The Wife of Hades

Chapter 28 - Teacher Mo Han

"A shooting range?"

Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows together, wondering why they were at a shooting range.

An Luxia nodded her head, "You're good at shooting, right? King of the Underworld."

Mo Han looked at her before slowly nodding his head. Of course he was good at shooting! He was the best at shooting. Although he never killed people himself since he had other people to do that for him, his shooting skills were still second to none. He never missed.

An Luxia grabbed onto his hand and pulled him towards the door, "Good! I almost wanted to learn shooting because it looks so cool! And, I think I have an idea about what I want my next novel to be."

Mo Han stopped when they were right at the door and looked at her, "You actually want to learn how to shoot?"

Holding a gun wasn't really a simple or nice thing to do. Even if you were just pointing at a dead target, it was still not exactly the most fun sport.

An Luxia nodded her head, "Why? You don't want to teach me."

She pursed her lips out, looking up at him unhappily. Finally, he smiled and pushed the door open, "Okay, I'll teach you. Let's go."

They entered the shooting range and there were a few people inside, practicing. An Luxia flinched slightly when she heard the first banging sound of a bullet being shot, and Mo Han obviously noticed.

He furrowed his eyebrows together slightly as they walked over to the front desk.

They signed a few documents and went over a few rules before they went into the private area Mo Han had ordered.

There were a few people inside to help but Mo Han told them to leave. They. . . help him?! Ch! What kind of joke was that?

He first grabbed the two gloves and grabbed An Luxia's hand. He gently helped her put the black gloves on, tightening them before reaching for the headphones.

"Here, put these on when we start, okay?"

An Luxia nodded her head. Then, she watched as Mo Han put his own gloves on and walked over to the target area.

An Luxia looked at him, "You aren't going to wear headphones?"

Mo Han grinned, "I don't need them. Come here, let me show you."

He grabbed the gun that was resting on the table and pointed it up at the target. As a test, he didn't even look through the sight before pulling the trigger.

There was a bang that caused An Luxia to take a step back.

"Okay, come here." Mo Han waved at her and she slowly walked over.

"Put on your headphones."

An Luxia obediently listened, standing in front of him. He bent down slightly, sliding his legs apart so he was at the same level as An Luxia.

"Here hold the gun like this." Mo Han grabbed onto An Luxia's hands, placing them onto the gun in the right position. An Luxia couldn't hear what he was saying, but she watched as he turned her body around slightly and showed her how to stand and point the firearm.

Then, she suddenly felt a warm breath near her neck and she tilted her head slightly to see that he was right behind her, his chin gently resting on her shoulder as he held the gun with her.

"Can you hear me?" He asked, her mouth close to her ear. Although it was very soft, she could still make out his voice.

"You see that. That is what you pull to shoot." Mo Han pulled something else on the gun and there was a clicking sound before he then let go of the gun, placing his hands onto her waist, still leaning very close to her.

"Now, look at the target through the site."

An Luxia lifted the gun up higher, closing one eye to look through the sight using the other.

"When you are ready, pull the trigger." She heard Mo Han's deep voice say.

An Luxia stared intensely at the middle of the target, which already had a hole through it because of Mo Han's last shot.

Then, she grasped onto the gun tightly and she pressed down using her finger. There was a softer banging sound and another hole appeared on the target. . . Several inches away from the center.

Mo Han smiled and tilted his head, kissing her on the cheek, "Good job."

Then, he took a step back, enlarging the distance between them.

An Luxia felt her heartbeat suddenly quicken as her cheeks became warm again. Ah, why was she so sensitive? That simple kiss and those two words seemed so romantic to her!

She carefully placed the gun back onto the table and took off her headphones, skipping over to Mo Han, who was gulping down water.

"Is that good for the first time?" She asked excitedly.

Mo Han nodded her head, handing her a new bottle of water, "Yes, very good. You are very talented."

He gently rubbed her head, "Here, drink some water."

Of course he couldn't tell her that his first time, he had hit straight through the center without any help. How discouraging would that be?

After taking a quick sip of water, An Luxia placed the bottle down and walked over to the target area again.

"I want to do it again."

Mo Han smiled as he walked over, pressing up against her again as he helped her set up and get ready once more.

An Luxia felt her breathing quicken as she could feel his strong and broad chest pressed up against her back, and she felt his warm breath tickling her neck.

"When you are ready, you can shoot again." Mo Han said with a small grin on his face as he watched her. She was so cute when she was focused.

Just as An Luxia was about to pull the trigger, there was suddenly a loud noise that she could even hear through the headphones as the door was pushed open.

She frowned as she lowered the gun, turning around to see what happened.

As she removed her headphones, she heard the group of people that had just walked in say:

"Didn't I call to tell you to save this private room for me?! Who dares to steal my room?" A group of guys walked in with one standing in front. Behind them, the worker at the front desk followed cautiously.

An Luxia's frown deepened when she saw who it was. She placed the gun back down onto the table and walked over to Mo Han, who was equally unhappy.

The fat and short guy standing in the front looked up at who was inside "his" room, and a few seconds later, his small eyes widened in surprise.

"An Luxia!" He said, scrunching his face up in both shock and disgust.

An Luxia glared at him and didn't back down, crossing her arms together, "Lu Xiamo, did you enter the wrong room? What are you doing here?"

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