Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 46 - Pledging His Loyalty

Taylor and Howard were taking a stroll around the estate when they saw a small group of people standing at a distance away from them.

"Isn't that big brother and Damien?" Taylor thought out loud.

The moment those words left his mouth, Howard had abandoned his friend and darted in their direction.

'Once a crazy fan, always a crazy fan!' Taylor rolled his eyes and he too jogged to keep up with him.

He had watched how Howard had pushed a little girl aside and his heart almost stopped when he realized that it was little Yvonne.

'Damien has great reflexes!' He praised the brown-haired boy who had moved towards Yvonne in an instant and rescued her from falling flat on her butt.

In a few seconds, he reached their location and was shocked to see that Yvonne now had tears rolling out of her big beautiful eyes and Damien was panicking about what to do.

'This guy must have scared her!' He glared at Howard and then back at the little girl.

Damien gently wiped her tears and helped her stand straight.

He was not bothered that Howard had just yelled at him but his attention was on the child who was sobbing.

Yvonne herself couldn't understand why this was happening to her.

'Why do I feel so sad? So sad that it feels like my heart is being ripped apart?' She looked at the ground and the tears just kept falling.

Everyone present there could not comprehend what had happened in such a short span of a few seconds that she had to wail so bitterly.

Howard shoved Damien aside and held onto his sister's shoulder as he rubbed them to comfort her.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have pushed you. It was my fault so stop crying?" Howard pleaded because he had thought that his push from earlier had somehow injured her.

But she said nothing in reply and only soft whimpers could be heard.

"Stop crying! I did not even push you that hard!" He rolled his eyes and commanded when he saw that she just wouldn't stop.

The Tanners knew that the St. Claire siblings had a bad relationship with each other so they weren't surprised to see him yell at her even when she was sad.

'I would have retorted if only my heart wasn't hurting so damn much!' Yvonne raised her head and glared at him viciously.

'Oh, so you still have the energy to glare at me?' Howard scoffed inwardly and let go of her shoulders.

Taylor's heart ached when he saw the little girl's eyes turn red as a result of her excessive crying.

"Howard you don't deserve such a cute little sister!" He admonished his friend and stepped towards Yvonne.

Finding the white silk handkerchief with his family's crest, a bright red scorpion embroidered on it. He gently wiped her tears away and handed it over to her.

Seeing the seemingly innocent gesture he made, the crowd gasped collectively.

'What's wrong with them?' Yvonne's sobs had now stopped and she looked up and glanced at everyone's incredulous face.

This gesture of giving any object with your family's crest was a symbol of showing your loyalty to each other.

Something that couples who were betrothed to each other or couples in love would do.

The little girls glared at Yvonne for snatching away one of their idols while the boys just stared at Taylor for the thoughtless gesture that he had made which would certainly cause problems for Yvonne in the future.

Howard was aware of this tradition that couples followed, so he snatched Taylor's handkerchief away and tossed right at his face.

This was how Taylor ended up with Yvonne's snot and tear-filled cloth stuck to his face.

He immediately recoiled and shuddered when he felt the dampness on his face.

Yvonne watched as he jumped around like a little monkey trying to get her snot off his face.

Everyone was busy seeing Taylor make a fool out of himself so no one paid attention to the little girl whose laughter sounded so clear and heartwarming.

However, Damien's eyes focused on the little dimples that formed on her cheeks when she broke out into peals of laughter.

'One second she cries as though someone killed her family and the next she's laughing merrily?' He tilted his head and observed her face.

Yvonne could feel his gaze on her so she whirled in his direction but the moment she looked into his eyes, she felt the same ache in her heart reappearing.

Not wanting to cry once again, she swiftly turned away to avoid maintaining eye contact with him.

This action of hers was completely misunderstood by a certain someone.

'Look who's suddenly shy now?' Damien's lips curved into a devious smile.

The smile quickly went back to the usual bland smile when he noticed Topher looking at him with raised brows.

"Miss Yvonne, are you fine now?" He then turned to her and inquired in a concerned voice.

He was partly responsible for everything that had happened because if Howard hadn't run towards him then he wouldn't have knocked into Yvonne.

If Yvonne hadn't fallen then Damien wouldn't have reached out to help her and in turn make the poor girl cry.

Finally, if she hadn't cried then his stupid younger brother wouldn't have foolishly given an object with his family's crest to another girl, indirectly pledging his loyalty to her.

'I need to make sure that people do not know about what Taylor just did!' He decided and then looked at Yvonne's face.

Yvonne was still unaware of the promise that Taylor had made a few minutes ago, so she nodded her head to indicate that she was fine.

"Then why did you have to cry like that?" Aleena shot back when she saw Yvonne's ignorant face.

'As if they would understand what I felt a few moments ago.' She shook her head in dismay.

"I twisted my ankle." She made up a lie to distract them from trying to find the real reason.

Howard readily accepted it because he was aware of how delicate and fragile Yvonne's body was.

'She just fell off a horse and lost all her memories so I am sure that just a little push can hurt her leg.' He openly sneered at her.

"Oh really? A simple twist of your -" Mae Blaise scoffed at her but shut her mouth when she felt Topher's intense gaze land on her.

"If Yvonne can still stand then we can complete what I was going to say earlier." He cleared his throat and announced.

Feeling everyone's sights on her, Yvonne lifted her dress a little higher to show them her ankle.

She then raised the right leg off the ground and circled it while balancing herself only on the left one.


Everyone gasped in shock when they saw her bold moves.

"Put it down!" Howard hissed and looked at her scornfully.

'I forgot that these people do not show a lot of skin.' She let out a little chuckle and lowered her skirt.

Children could wear any dress that reached their ankles but not any higher and just now, Yvonne had raised her dress a few inches higher than the tolerated height.

For someone who had lived 28 years in a world where bralettes were a common fashion statement, adjusting in this new rigid place would still take a little more time.

'They do not have to react that way. It was just a little ankle and nothing else!' She rolled her eyes.

"I can still stand." She curtly answered Topher with words this time to stop any more misunderstandings that she was indecently exposing herself.

Damien shook his head and chuckled. He was the only one who had not gasped earlier when she raised her skirt.

'This would not be the first time I have seen her do that anyway.' He snorted and looked away.

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