The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 530 - Successful!

Chapter 530: Successful!

His father was no longer a general with a miscellaneous title. Being promoted to the rank of a front general represented not only an increase in salary and rank, but also the Emperor’s attitude toward him!

Not everyone could go to the front military camp.

Now that his father had gained the Emperor’s trust, he was able to take up this position!

Xie Pinggang knew that his sister liked the Crown Prince’s looks. That was why he said that.

“My daughter, do you want to be the Princess Consort?” Xie Niushan asked directly.

“The Crown Prince is good-looking. I just want to take a few more glances at him.” Xie Qiao snorted.

Yes, she also wanted to be the empress dowager. Was that something that could be done just because she wanted to?

Xie Niushan thought his daughter looked like a flower. What kind of man was not worthy of her?

Now that he heard her praising the Crown Prince for being good-looking, he took it more seriously, “This Crown Prince isn’t someone that you can marry just because you want to… How about this? Your Father, I, can speak up now. I’ll suggest it to the Emperor some other day. Perhaps the Emperor will give his blessing since the Crown Prince can’t find a wife?”

Xie Qiao chuckled. “Perhaps the Emperor might also think that you, a bandit, actually dare to ask the Crown Prince to be his son-in-law. This is simply outrageous! If he gets angry, he might take your head directly.”

Xie Niushan felt a chill on his neck.

That was true.

It was difficult to guess what the old Emperor had in mind.

“Then I’ll help you inquire about the Crown Prince’s movements. Can you work with that?” Xie Niushan was still persistent.

Xie Qiao shook her head. “Father, we’ll talk about this later.”

“I see that you look much better than before. Have you looked for a doctor?” Xie Niushan changed the topic as he spoke, and he even became much more attentive.

Of course, Xie Qiao did not know that he had only thought of Ms. Peng, so he felt guilty and afraid.

With this fear, he had to pay more attention to his own daughter.

Xie Pinggang reacted as well, “I don’t think I heard you cough today.”

“Yes, I’ve gotten better recently.” Xie Qiao pursed her lips and nodded.

How could she not feel good? After capturing so many ghouls and doing countless good deeds, she was indeed a little tired, but her spirit was indeed getting better and better.

Xie Niushan was very happy. “Looks like our family is going to be successful. See, happy things are happening one after another! Oh right, I even received a reward. In addition to the silver that I got out there, my family is finally doing well!”

How could he not be able to support a little girl like Xie Qiao now?

Xie Niushan got a reward of 1,000 taels of silver. However, when he went out, he brought 3,000 to 4,000 taels of silver back.

He was a bandit himself. Of course, he knew where this bandit liked to hide their silver. When he went to exterminate the bandits, he could plunder their lair completely.

The bandit’s mountain stronghold that was surrounded and exterminated by soldiers was on a big scale. The treasures inside were obviously not limited to these.

The other silver, money, and belongings were handed over to the imperial court. As for what Xie Niushan had obtained, he actually had to share it with his comrades. He was the master, so he could get at least 2,000 taels of silver.

The amount of money was already a lot.

It was comparable to the annual income of some businesses.

The Xie family had been able to make a fortune back then. The family had so many possessions, and it was mainly because of the barbarians.

Xie Qiao indeed did not lack money now.

She had made a lot of money on her own. If she wanted his father to take care of her, it was only to spite him.

Now that she saw her father being so smug, she could not help but say, “Father, now that you are back, I believe that it won’t be long before First Uncle gets the letter. If you care about your brotherhood, then I’m afraid that the silver in your hands won’t be able to last long. You will have to give it away again.”

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