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The World Serpent

The World Serpent





The World Serpent

Rating: 8.2/10 from 121 ratings

An Ordinary Human with a Life full of Misfortune which grew into a Tragedy.

The Tragedy that ultimately caused her death.

It was supposed to be the End of her Life, The End of her Adventure. But fate executed an unexpected turn of events that caused her to be reincarnated.

Reincarnated not as a Human but a Monster known as a Serpent. Reincarnated in an Unknown World with the Laws of the Jungle in full motion. Choices that would affect her life will always emerge.

Will she survive to reach the top of the food chain? Or Will she die getting eaten by other creatures? Will she maintain her former mentality? Or Will she adapt to the Laws of the Jungle?

It was the start of her Tale, The Tale of the World Serpent.


Be warned that the Mc is a Monster. She will slowly change into something that would possibly challenge the Morals of Humanity.

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