The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!

Chapter 224 (END) - Epilogue 3

Chapter 224: Epilogue 3

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At the 9th International League, jungler reserve from Yao from China’s Mix battleteam with a skill of speed class integrated with ability class, instantly burst out with speed and damage points that no one could match up to and successfully ascended the throne of the world’s no. 1 jungler, become yet another legend amongst the junglers following A.K.

It was said that he’d only been a professional player for slightly more than two years.

It was said that he was a top student from S University, preparing to return to his studies after the international league ended.

It was said that, he had turned the idol of the eSports scene, Mix.Fi, gay.

Of course, the very last point, wasn’t of much importance.

Shiqi finished reading all the gossip and secretly toughened his idea of wanting to acknowledge Yao-god as his master.

After all he had liked Yao-god for so many years, if his idol could be his own master, how great would that be!

Hence carrying such a thought, Shiqi scaled mountain after mountain and found his way to Mix’s base.

Yet the security at the entrance of the base did not let him in.

Shiqi greeted, “Hello uncles, I am here for Ji Zhiyao!”

“Ji Zhiyao? What’s your relationship with him? Tell us about his contact details? Why did he tell you to come find him for?”

“Oh no, I came to find him of my own accord!”

“Then what is your relationship with him, you should be able to share that with us?”

Shiqi clenched his fists. “I am his future disciple!”

Hence Shiqi sat onto the curb opposite Mix base, wearing a melancholic expression.

Watching the vehicles that occasionally came and went on the road, Shiqi instantly more depressed.

Ages later, a burgundy sports car zoomed over from the distance, gradually slowing down as it got closer. At the end, it stopped outside Mix base.

This car is so cool, thought Shiqi.

He didn’t have the time to think further when he saw a young man open the door and step out of the car, carrying an orange tabby. A smile on his face, making him appear especially friendly and handsome.

Shiqi’s eyes suddenly lit up, he ran over on his short legs while calling out, “Little master, little master, wait up!”

The young man was slightly stunned from being called, but out of courtesy, he still stopped in his steps and squatted down to ask Shiqi who had ran forward, “Little kid, did you get the wrong person, I have not accepted any disciples.”

“I did not, I was calling out to you. And, I am your future disciple!”

Where did this kid come from, where did his cryptic confidence come from?

Shiqi continued. “If you don’t believe me I’ll show you a little something, I will definitely make you look at me in a different light and willingly accept me as your disciple!”

Ji Zhiyao grinned.

Meanwhile, another man had alighted from the driver’s seat, walking close, he asked Ji Zhiyao, “What’s up?”

“This kid said that he’s especially talented and was pestering me to accept him as my disciple.”

Mo Huaifeng said, “Spur of the moment?”

Shiqi stomped his little feet. “It’s not a spur of the moment! I’m serious! I’m saying the truth! Both you won’t regret accepting me as your disciple!”

“Both? Now there’s another me in it too?” Mo Huaifeng smiled meaningfully. “How old are you? What’s your name?”

“I am Shiqi. 12 years old.”

Ji Zhiyao quickly rejected. “No, you’re too young. You’ve yet to complete puberty, you won’t be able to grow tall if you stay up to play games every night.”

“I can do it.”

Mo Huaifeng pulled Ji Zhiyao back slightly. “Let him try. This kid is rather interesting.”

“How rare, my Captain could actually intercede on behalf of another.” Ji Zhiyao found it rather remarkable and nodded, saying, “Alright, alright, alright, then follow us inside for now, about being a disciple, we’ll talk about it in the future.”

Shiqi was so excited that he leaped up.

A good start is half the battle won, now Yao-god was already his half-master.

To Ji Zhiyao’s surprise, Shiqi’s talent was indeed way better than he had imagined. If he were to use the youth camp as the standard for measurement, Shiqi probably had the skill level of a 16 year old.

Hence Ji Zhiyao rubbed his head. “You are quite gifted, want to join the youth camp?”

Shiqi was confused. “Why? Can’t I take you as my master?”

“I have very high expectations for my disciples.”

“I’m very confident, say it, what expectations do you have, I can meet everything!”

Ji Zhiyao smiled, then said a sentence.

“Not abandoning, not giving up, with passion and teamwork as its fuel to continue, the flame of eSports will never extinguish.”

“When you are able to accomplish all these, come to me again. I would be very happy to take you as my disciple.”

After that, the 14th international league ended.

An eSports player from China stood out, leaping to the first place on the international jungler rankings.

It was said that, the previous number 1, was his master.

Both of them belonged to China.

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