The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 1148 - Chapter 1148: Little Green, Well Done!

Chapter 1148: Little Green, Well Done!

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“Also, don’t your children have to work? Usually, they hated Lin’s Garden so much. Why was it that today, coincidentally, they were all gathered together at the back mountain to play hide-and-seek with Little Green? Such a big flaw.

Do you really take everyone for fools?”

Lin Laosan did not know how to refute Lin Deshan’s words. He only said guiltily, ” Isn’t the child fine now? Why didn’t you let go of the children? I think you guys are deliberately tormenting them to harm them, right?”

Lin Deshan sneered. ” Hmph, so what if I deliberately cause trouble for them? If they lay their hands on my grandson, don’t even think about escaping.” “You…” Lin Laosan said angrily.

Lin Laosan then walked up to Lin Dahua and gave her a tight slap. He scolded,

” You bastards, are you too free? You actually have time to play. This was great.

You created a big problem. Let’s see how you guys are going to resolve this.”

Lin Dahua was really wronged and cried innocently. ” Grandpa, we know we were wrong. We shouldn’t have played with Little Green. We shouldn’t have played with him.”

To make such an understatement about a harmful matter, saying that it was just a “game”!

It was just that they had encountered a non-human Little Green whose intelligence was increasing day by day.

Little Green snorted and said, ” Hmph, if throwing off the cliff is called playing, then I’ll let Uncle Ling play with you guys every day in the future, okay?”

In other words, he was going to throw them off the cliff.

Lin Dahua was so frightened that she shrunk her neck and shouted, ” No!”

At this moment, Lin Yuelan stood up from the stone table and walked in front of Lin Daguang, Lin Dahua, and the others. She swept her sharp gaze around and then walked in front of Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua. She said coldly, ” Since you’ve done something wrong, you must pay the price! Moreover, what they committed was attempted murder. Even if they weren’t adults yet, if we report them to court, they wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences!”

When Lin Laosan heard this, he was so angry that he spat fire at Lin Yuelan. Then, he gritted his teeth and said, ” What exactly do you want?”

Lin Yuelan said directly, ” Leave the Lin Family Village! Go as far as you can!”

When Lin Yuelan said that she wanted them to leave the Lin Family Village, she didn’t just mean that she wanted the children to leave. She wanted Lin Laosan’s entire family to leave!

When Li Cuihua heard this, she ignored her swollen face and roared, i ‘ Dream on!”

Lin Yuelan merely glanced at her coldly, then sneered and said, ” Hmph, you’ll know soon enough whether I’m dreaming or not!”

Then, she walked towards Lin Family Village’s Village Chief, Lin Yiwei, and said, ‘Grandpa Village Chief, Lin Laosan’s family has made foolish mistakes time and time again. They have long tarnished the reputation of the Lin Family Village. If we keep them alive, they will sooner or later bring disaster to the entire Lin Family Village. So, Grandpa Village Chief, I’ll leave these children to you. I believe that the Grandpa, the clan leader, and a few respected elders knew how to deal with them!”

Lin Yuelan then beckoned for the guards to bring the people who were tied up to Lin Yiwei.

Lin Daniu and his wife, who had been sitting at the side, were dumbfounded.

Lin Yiwei nodded calmly and said, ” Yes, Yuelan girl, Grandpa knows what to

Previously, Lin Yuelan did not do anything overboard to the Lin Family

Village, including Lin Laosan’s tamily, out of consideration for him.

However, these feelings had been worn away by Lin Laosan’s family time and time again.

This was even more outrageous. At such a young age, they actually wanted to harm and kill people. If this matter was allowed to continue, how bad would it be?

Lin Laosan and the others were completely panicking.

Lin Laosan shouted, ” Lin Yiwei, how dare you!’

If a scholar had appeared in Lin Laosan’s family, perhaps they would have considered it for the honor of the Lin Family Village.

But now, Lin Dazong had already been disqualified from the examination. He was no longer qualified to even take the scholar examination, let alone enter the officialdom and make great achievements.

To the people of the Lin Family Village, Lin Laosan’s Family had no value other than constantly ruining the reputation of the Lin Family Village.

Therefore, the villagers of the Lin Family Village were eager to chase Lin Laosan and his family out.

After all, if they were chased out, they would be able to obtain many benefits..

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