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Chapter 1332 - Chapter 1332 The Young Man Who Planted Hang Lilyturf Root

Chapter 1332 The Young Man Who Planted Hang Lilyturf Root

In Beijiang…

At the cultivation base…

As soon as Fang Qiu sat down in the office, He Xue rushed in and seemed to have just gotten off the phone.

“I received the news: those dozens of Chinese Medicine companies have begun to take action.”

He Xue continued, “They have been working hard in the Chinese Medicine industry for many years. Almost every company has a fixed supplier. Especially at this time, all the other suppliers must have tried their best to cooperate with them, so they would gain more benefits by cooperating with them.”

“Don’t worry about them.”

Fang Qiu seemed to have already thought of it. He said indifferently, “We just need to work at our own pace.”


He Xue nodded in response, turned around, and started to make all kinds of arrangements.


After Fang Qiu announced he would put things straight in the Chinese Medicine market, almost all netizens were shocked and cheered him for his decision. Meanwhile, the Three Billion Foundation quietly released another post on Weibo.

“We’ve decided to put the traditional Chinese medicine market in order. This will result in procuring better quality Chinese medicinal herbs at lower prices for people all over the country and even worldwide. To achieve this, our Foundation will give priority to purchasing good quality Chinese medicinal herbs in the country from now on. Those committed to planting authentic medicinal herbs can contact the Foundation anytime. We will dispatch the quality inspector to do the necessary research and acquire them as soon as possible .”

Everyone was focused on the contents of Fang Qiu’s press conference. At first, few people noticed the Foundation’s new Weibo post.

But after more than ten minutes…

This post was suddenly forwarded by countless people and went viral on Weibo.

When the merchants of Chinese medicinal herbs saw it, they felt happy but disturbed at the same time.

What was good was that Fang Qiu could not get goods from professional wholesalers. They were pleased that he was finally reduced to cooperating with herb farmers.

What annoyed them was that there were countless herb farmers. If many have good-quality and indigenous medicinal herbs, Fang Qiu would buy them at higher prices. It would mess up the bottom of the market and significantly impact their purchase and sale of medicine.


These merchants of Chinese medicinal herbs were not overly worried.

There were many herb farmers, but how many could produce indigenous medicinal herbs?

In Jiangzhe Province, Huaxia.

There was a small yard in the countryside that had chickens and ducks.

A young man sat before the small courtyard, basking in the sun with a solemn look.

“Shan, let’s eat.”

A shout reached the courtyard.

The young man got up, carried a stool, and walked into the room. Then, he sat down at a table laid with a few dishes.

“I heard that there seems to be a big change in the Chinese medicinal herb market. The village leader told me that. Several families have quit growing Chinese medicinal herbs.”

The young man’s father, a middle-aged man in his fifties, was also at the table. He held on to his pair of chopsticks for a long time and did not start eating yet.

“Shan, if you can’t make it, just sell your Lilyturf root to them. The price is low, but we will get nothing if it rots.”

A middle-aged woman suggested while she ladled rice into bowls for them.

“Mom, Dad, I’m still not ready to do that.”

The young man put down the bowl and chopsticks he had just picked up and said, “I majored in Chinese Medicine. What I learned in college is Chinese Medicine. I know the value of traditional Chinese medicine. Thus, after graduation, I came back here to grow the Lilyturf root in my hometown. You know what, only the Lilyturf root grown in this area can be regarded as indigenous medicinal herbs.”

“Why aren’t you willing to sell them? What’s the use of waiting? If you don’t sell the herbs in time, you will earn nothing.”

The young man’s father slammed his chopsticks on the table and began to berate him, “This area is covered with herbs planted by many people, and I did not stop you from planting medicinal herbs. I told you that in the beginning. But could you please grow something worthwhile? Indigenous medicinal herbs, huh? You have put all your money into it. What can you get in return now?

“That’s enough.”

The young man’s mother rolled her eyes at him and said, “Our son has studied in college, but have you ever been a college student? Besides, every day, people come to see the herbs he grows and talk about the price. He can sell his herbs as long as he wants!”

“What’s the use of so many people coming to see it here? None of them offered a decent price?”

The young man’s father uttered a long sigh and said, “Just as your mother said, sell them as soon as possible. Don’t let them go to waste in your hands.”

“No, I won’t!”

The young man gritted his teeth and said decisively, “You know nothing about indigenous medicinal herbs and the real Hang lilyturf root. I believe one day, someone who is knowledgeable will recognize the value and come to buy them!”

After that…

The young man stood up and rushed out, without eating anything.

As he said…

He was a college student.

After graduation, he returned to his hometown and became a herb farmer. It was because he found that the Hang lilyturf root was rarely available in the market. Therefore, he was determined to cultivate this indigenous medicinal herb in his hometown!

Lilyturf root…

It was listed as the top-grade herb in Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic.

It was mild-natured, sweet, and non-toxic.

It could relieve gastric distention, over-hungry and overeating symptoms, and blocked meridians in the stomach. Also, it can help people suffering from shortness of breath.

The herb can prevent people from aging or going hungry if taken for a long time.

Nowadays, in the traditional Chinese medicine market, many people were selling this Lilyturf root. Since there were many kinds of Lilyturf root for customers, the Hang lilyturf root was now extinct.

There were Hang lilyturf roots and Chuan lilyturf roots.

The Chuan lilyturf root was slightly cooling by nature, and Hang lilyturf root was slightly moist.


The Chuan lilyturf root, usually grown in the west, was better for cooling and soothing the human body, while the Hang lilyturf root excelled in nourishment.

However, that was just a slight difference between the two herbs. Whether it was the Chuan lilyturf root or Hang lilyturf root, they were both cool and nourishing. Both kinds of lilyturf roots were wonderful indigenous medicinal herbs in traditional medicine.

In history…

Many medicine producers would add labels, especially indicating their herbs were Hang lilyturf root or Chuan lilyturf root. But with the disappearance of Hang lilyturf root, many traditional Chinese medicine doctors no longer paid attention to the history of these herbs. This led to the increasing unavailability of high-quality lilyturf root.

Of course, the main reason was that there was no market for them.

Their selling prices were low.

Therefore, no medicinal herb growers were willing to cultivate cheap herbs at a high cost.


When Shan decided to grow the Hang lilyturf root, his father snorted at his idea and was very much against this. Besides, none of his relatives and friends supported him, but he persisted.


He succeeded in cultivating the lilyturf root. His high-quality lilyturf root was a superior product. However, because its price was slightly higher than the market price, no medicine merchants wanted to buy it.


His superior lilyturf root had a good appearance. Unfortunately, only a few people came to look for this Hang lilyturf root. Those who didn’t know this herb could not offer a good price. Given this situation, those pharmaceutical companies decided not to waste their money on this.

Facing this situation, he found himself in the mire.

Shan could hardly believe the market of traditional Chinese medicine was like this: even farmers growing indigenous medicinal herbs had to sell at a loss to shift their stock.

If that was the case…

He would have no more illusions about the Chinese Medicine market, even Chinese Medicine.

If there was no room left for indigenous medicinal herbs, this market was just an empty shell, and the Chinese Medicine situation would only worsen!

He ran to his herb field.

Shan watched the lilyturf root painstakingly cultivated by him, and felt the bitterness in his heart.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

Suddenly, his phone rang.


Shan answered the phone.

“Shan, how have you been doing recently? I heard you had successfully planted Hang lilyturf root. You must have made a fortune, haven’t you?”

A teasing voice came from the other end of the line.

“Alas, you’re doing better.”

Shan smiled wryly, sighed with a frown, and said, “No one wants to buy my herbs due to the higher price I want. I haven’t earned a penny from my lilyturf root. After some time, my herbs will rot in the field. I would have gone to the Three Billion Foundation with you if I had known this. It’s better to sign up and be a doctor in the countryside. At least it is a stable job.”

“Jobs here are quite reliable and stable. I think I can work here for the rest of my life.”

A proud voice came. “What about you? Is the market of traditional Chinese medicine so bad now? Can’t even indigenous medicinal herbs be sold off?”

“Who knows? The village leader told me the traditional Chinese medicine would change dramatically, but I don’t know if it’s true.”

Shan said.

“I happen to have a piece of news about that.”

His friend paused before saying, “I heard Fang Qiu would halve the price of traditional Chinese medicine and reduce it by ten times in three years. Maybe his decision has caused the downturn of the traditional Chinese medicine market.”

“The market and cultivation are two different things. The market prices have nothing to do with me.”

Shan shook his head and said, “The prices on the market are much higher, but we medicine farmers can only sell our herbs at low prices.”

“By the way.”

The call suddenly thought of something and said, “I remember the Foundation posted this notice on Weibo this morning. It seems they want to buy indigenous medicinal herbs from all over the country. If you can’t find anyone who offers a good price, why don’t you contact the Foundation? They might accept your medicinal herbs.”

“Is that true?”

When Shan heard this, his eyes immediately lit up, and he instantly felt that there was hope again.

“Sure, why would I lie to you? Hurry up and log onto your Weibo account to check the phone number. Try to contact them first. I’ll call you later.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

Without hesitation, Shan found the Foundation’s phone number and made the call.

Soon, he got in touch with the Foundation.

After the call, Shan stayed in the herb field and waited for the Foundation to send someone to inspect his crop.


After waiting for a few hours, the person from the Foundation showed up.

Shan saw the person…

His astonishment rooted him to the spot.

It was Fang Qiu!

“You must be Shan. I found you with the location given by you.”

Fang Qiu asked with a smile.

“I… Yes, I’m Shan.”

Shan shook Fang Qiu’s hand with excitement and gratitude.

Soon after…

Led by Shan, Fang Qiu walked around the herb field. Then, he pulled out one herb, picked a piece of lilyturf root, and put it into his mouth. After that, he closed his eyes and began checking his internal condition.

“Not bad. It’s spindle-shaped, drier, and darker than the Chuan lilyturf root. Its two ends are slightly pointed and slender. Thin and longitudinal wrinkles irregularly cover it. Besides, the irregular surface is yellowish-white and glossy. There are vascular cylinders in the middle. It is indeed an Indigenous lilyturf root.”

Fang Qiu nodded with satisfaction. “The difference between different kinds of lilyturf root is very small, but these tiny differences are crucial for identifying the properties of medicine. Doctors should be more rigorous so that we can provide better and faster treatment.”

“Your fame is indeed deserved.”

Shan praised him lavishly as he gave Fang Qiu a thumbs-up.

He had finally found someone who understood him!

“Do you know how to process herbs?”

Fang Qiu asked with a smile, looking at Shan, whose face glowed with excitement.

“Of course, I can!”

Shan nodded repeatedly and said, “I graduated from the University of Chinese Medicine. After graduation, I studied it specially. What I’ve grasped is definitely an ancient pharmaceutical method.”


Fang Qiu nodded in approval and told him, “I’ll take all your Hang lilyturf root!”

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