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The Place Where Everything Begins

The Place Where Everything Begins





The Place Where Everything Begins

Rating: 8.1/10 from 81 ratings

He is cold-blooded... He is prideful... He is greedy...

For he is the person who will take over the world.

The greatest sage of magic in the universe, Jeremy, was ambushed by the enemy assassins. With obscure schemes and ploys of some unknown existence(s), somehow, Jeremy was able to cast a 9th circle 'space and time' spell to go back in time before his eternal demise.

After escaping successfully from absolute damnation, he vows to himself that he will create a better place for humanity to live. He will ensure that the human race would flourish and prosper on the universe's stage for the countless eras to come.

Look and follow him as he climbs back up from zero until he surpasses his old self faster than ever.

Let us welcome Earthlings to the center of the universe, Ortus, The Place Where Everything Begins.

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