The Wife of Hades

Chapter 42 - Qi Yuyang's Reaction

When An Luxia arrived at the school the next day, surprisingly, Qi Yuyang was nowhere to be seen.

An Luxia frowned slightly as she sat down, not sure if she should be happy or confused. She couldn't even remember the last time she didn't see Qi Yuyang once she arrived at school.

Several minutes later, Yu Xinyi arrived and also asked, "Where's that guy?"

An Luxia shrugged, "Maybe he's absent."

Right after she said that, the door opened again and Qi Yuyang walked in, wobbling on one feet. An Luxia turned around when she heard the door open and saw him, and right when their eyes met, he immediately looked away and stumbled over himself, almost falling down the stairs.

An Luxia raised one eyebrow confusedly as she quickly looked away, "He's not absent," she said a little dejectedly.

Everyone expected for Qi Yuyang to immediately go and sit down next to An Luxia, and she was also prepared to put her bag down on the seat next to her so he would have to sit another seat down.

However, to everyone's surprise, Qi Yuyang went all the way across the room to the seat at the very corner, as far away from An Luxia as it could get.

At once, people began gossiping amongst themselves and Qi Yuyang obviously noticed it. He tilted his head slightly and glanced at An Luxia before quickly looking away, almost like he was afraid of her.

For the remainder of the day, Qi Yuyang behaved like this the entire time. At lunch, when he saw her sitting next to Mo Han eating, he dropped his food tray and ran off, slipping several times and practically crawling away.

The entire cafeteria stared at him in confusion and An Luxia looked over at Mo Han, who didn't seem surprised at all.

She furrowed her eyebrows together and thought for a few seconds before continuing to eat. 


After school, An Luxia walked out of the class alone since Yu Xinyi had to go to the library. When she was almost at the back parking lot, a group of five girls suddenly appeared in front of her.

She immediately recognized the girl standing in the middle. Xu Xin, the loser. In the last annual school beauty contest, she got first and Xu Xin got second. Since then, it was clear that Xu Xin had a grudge against her. 

An Luxia smiled sweetly and looked down at them since she was much taller, "Excuse me. You are blocking the path."

Xu Xin frowned and took a step forward, "An Luxia, you really have no shame, don't you?"

An Luxia knit her eyebrows together and folded her arms together.

"You really found yourself a rich old man to support you? Ch! Even if you were adopted, you can't hide your original nature. It seems like all the rumors are true. You do come from a poor and bad family, and they gave birth to a person like you." Xu Xin smirked, "So shameless and fake!"

An Luxia did not get mad but instead chuckled, "It seems like your information isn't that. . . reliable. The person supporting me is indeed rich, and is a man. . . But he isn't old. And I'll give you some private confidential information as well! He is handsome and tall and smart and considerate and everything you will never have!" 

She took a step forward, bumping into Xu Xin's shoulder, "Just because you came from a bad and poor family doesn't mean everyone is like you. And even if I did, I'm still better off than you now, right? And, if you want to talk about fake, who can be more fake than you? Not only your background, but your face too." 

An Luxia smiled upon seeing Xu Xin's reaction and stomped off, lifting her chin up proudly like she had just won a battle.

Xu Xin's face turned pale and she clenched her fists together angrily. She hated it when people talked about her family. She had struggled and fought so hard to leave her disgusting hometown and come to City A!

However, why can't she ever escape the grasp of her background?! Her first year here, she was famous for being pretty and coming from a good "family". She had lied and said that her family was rich in a different country, and people believed her since she always wore expensive and pretty clothes.

But after winning second in that beauty contest, some dumb supporter of An Luxia got mad and somehow figured out her true background and exposed it to everyone! And, the fact that she had gotten plastic surgery was also exposed!

She had stolen so much money from her parents to do the plastic surgery, but it was all ruined now since people knew about it. Just thinking about it made her boil with rage! And of course, with no one else to blame, she threw the responsibility all onto An Luxia. 

Her four friends standing behind her gulped as one said cautiously, "Xu Xin, don't be -"

"Shut up! Ugh!" Xu Xin stomped one foot onto the ground and marched off, her face red with both anger and embarrassment. 

An Luxia got onto the car with a bright smile on her face as she put on her seatbelt.

"What are you so happy about?" Mo Han asked when she saw her.

"Nothing much! Just encountered a piece of trash and then burned it." An Luxia chuckled again as she thought of Xu Xin's face when she left.

Mo Han grinned as she watched her, guessing what she meant when she said "trash".


After eating dinner, An Luxia sat down on the couch in Mo Han's office to finish writing the paper that was due tomorrow.

As she was reading through it a final time, there was a knock at the door and K walked in. 

"Mr. Mo, Group C's leader is outside. He said that there is a quick message he needs to tell you in person."

Mo Han looked over at An Luxia, who had also stopped reading as she looked up. He stood up and walked towards the door, telling her, "I'll be back soon."

An Luxia nodded and watched as K closed the door before she went back to reading her essay.

When she was finished, Mo Han still wasn't back yet. She closed her laptop and stood up, looking around the room. She slowly walked over to the table, running her fingers past the mahogany table. 

She looked at the pile of folders and papers on the table and sat down in the large chair, which looked weirdly big with her seated in it. 

She spinned around once, closing her eyes as she waited for Mo Han to come back. However, there was a sudden ring and she opened her eyes, standing up to go check her phone.

As she did so, she noticed a very bright shine on the table and she looked down to see Mo Han's phone resting on top of a pile of paper. 

She instinctively looked closer to see what the notification was, and as she bent down, she rested her hand onto the table, which coincidentally landed on the computer mouse. 

The computer immediately turned on, and she quickly looked up when she noticed the brightness from the corner of her eyes. 

When her eyes landed on the computer screen, she immediately froze.

Her eyes widened as she stared at the image on the screen. This. . .

At this moment, the door opened and Mo Han walked in.

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