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To Live Again, For the First Time!

To Live Again, For the First Time!







To Live Again, For the First Time!

Rating: 9.4/10 from 22 ratings

Emilin died a tragically sad death in her first life, if you could call it a life at all.

No friends, no family, no ambition, no desire, no emotions.

NOTHING. BUT this time, she was determined to live her life to the FULLEST!

Emilin: [Who am I even?]

DOTING BIG BROTHERS: [Bah! Who else but our cutest little sister?]

LOVING PARENTS: [Ah! Our little angel of course.]

OTHER CLASSMATES: [Who is this ice queen? So cool!]

BEST FRIENDS: [Why is this so-called 24/7 ice face so clingy. But she’s too cute when she’s pouting! You’re our adorable little cinnamon roll.]

HANDSOME ML: [Yeah, why are you so cling to them? Come be clingy with me! You are mine, as much as I am yours.]

BUSINESS PARTNERS: [Who the fuck are you talking about? Surely, we do not speak of the same person! You are the little devil that descended from the 7 heavens, our little ancestor.]

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