The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 746 - 746 The Truth About the Birthmark (3)

746 The Truth About the Birthmark (3)


The door was kicked open by Shadow Thirteen. Yan Jiuchao strode in.


Qing Yan and Yue Gou chased after them at the same time. Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six pulled out their swords and placed them on their necks.

Yan Jiuchao threw the small milk bottle in his hand onto the old man’s table. This was Asura’s little milk bottle.

Asura brought Yu Wan out.

The two of them did not return for a long time. Yan Jiuchao asked Shadow Six and Shadow Thirteen to look for them. The two of them found out that Yu Wan had been to the State Preceptor Hall and found a small milk bottle that had fallen to the ground near the State Preceptor Hall.

This was Asura’s most cherished thing. It was impossible for him to casually throw it on the streets. The only possibility was that something had happened to Asura and Yu Wan. Where the little milk bottle was found, there was also a copper bell that had accidentally fallen.

Shadow Thirteen had seen this copper bell in the old man’s hand before. It was used to expel Asura. If the old man had not been to the scene, then he must have had something to do with the people who had captured Yu Wan and Asura.

“Who exactly are you?” Yan Jiuchao asked coldly.

At this point, their identities could no longer be hidden.

The old man paused and put down his pen. “I’m the priest of the Ghost Clan. The three of them are envoys of the Ghost Clan. We were originally ordered by the King to capture the Eldest Princess and bring her back to the clan.”

Shadow Thirteen’s sword suddenly moved an inch closer to Qing Yan’s neck!

Qing Yan felt the coldness from the sword and frowned.

“We found out the whereabouts of the Eldest Princess. She’s in a small village near the Great Zhou Capital. We stayed in Lotus Flower Village to find an opportunity to take the Princess away, but the Princess is too…” The old man didn’t say anything and only said, “We couldn’t catch her, so we thought of another way.”

The old man selectively forgot about working to earn money and went home. After all, it was too embarrassing for the priest.

The old man continued, “I’m only helping you find the medicinal primers to gain your trust so that I can trick you into going to the Ghost Clan.”

Shadow Six exploded. “You bastards! To think that Young Master and the Princely Heir Consort trust you so much! You actually had such an idea from the beginning to the end!”

Qing Yan and Yue Gou lowered their heads. The old man said nothing.

Yan Jiuchao threw the copper bell on the table. “Who’s that group of people?”

The old man picked up the copper bell and looked at it. “Like us, they’re also envoys of the Ghost Clan. However, we’re white envoys and they’re black envoys.”

Shadow Six asked in confusion, “What white and black?”

Qing Yan explained, “White envoys are the executors of the mission. When the mission fails, the clan will send out black envoys to arrest the white envoys.”

Mission… failed?

Shadow Six was speechless. They were clearly “in” this group of people’s hands. If not for such a thing, their identities would not have been exposed. However, Qing Yan said that the mission had failed. Did this mean that Grandma and the others had already given up on capturing them?

Yan Jiuchao thought of something and asked, “The person you controlled the State Preceptor to kill on the altar was the Black Envoy?”

The old man nodded.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Yan Jiuchao asked.

The old man was silent.

Qing Yan said, “Because Grandma wants to bring us away quietly.”

As Qing Yan spoke, he glanced at Grandma and his gaze landed on the booklet that was mostly written. “Grandma is locked in the room day and night because he wants to write the translation as soon as possible. After that, we’ll leave.”

Qing Yan did not say where they were going. If they were targeted by the black envoys, they would be hunted down even if they fled to the ends of the world. No one could betray the Ghost Clan, and neither could they.

The old man sighed. “From the looks of it, the Black Envoy must have met Ah Wan and changed his plan at the last minute to bring her back to the clan.”

He wondered if they knew that they had brought Ah Wan back or thought that they had brought the Eldest Princess away. However, no matter which it was, they would not hurt her for the time being.

After all, the King wanted a living person, not a cold corpse.

Shadow Six suddenly asked, “But… isn’t Asura with the Princely Heir Consort? Can’t Asura defeat a few envoys?”

The old man said, “They have a way to deal with Asura.”

“Pack your things.” After Yan Jiuchao coldly instructed, he turned around and left with a calm expression.

Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six looked at each other and put away their swords. Shadow Six stayed behind to keep an eye on them. Shadow Thirteen quickly chased after him. “Young Master!”

Yan Jiuchao stopped outside the threshold of Wutong Garden. Shadow Thirteen looked at him and then at the threshold in front of his feet. He probed, “Young Master, your eyes…”

Yan Jiuchao said indifferently, “It’s just occasionally. I’m fine.”

Shadow Thirteen said seriously, “You stay in Nanzhao. I’ll bring the Princely Heir Consort back. Perhaps we won’t have to go to the Ghost Clan and will meet her halfway.”

Yan Jiuchao looked at the boundless sky. “I’ll personally look for my wife.”

Qing Yan and Yue Gou finally understood that Yan Jiuchao did not ask them to pack their things to get lost, but to go to the Ghost Clan with them.

Qing Yan said to Shadow Six, “The Ghost Clan is very far away. Persuade your Young Master. I’m afraid he can’t be tired from the journey with his body.”

Shadow Six said, “No one can persuade Young Master about what he has decided!”

“Grandma…” Qing Yan looked at the old man again.

The old man said, “Did you know him for the first time?”

Qing Yan choked. After interacting with him for so long, how could he not know Yan Jiuchao’s personality? This fellow was not afraid of death. There was nothing he did not dare to barge into. Once he made a decision, even eight horses would not be able to pull him back.

They originally planned to stay in Nanzhao for a few more days, but it seemed that it was impossible. They packed their luggage overnight.

Yan Jiuchao did not bid farewell to the Helian family. Instead, he left a few letters. When he passed by Old Madam’s room, he could hear Old Madam and Madam Tan laughing and joking. He stood at the door and looked in quietly. He could no longer see the Old Madam’s appearance clearly.

But he could still remember her voice.

“Little good grandson!” When the Old Madam saw Yan Jiuchao, she waved at him.

Yan Jiuchao walked over as if nothing had happened.

The Old Madam took Yan Jiuchao’s hand. “It’s so late. Why aren’t you asleep? Where’s my granddaughter-in-law? I haven’t seen her for a day!” Although she was ugly, she would miss her if she didn’t see her.

Yan Jiuchao said, “She went out. I’ll go pick her up.”

“Okay.” The Old Madam nodded seriously. “You have to bring her back! I’m still waiting for her to give birth to a little great-granddaughter for me!”

“Okay,” Yan Jiuchao said.

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