The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Fang Ran Went Back Home Crying

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Mo Zhu clicked into the webpage and looked through it. There were many new orders.

When she saw one of the orders, her hand paused. It showed that it had been posted a year ago.

The bounty on the list was 1 billion. The person who issued this list specified a single person at the back. There was only one letter, “K”.

On the webpage, Mo Zhu’s username happened to be “K.”

Mo Zhu logged out of her account after browsing through the webpage.

When Mo Zhu logged into her personal account, the internal of Love Pavilion had already exploded. When they saw the irises that bloomed on the page suddenly, they knew it was “K”. After “K” had informed them a year ago that he would no longer take orders, he had never appeared again. Everyone was guessing the reason for K’s sudden appearance.

Just as Mo Zhu logged out of the account, her phone rang and she picked it up.

“K, you’ve finally appeared.” Cheng Yi was a little excited. He had originally thought that K would not pick up the call so easily.

“You logged into your personal account, does this mean that you are willing to start accepting orders?”

“Reject all requests related to the divine doctor. Also,” Mo Zhu thought for a while and said, “Give me the news about the person who posted order 009.”

“Okay, I’ll send it to your phone immediately.” As long as K was willing to take orders, anything was fine.

A year ago, Mo Zhu’s grandmother’s condition started to deteriorate. The medicine Yun Jing left behind was no longer effective. Her body was already resistant to medicine. No matter how good the medicine was, it was useless. Mo Zhu became anxious and stopped everything to treat her grandmother.

She was used to being free and undisciplined. Only her grandmother was her bottom line. She could not watch her grandmother suffer in front of her.

Just as Mo Zhu was feeling desperate and anxious, Yun Jing called and told her that the special medicine from Cloud City’s First Hospital might be useful to her grandmother. She then bought some medicine from the First Hospital for her grandmother. Fortunately, it was still useful.

Later, Qin Ya came to look for her and said that she wanted to bring her to Cloud City for school and she would even help her send her grandma to Cloud City’s First Hospital.

Her grandmother had always hoped that she could go to university properly. Moreover, it was indeed more convenient for her grandmother to receive treatment in Cloud City as compared to Qingyuan Village, thus she agreed to Qin Ya’s request.

It didn’t matter to her whether she accepts the order or not, but she couldn’t expose Yun Jing’s whereabouts.

Mo Zhu hung up the phone and went into the bathroom. When she came out, Cheng Yi had already sent her the message with what she had requested.

It was Xu Huan. She had guessed it after hearing their conversation today.

At the Fang residence, Qin Ya was putting on a face mask when the butler came to inform her that young missy was back.

When she saw Fang Ran, Qin Ya felt like her heart was going to break. How did her daughter end up in this state? Her makeup was ruined, her hair was messy, and her eyes were swollen from crying.

“Mom!” Seeing Qin Ya, Fang Ran finally could not hold back the grievance in her heart and cried loudly.

“Ran Ran, didn’t you go look for Young Master Huo? What happened?” Qin Ya hugged Fang Ran in shock.

Qin Ya knew that the chauffeur had sent Fang Ran to the Huo family after picking her up from school. She had originally thought that Ran Ran would build a good relationship with Young Master Huo, so she was relieved.

But her precious daughter ran back crying!

“Sis, sister and Young Master Huo didn’t go straight back to the Huo Mansion. They had dinner outside.”

Fang Ran sobbed as she said, “I waited outside the whole night.”

“Sister even treated me like a servant and asked me to cook and wash the dishes.”

Qin Ya’s heart ached when she heard that. When she heard Fang Ran’s last sentence, Qin Ya felt like her lungs were about to explode.

She was treating Ran Ran like a servant? Mo Zhu was getting more and more arrogant.

She was only here to get married on behalf of Ran Ran. Who gave her the authority to bully Ran Ran? If not for Ran Ran, she would still be suffering with her grandmother in a remote corner of Qingyuan Village, and her grandmother would have been dying at home not getting to receive good treatment from the hospital.

Qin Ya thought that everything Mo Zhu had was given to her by the Fang family, but she forgot that her motive for bringing Mo Zhu to the Fang family was impure from the start and she felt that Mo Zhu should be grateful to her.

“Don’t be sad, Ran Ran. Mommy will definitely help you marry Young Master Huo.”

“Really?” Although Fang Ran was sad, she didn’t want to give up. She had to get that man.

“Has Ran Ran forgot? Mo Zhu’s grandma is still lying in the hospital. Don’t worry, she won’t dare to go against the Fang family.” Qin Ya’s eyes were filled with contempt.

Fang Ran stopped crying when she heard Qin Ya’s words.

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