The Villainess With A Heroine Harem

Chapter 522: No Regrets?

Chapter 522: No Regrets?



Justine’s decision of ‘helping’ two of her ‘students’ escort Rhea and Kristie might seem like her taking ‘responsibility’ at first, but in reality, it was quite the opposite.     

“Heh… Since Emma is the one driving Sam’s car today, I’ll definitely get there long before Noelle!” Justine thought smugly.     

Although her training had managed to sharpen the girl’s feminine and soft character considerably, no one was perfect. And as their team leader and trainer, Justine was naturally well aware of her students’ most major flaws.     

Even if Noelle and Sam only arrived a few minutes after her, Justine didn’t underestimate just how precious those ‘few minutes’ could be.     

After all, had Dixie arrived just a few minutes later that evening, wouldn’t she have long since fulfilled all her dreams and fantasies with Emilia?     

Even if someone were to force them apart later, Justine had no doubt that she would have always had an irreplaceable place in Emilia’s heart, and it would have only been a matter of time before the little beauty sought her out herself.     

Unfortunately, she had hesitated too much, and by the time she managed to realize that she really was being handed over treasure on a plate, the treasure guardian had already descended.     

This time, she was determined to change her fate!     

Watching the blue-haired girl continuously ‘motivating herself’ while pumping her fists in the air like a lunatic, Rhea couldn’t help but shift a little further away.     

Unfortunately, the back seat of the armored SUV they were in wasn’t nearly as big she would have liked it to be.     


Much to Justine’s delight, their team indeed managed to reach the prime minister’s residence long before Noelle, and if not for the requirement of following the proper protocol, she would have immediately rushed in to jump Emilia.     

Luckily, the security personnel at the prime minister’s mansion had already been briefed on their arrival, and quickly went through their entry process after Justine showed them her shiny new identity card as a ‘Special Agent’ of the Empire of Blue Dawn.     

She didn’t even care how the girls she was supposed to be escorting felt as she abandoned them to rush inside first, and not to mention Rhea and Kristie, even the two ‘students’ were left dumbfounded.     

All this time, they had been worried if the two ‘girlfriends’ of the supposed ‘murderer’ and the ‘victim’ would turn on each other because of some convoluted sense of guilt from their own betrayal, but they never thought the one making trouble would be their own ‘team leader’!     

Luckily, neither Rhea nor Kristie added to their problems, and only awkwardly avoided looking into each other’s eyes as they were led into the prime minister’s residence by the staff.     

Neither of them had made the decision to betray their ‘boyfriends’ lightly, as they knew full well that their lives would be in grave danger if they decided to do so.     

But considering the path they could see ahead, they both realized in their hearts that it was better to risk it while they still had the chance.     

Of course, the relationship that the two of them had with their respective ‘boyfriends’ was vastly different, and so was their motivation behind taking up Emilia’s offer.     

Kristie didn’t talk to anyone much other than when she was ‘required’ to speak, and no one could guess what was going on in her head.     

As for Rhea, despite being a professional actress, her motivations and feelings were a bit more transparent.     

One didn’t need to guess that the deal she had been offered by ‘them’ at that time had simply been too good to reject.     

A fresh and better start in the rising Empire of Blue Dawn, lifetime protection from the invisible sickle that had been hanging above her neck ever since Alexander set his sights upon her, and even a chance to get along with one of the most powerful girls in the world… all of this just to say a few words and ‘act’ in front of the camera?     

Suffice to say, it was not a role Rhea would reject even if her head were to be kicked by a donkey.     

But when her supposed ‘boyfriend’ really died a gruesome death, the weight of her ‘actions’ finally dawned upon the rising actress.         


This was no ‘role’ she was playing. Everything was real. And even if Alexander had been a complete and utter asshole to her before, she couldn’t help but think that he didn’t deserve to die.     

Unfortunately, it was already too late for regret. Even if she were to ‘reject’ the deal now, and even was miraculously spared by her ‘allies’, Rhea knew that Alexander couldn’t just come back to life.     

Now, she just hoped that she could meet the illustrious Empress Emilia once more, and hopefully ask her the real reason why she went through so much trouble getting rid of Alexander.     

As long as the girl had a good enough reason, Rhea believed that she would have a much easier time dealing with the guilt in her heart.     


Having not expected them to arrive for another thirty minutes according to the ‘schedule’, Emilia was naturally surprised when she saw Justine rushing towards her like a loose cannonball the moment she entered the hall.     

Fortunately, Dixie was no longer as unreasonably overprotective as she used to be, and only frowned slightly in dissatisfaction while stepping between them. “Slow down! Are you trying to run someone over, or crash into a wall and break your nose?”     

After grinding to a halt in a panic, the blue-haired girl couldn’t help but peek over at Emilia anxiously. “I-I was just a little excited!”     

Emilia giggled. “Alright, Dixie, don’t go bullying her now, or I’ll have to up her rewards, you know?”     

Although the dark-haired girl didn’t really like how Justine did things, she still didn’t feel like arguing with her princess over it. “Then I’ll go wake Crystal up?”     

As soon as Dixie moved out of her way after seeing Emilia nod, Justine immediately lunged forward to embrace the younger girl while squealing in excitement. “AHH! You’re still so soft and fragrant, boss! I missed you so much!”     


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