The Wife of Hades

Chapter 4 - Why Did You Marry Me?

After giving him the address, they were on the way to An Luxia's home to retrieve her stuff. She was in college and was going to start her master's degree after the summer break, and she was still living with her adopted parents.

After 19 years, this would be the first time she was going to move out and live away from them! Thinking about it made her excited and nervous.

An Luxia tapped her foot on the ground as she sneaked a glance at Mo Han once in a while. Out of her 23 years on this planet, he was indeed the most handsome man she had ever met.

After changing the way she thought, An Luxia was getting a little excited about this marriage. She did not know much about the HLX, so maybe it wasn't as bad as she imagined. Maybe he was actually a nice and sweet guy. . . with a handsome face!

Just the face alone was better than that Lu guy! An Luxia nodded her head. This was the best plan. As she was thinking, her phone suddenly rang.

She took it out of her bag and quickly glanced at the name on the screen before picking up the call.


Mo Han glanced over at her for a quick second as his ears perked up.

"Xiaxia, where are you?" A woman's voice came from the other end of the phone.

"I. . ." An Luxia cautiously peeked at Mo Han before clearing her throat, "Mom, I am on my way home. I'll be back soon, and I have someone to introduce to you and dad."

On the other end of the phone, Qi Lanyu frowned slightly and asked, "Who?"

"You'll know soon!"

Qi Lanyu sighed helplessly before lowering her voice, "Okay, but Xiaxia, the Lu family is here with Lu Xiamo, and they say they want to see you. Your dad and I tried to get rid of them but they won't leave this time."

An Luxia knit her eyebrows tightly together at the mention of Lu Xiamo, and she didn't notice that Mo Han had also furrowed his eyebrows together, "Okay, I'm on my way."

"Okay, okay. Bye bye, Xiaxia. Love you!"

"Love you too, mom." An Luxia hung up the call and glanced at Mo Han before saying cautiously, "Um. . . Well. . ."

"So what is the reason you married me?" He blatantly said what she was too scared to confess.

An Luxia gulped and tried to put on a calm smile as she said, "Well, this doesn't really have anything to do with why I married you. . . Okay, it does, but. . . So, my parents may have arranged a marriage for me when I was still a kid,"

She shivered slightly when she saw Mo Han's face darken, but she bravely continued with her story, "It was with the only son of the Lu family. Apparently, he was a very good kid when he was young and was tall and good-looking, and the Lu family owns a small business. They proposed it first and my parents agreed. It was a joke, I promise! My parents thought it was just a joke!"

"Well. . . The Lu family didn't think it was a joke, and a few weeks ago, they came and asked when the marriage would be. And you don't even know!" An Luxia got excited as she spoke and she leaned over closer to Mo Han.

"That Lu Xiamo, the boy. . . I can tell now why his parents wanted to arrange a marriage for him while he was young, because no one would want to marry him now! Ah, poor me!" She pretended to wipe away a fake tear, but stopped her act when she realized that Mo Han didn't seem to care.

"Now, he is short and fat and ugly, even shorter than me! And, he dropped out of community college after one year and lives off of his parents. And I even heard that he has some. . ." An Luxia pressed her lips together and cleared her throat awkwardly.

"Anyway -"

"He has some what?" Mo Han asked coldly.

An Luxia's face turned slightly red as she said softly, "He has some. . . problems with. . . you know. . . on the bed. . . that thing."

Of course Mo Han understood, and he felt a little better after hearing that, but of course he did not express it. At least he didn't have any problems in that area!

An Luxia turned around and looked out the window, her face beet red. This was the first time she dared talk about such an open topic with a man! Her brother would definitely scold her if she told him!

"So what's next?" Mo Han asked since An Luxia had stopped talking.

"So, he's ugly, short, fat, uneducated, and anyway, there is no way I could marry him! Well, his parents had recorded my parents agreeing for some whatever reason when we were kids, and now they are pressing my parents and me about the marriage."

Mo Han's hands on the steering wheel tightened as he wondered if it was time for the HLX to make another move.

"We were able to push it off for a few weeks, and my parents and I made it clear to them that I don't want to marry him, but you know. . . They have some money and power in City A, and they keep coming back." An Luxia pursed her lips out pitifully.

"However, I didn't agree to marry you just because of that! That was only a small part of why I agreed hehe!" An Luxia smiled fakely and blinked her innocent, round eyes several times, only to not even receive a single glance from Mo Han.

"So why did you agree?"

"You're so handsome!" She blurted out and then immediately regretted her words. What would he think of her from now on?! He would think she was some shallow and unreserved woman. . . Well, she was.

However, to her surprise, a tiny but noticeable smile appeared on his face.

Realizing that he liked it, she continued as she clasped her hands together, "You're totally my type!" She exclaimed, emphasizing the word 'totally'.

"Once I saw you, I fell deeply in love." She closed her eyes, as the dramatic girl inside of her jumped out again, "You -"

"We're here," Mo Han cut her off, his voice a little less cold than earlier.

"Oh!" She was a little disappointed to get her act interrupted, but she unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car.

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