The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 559 - Feng Qing Is My Wife

Chapter 559 Feng Qing Is My Wife

What was called wild and cool? The current Xie Jiuhan had made a perfect interpretation. Even when he was facing an army of thousands or facing the adopted son of the president who held military power, he felt like he was looking at an ant. The nobility that was engraved in his bones was exuding at all times.

Xing Yue sized up the handsome man in front of him and probed, “You’re Netherworld?”

Xie Jiuhan stood there and slowly curled his lips. After knowing Xing Yue for so many years, this was the first time he had used his original appearance.

“Xie, Jiu, Han!” Xing Yue said word by word.

As the adopted son of Country F’s president, he naturally knew the famous Xie Jiuhan. This man, who stood at the pinnacle of Xia country, was someone who could influence the world’s situation with a casual sentence.

In the past, when they each represented their country to attend some international meetings and summit forums, the two of them had met a few times. However, they were only polite on the surface. Moreover, Xie Jiuhan had displayed his domineeringness on various occasions. His first impression of Xie Jiuhan was that he was not easy to deal with. He was a super business tycoon whose entire body was bleeding!

He had once seen Xie Jiuhan negotiate with the heads of the Commerce Department of each country. Although he looked gentle and elegant on the surface, the methods he used behind the scenes were very brilliant. No country or group could gain any benefits from him. Not to mention earning profits, they could be considered as an expert if they did not get cheated.

Therefore, the large corporations and consortiums of the various countries loved and hated the Xie Corporation. They were often so angry that they wanted to dig up Xie Jiuhan’s ancestral grave. However, Xie Jiuhan had just done things according to the contract. They had no excuse to use violence. In Xie Jiuhan’s words, “I like how you can’t stand me but can’t do me.”

Therefore, in Xing Yue’s eyes, a super capitalist like Xie Jiuhan was a blood-sucking monster in human form. The only difference was that the word ‘I’m an profiteer’ wasn’t tattooed on his forehead.

Xing Yue couldn’t help but frown after seeing Xie Jiuhan’s expression. “You really surprised me. I didn’t expect that a capital tycoon like you would be the King of Killers, Netherworld. A person like you should be living in stinky drains and darkness, but you can live under the sun openly as the president of the Xie Corporation. You’re really not simple!”

The handsome man smiled coldly. “I’ll say it again. Feng Qing is my wife.”

Xing Yue : “…”

To be honest, when Netherworld had been emphasizing that he and Feng Qing were legally married, he didn’t believe it at all. He didn’t even hesitate at all. How could a delicate and pleasant girl like Feng Qing fall for a monster like Netherworld, who was covered in blood? The two of them were not from the same world at all. If they weren’t in the same world, how could they live together?

However, now that these words came from Xie Jiuhan, the president of the Xie Corporation, he had no choice but to treat it seriously. He had to believe it.

Xing Yue was a little stunned when he thought of Feng Qing’s bright and cute face. “According to what I know, Qingqing’s family conditions in Xia country are very average. Moreover, she left home for some reason a few years ago and disappeared for a period of time…”

Xie Jiuhan’s thin lips curled up, and his black eyes shone with a mysterious and dangerous light. He asked in a questioning voice, “As the adopted son of the president, you’re actually so concerned about my wife?”

Xing Yue did send someone to Xia country previously and specially investigated Feng Qing’s past and present lives. However, he only found out the things that everyone knew. For example, Feng Qing came from a poor mountain ditch. The Feng family started off with perfume, and her aunt was Feng Yiru.

He had always thought that his mother’s sudden death was very strange, so he even sent someone to the old home of the Feng family before they move to the Capital to investigate. However, the person didn’t investigate much about his mother. Instead, he found out a little about Feng Qing. She ran away from home at the age of thirteen or fourteen and eloped with a wild man outside. Her eyes unexpectedly lost their light, and so on.

However, he didn’t believe that Feng Qing had run away from home for a wild man. In his opinion, Feng Qing was a very smart and rational girl. She was definitely not the kind of woman who had zero IQ when she fell in love.

Xie Jiuhan did not need Xing Yue to give an answer. After all, there were too many men in this world who had designs on his wife. He was too lazy to listen to anything.

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