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The Villains’ Pampering Is Too Great!

The Villains’ Pampering Is Too Great!





The Villains’ Pampering Is Too Great!

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After dying on a field of battle, she was reborn as orphan Lu Xiaocha. She remained in a tranquil globe with scrumptious food she had never ever seen prior to. There were no unlimited goals or killings, and also every little thing was charming in her eyes.

When a luxury auto rolled up to the orphanage, she understood that the initial proprietor of this body was not an orphan, however a little girl from an affluent family members.

Also, she had a superb dad, a mommy that was an unmatched elegance, 5 older bros, as well as an uncle. However ... Why did their family name sound so familiar?

After that, she recalled checking out a novel before she died. It appears that her household ... were all villains!

Wonderful! She had come under a bad guys' nest! However ... this nest was so great. Lu Xiaocha would certainly defend them even if they were bad! Heh! A person desired everything the Lu household had? They would certainly need to ask her fist initially!

A random man came by and stated, "Chacha, featured me."

" Do you assume I need to?" Lu Xiaocha shot back.

The arbitrary male shamelessly responded, "Why not? Is it unworthy a shot?"