moving forward, each step causing the mountains to tremble and the earth to quake. After three steps, the surrounding mountains roared as if the heavens themselves were trembling. Snow on the mountains rose like smoke, forming massive waves that surged and enveloped the area.

The Law Enforcer stood tall and firm, watching Wu Juecheng approach. His eyes were relaxed, containing a hint of amusement and even interest. Wu Juecheng had already taken six steps, and its momentum had reached its peak. The killing intent was so thick that it had reached its limit, and the battle spirit had soared to the point of burning the sky.

If it struck now, it would be a heaven-shattering, peak-level attack! However, the Law Enforcer clearly did not want to accept Wu Juecheng’s peak attack just like that.

Just as Wu Juecheng took its sixth step, before its foot touched the ground, the Law Enforcer suddenly moved! He swiftly stretched out one leg and stomped the ground, leaning slightly forward. An incredibly powerful aura burst forth, directly confronting Wu Juecheng’s momentum!

The Law Enforcer decisively attacked at the very moment Wu Juecheng’s momentum was taking shape, interrupting the peak-level force from fully forming. At this moment, Wu Juecheng felt incredibly strange, as if it had been stopped right before reaching its climax.

With an angry snort, it took the seventh step! With a thunderous explosion, the two forces collided, creating an odd, teeth-gritting sound that resembled tearing cloth. From the center, a tornado-like force surged into the sky, parting the clouds above.

Below, another eerie, bone-chilling sound of cracks formed. A fissure suddenly appeared in the ground between the two, extending east and west, and splitting open in the north and south directions. The entire mountain seemed like a white bun that had been suddenly torn apart.

Both individuals remained motionless, but the separated halves of the mountain rapidly retreated. The distance between them unexpectedly increased to fifty meters.

Wu Juecheng, dressed in white like snow, suddenly leaped into the air with a whoosh, soaring into the sky like a massive white crane, rising amidst the wind and snow.

At the moment of taking flight, Wu Juecheng’s body suddenly displayed flashes of blue. He transformed into a blue whirlwind, wrapping himself in it, and with a whoosh, he crossed the space and soared into the air. All the accumulated snow on the ground followed his momentum, swirling wildly towards the Law Enforcer.

The Law Enforcer remained silent, rising and floating in the air. A sudden surge of dark energy enveloped his body, and like a cannonball, he charged toward the rapidly approaching Wu Juecheng.

In just a flash, their afterimages remained clearly visible at their original positions, but the two had already collided fiercely. Wu Juecheng’s left palm and right fist, along with kicks and knee strikes, transformed into two elbow strikes with the force of ten thousand pounds.

The Law Enforcer’s hair stood on end as his body swiftly moved forward. As Wu Juecheng’s knee strike came, his body suddenly and eerily floated into a straight line in mid-air. Both of his hands viciously grabbed Wu Juecheng’s hands.

Wu Juecheng’s left palm suddenly struck, and the Law Enforcer’s right hand aimed at his pulse. Wu Juecheng’s left hand transformed from a palm to a fist, smashing the Law Enforcer’s fingers. The Law Enforcer changed tactics, using one finger with powerful dark energy to attack. Wu Juecheng immediately changed his move, horizontally cutting the opponent’s wrist. The Law Enforcer withdrew his fingers and violently thrust his right elbow.

Wu Juecheng’s eyes flashed, and he countered with an elbow strike of his own. On one side, the Law Enforcer’s left hand and Wu Juecheng’s right hand both continuously changed tactics seven or eight times, ultimately clashing with their elbows.

Bang, bang, bang… Their four elbows violently collided over nine hundred times in the air. Then, with a whoosh, the Law Enforcer grunted, and Wu Juecheng coldly snorted.

The Law Enforcer’s body flew straight back, while Wu Juecheng similarly retreated as if pulled by an invisible rope. The next moment, both of them changed direction while retreating at high speed and charged forward.

This created a strange and difficult-to-understand phenomenon. In mid-air, a row of the Law Enforcer’s afterimages rapidly retreated, while another row of afterimages charged forward – simultaneously! The same happened for Wu Juecheng.

As the two rows of afterimages continued to advance or retreat, the two had already reached thousands of meters above the ground. The afterimages left behind, consisting of countless Law Enforcers and Wu Juechengs, were still clearly fighting. The entire process could be reconstructed with just the afterimages!

“Absorb the mountains and rivers into your heart, and store the heavens and earth as specks of dust!” The Law Enforcer roared at Wu Juecheng, “You’ve reached this level too!”

Wu Juecheng remained silent, only attacking more fiercely with each move, like a barrage of earth-shattering blows. The Law Enforcer laughed loudly and continuously, while Wu Juecheng’s face showed contempt without uttering a word. The two complemented each other, one moving and one still. Only their life-and-death struggle continued, and in the time it would take an ordinary person to catch their breath, they had exchanged 1,700 moves!

The sounds of fierce collisions echoed through the air as the two figures, Wu Juecheng and the Law Enforcer, fought at a high altitude of thousands of feet. The surrounding mountains seemed to dance and twist in response to their battle. The sky was filled with the afterimages of their movements, appearing as alternating black and white shadows.

In another collision, Wu Juecheng’s blue-tinged palm struck the Law Enforcer’s right chest, while the Law Enforcer’s black-tinged palm hit Wu Juecheng’s left shoulder. Both fighters were sent flying in opposite directions like kites with severed strings, spitting blood mid-flight. The sky seemed to freeze for a moment before a massive explosion erupted between them, sending shockwaves of air rippling outwards. As the shockwaves expanded, spatial cracks formed in the air, looking like dark, menacing mouths of demons that opened and closed abruptly. Rocks and layers of snow danced wildly in the sky.

While the explosion took place, hundreds of miles away, two figures faced each other, standing firmly and staring at each other with serious expressions. Wu Juecheng’s face appeared slightly pale, and the Law Enforcer’s face had a grayish hue. Both were injured, seemingly evenly matched.

Wu Juecheng remained silent. The Law Enforcer took a deep breath and said, “Brother Wu, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m not the same person I was a year ago. Back then, I could only look up to you in admiration. Now, I’m on par with you.” A proud smile crossed his face as he continued, “Give me another half year, and I’ll be able to kill you!” He paused, then added forcefully, “Killing you would be as easy as slaughtering a dog!”

Wu Juecheng still didn’t speak. He looked at the Law Enforcer with contempt, disdain, and scorn. His gaze seemed to say that interacting with someone like the Law Enforcer was beneath him, even considering it an insult to words themselves. He knew that the Law Enforcer was trying to provoke him, but instead of anger, Wu Juecheng only felt disdain.

Wu Juecheng’s disdainful gaze made the Law Enforcer feel a surge of anger. He had been trying to provoke his opponent, but Wu Juecheng didn’t respond at all and continued to look at him with such disdain. This silent scorn was even more unbearable for the Law Enforcer. Wu Juecheng appeared like a high and mighty judge, looking down on the criminal before him, as if he were a mere insect. Although he didn’t say anything, his every breath seemed to convey his disgust for the Law Enforcer, as if he were a despicable, worthless person.

The Law Enforcer wasn’t angry at Wu Juecheng’s attitude; what he couldn’t stand was feeling inferior to Wu Juecheng mentally, no matter how much he tried to boost his confidence. He felt like he couldn’t even lift his head in Wu Juecheng’s presence.

As time passed, the Law Enforcer finally roared in fury, “What makes you so special? What gives you the right to look at me this way? Aren’t you also from the Nine Tribulations? Aren’t your brothers from back then all gone, leaving just you? Are you happy about that? Are you any more noble than me? How much more at peace can you be than me?”

Wu Juecheng’s gaze was icy as he coldly stared back, showing no respect. “We’re the same, you know?” the Law Enforcer shouted angrily. “Two grasshoppers on the same string, who could be more superior?”

“We’re not the same!” Wu Juecheng didn’t intend to say anything, but he couldn’t hold back when the Law Enforcer claimed they were alike because his pride wouldn’t allow it. “Do you really think I don’t know who you are? Do you really think I believe that you’re Lou Wenlong?”

The Law Enforcer was momentarily stunned, then burst into laughter, his eyes wild and ferocious. “You’re talking now? Weren’t you not going to speak? Hahaha, you still spoke in the end, didn’t you?”

The Law Enforcer could put up a pretense of righteousness in front of others, but not in front of Wu Juecheng. Even if his former brothers were to come back to life, he wouldn’t feel as much pressure facing them as he did facing Wu Juecheng. Wu Juecheng and the Law Enforcer were the only survivors, and although Wu Juecheng was much older, his heart remained unchanged.

But the Law Enforcer had betrayed them.

Although he never admitted his betrayal, deep down, he knew that he was no longer the person he used to be. Wu Juecheng, however, remained unchanged. The Law Enforcer wasn’t afraid of Wu Juecheng because of their difference in strength, but because of his guilty conscience.

This guilt prevented him from ever standing tall in front of Wu Juecheng. In fact, he felt he didn’t even have the right to do so. This was precisely the reason why he had tried to frame Wu Juecheng during the massacre of the Dao Sect.

No matter how much stronger the Law Enforcer became compared to Wu Juecheng, even if he were a thousand times stronger, he would never be able to hold his head high in Wu Juecheng’s presence due to his guilty conscience.

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