The Record of Orc Civilization

Chapter 34 Glittering Meadow Problem

“Hey! hey! why are you crying? You’re such a crybaby Nevare” Swa patted Anna’s back hard again.

“Are you scared of getting lost? You’re so coward Nevare” Torgan smirked.

“Orcs aren’t crybaby and cowardly Nevare. You’re just embarrassing our group” Kagan teased.

“Who’s crying!!! I got dust in my eyes!!” Anna refuses to admit it.

“””Really??””” asked the three orcs in disbelief.

“Shut the fuck up!!” Anna snorted angrily and walked past them.

The three orcs glanced at each other and shrugged. Then followed Anna and sat in the very back row.

“What are they talking about?” asked Ana.

“They are discussing about some annoying matters” Swa replied.

“That’s right, they are discussing which animal has the best meat.” Torgan agreed while drooling.

“stupid!” PAKK! Kagan hit Torgan’s head.

“They’re talking about animal populations in Glittering Meadow, their distribution, ecosystem, and other news about investigating areas in Glittering Meadow” Kagan further explained.

Seeing Anna and the group of young orcs sitting quietly, Moku turned his attention back to Mige.

Mige continue, “Our constant hunting is causing the ecosystem in Glittering Meadow to be disrupted.

Other animals drift away for fear of being devoured, as a result the place where we have to hunt is becoming increasingly distant from the Dawnmist Tribe.

The population of wildebeests and deer is decreasing rapidly resulting in a break in the food chain, making the growth of grasses and other plants uncontrollable.

We’d better stop hunting for a while until the animal population recovers and they’re back to migrating and eating the tall grass.” Mige finished summing up his findings.

Before doing close-door training to activate his inner eye, Moku appointed several orcs to take his place for a while to managing and leading the tribe.

The orcs were divided into three tasks, Goku as assistant trainer, Boku as Head of Food Hut, and Mige as Head of Hunting, but before they do their job, Moku already finish his close-door training.

Even so, Moku still appointed the three orcs to carry out their duties. He allowed them to lead in their respective positions.

So even though Moku still has absolute power and decision in the tribe but he no longer has to do it by himself and think about it alone.

Beyond Moku’s estimation, the orcs who are considered stupid and oaf are able to come up with new ideas for the advancement of the tribe. Like Boku, who proposed the idea of washing the meat first before soaking it in honey.

Gradually, their duties grew and expanded so they asked Moku to appoint other orcs who could help them. Moku also answered their request by forming a new structure of the tribe.

The leader of the tribe remains the chief of the tribe, his job is to give the final decision, make laws, and give punishment.

Under the tribal chief there are three divisions whose task is to form draft regulations, discuss draft regulations with tribal chiefs and other divisions, and implement them.

The three divisions are,

Hunting Division, tasked with making hunting strategies, determining game animals, maintaining the Glittering Meadow ecosystem, and determining the path to Glittering Meadow.

Headed by Mige with Zalthu as his deputy.

Food Division, tasked with storing food, regulating the preservation process, determining the use of food, and food hut management.

Headed by Boku with Laya as his deputy.

The Training Division, in charge of training the orcs, managing the training schedule, managing the training program, and managing the increase in the level of breathing techniques.

Headed by Moku with Goku as his assistant.

Each division has the right to order other orcs to assist them in carrying out their duties and make decisions directly in the field even without the approval of the tribal chief on the condition that they do not stray from their respective duties.

Currently they are discussing about the Glittering Meadow ecosystem being disturbed due to the massive orcs’ hunting.

“Stopping the hunt right now is a bad thing! We orcs have to eat at least 7 kg of meat per day, that’s if we don’t count the meat eaten during training breaks” Boku argued.

“Isn’t the food hut now full, so you guys have to build a new, bigger hut?

It’s better if we finish the food in the old hut first instead of having to build a new one.” Zalthu supported Mige’s opinion.

“We can’t use the food in the old hut, because the old hut is too small, the number of jars of meat that can be stored is not too much. Even though it looks full, the stored meat is only enough for one month of consumption.” Laya objected.

“We can reduce consumption during training breaks. We estimate that the population of the animals will recover in 2-3 months,” said Zalthu.

“Food consumption during exercise cannot be reduced. You know for yourself that even with a strong metabolism, we still have to consume a lot of food to recover the nutrients used.

Our increasingly heavy exercise routines will make the body need more energy, as a result the amount of meat we have to eat also increases.

We can indeed reduce training, but you must remember our biggest goal is to become strong so that we can keep up with the mages!

I instead want to ask for an increase in the amount of training time, increase consumption, and reduce hunting time” Goku didn’t accept.

“”Rejected!!”” Boku and Mige refused at the same time.

“I told you that although the food hut looks full, the actual food supply is only a small amount. We must immediately build a new food hut to increase the amount of meat stored,” Boku reiterated.

“Our hunt in Glittering Meadow is not only to find food but also to expand our investigations in this place. We still don’t know for sure what dangers are hidden in this place so no predators or mutated animals dare to approach” Mige glared impatiently.

“What are you guys thinking?! training is the key to our survival and escape from the fear of the mage’s clutches!!

If the food in Glittering Meadow is reduced, we just have to move hunting places. That’s your division’s job Mige!” Goku glared back.

“Don’t just burden us with such a formidable task! Finding a new hunting ground isn’t easy!

Finding routes, avoiding areas of dangerous mutated animals, number of prey, contours of the area, etc. will take months to ensure that the place can become a new hunting ground.

We’ll starve to death before we finish all that!” Zalthu was furious.

“Damn it! You guys like making excuses, why don’t you—” “” Goku stopped screaming after hearing Moku’s fake cough.

“Goku don’t scream, you’re breaking my eardrum again” Moku said casually while picking his ear.

“Sorry” Goku scratched the back of his head and sat back quietly, as did the other four orcs.

Moku usually just keeps quiet and listens, when the three divisions have agreed to each other then he will open his mouth and agree too. However, if the three divisions have different views like today, Moku will mediate and make new decisions.

“how is the exploration of the SG team?” Moku asked something else.

The orcs grew stronger by the day, they were no longer as overwhelmed by the herd of deer as their first day hunting in Glittering Meadow.

Right now they only needed a few orcs to hunt down and defeat the herds of animals that were here.

Therefore Moku decided to form a team consisting of the SG team (Viggu, Kagan, Swa and Torgan) to investigate the areas in Glittering Meadow.

Viggu who heard his team being called came over and sat behind Mige and Zalthu.

Although the PG team has their own duties and is not under the Hunting Division, they still carry out their duties in Glittering Meadow, the Hunting Division’s responsibility area.

So it’s only natural that Viggu as team leader sits behind the Hunting Division, this doesn’t offend the other two divisions.

“Report Ku! We found out that the Glittering Meadow is wider than we thought!

The Glittering Meadow is split into two areas by a large river flowing from Wolf Slopes Mountain. This great river is so wide that at first we thought it was a lake.

We couldn’t see what was on the other side of the great river and we didn’t try to cross it either. If you order we will start to measure the depth of the great river and cross it” Viggu waited for orders.

“No need for now, continue reporting your team’s findings” Moku said.

“This great river then splits into several small rivers and irrigates the entire Glittering Meadow area, just like this small river that is near us” Viggu looked at the river behind them, the sound of running water made the atmosphere cool.

“We didn’t find where the head of the great river is because it’s so far away and it will probably take us a month to walk. The closer we get to the head of the river, the colder the air becomes.

Should we continue our search for head of the river?” Viggu asked.

“No need, continue your report” Moku gave orders.

“We also tried to find the base of the river, but we found a swamp that was rule by a mutated animal in the form of an ape. He seemed to be guarding something.

We’re not trying to get close because you’re forbidding us to get close to mutated animal territory we don’t know about. That’s all we found!” Viggu finished his report.

“Good job! it’s a good thing you didn’t enter the mutated animal’s territory. He is very dangerous and has a sharp sense. A shower of rocks that are like meteors will rain down on you if one of your feet steps on the marshland” Moku explained.

When he first found Glittering Meadow, Moku had been trying to figure out the ins and outs of this place.

After becoming the chief of the Dawnmist Tribe, he found the swamp, but before he could get any further, rocks rained down on him.

At that time Moku almost died but he managed to hide behind the tree roots. With a face full of mud Moku saw a giant gorilla perched on a tree branch and laughed at him.

The gorilla was eating a giant fruit shaped like a mango. Moku quickly leave the swamp and marked it.

The orcs glanced at each other after hearing Moku’s story. “Are there really such dangerous mutated animals?” Goku asked.

“That’s right, I just found out from Nevare that mutated animals are even more dangerous than we thought” Mige replied.

The orcs took a deep breath.

“Mige you explain to the other orcs what you heard from Nevare, after that continue the hunt.

Reduce the number of animals you hunt and lead them away from the big river. We do not reduce or increase exercise time and food consumption during exercise breaks.

I approve the construction of a new food hut. I wanted it to be in the middle of a tribal camp and close to a well. Any questions?” Moku made up his mind.

Neither of the orcs asked and indicated they all agreed, despite Mige and Zalthu’s weary faces.

They know that reducing exercise and food consumption is impossible, even if they themselves will not accept it if the amount of time they practice is reduced or the amount of food they eat is reduced.

However, as the Hunting Division, they had to think about the sustainability of Glittering Meadow as a hunting ground for orcs.

So they could only agree with Moku’s decision and think of other ways to keep the Dawnmist Tribe from running out of food.

“Well if there are no questions, the Hunt begins!” Moku stood up and gave orders.

All the orcs also stood up and answered loudly “Yes, Ku!”

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