The Mafia's Crybaby Wife

Chapter 35 - Would It Feel Good to Be Beaten Up?

Chapter 35: Would It Feel Good to Be Beaten Up?

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Yan Yunge looked up at Lu An’an with a faint smile in his eyes. “I don’t want a verbal thank you. I want you to show me your gratefulness,” Yan Yunge teased with a smile.

Lu An’an opened her big innocent eyes in confusion. She did not know what he wanted from her.

Yan Yunge motioned for Lu An’an to sit beside him. He leaned over slowly, his eyes smiling. There was a faint fragrance on Yan Yunge’s body. It drifted around Lu An’an and instantly aroused her. They were so close together that they could even hear each other’s soft breathing.

Yan Yunge lowered his head and buried his head in Lu An’an’s neck. His nimble tongue wandered around Lu An’an’s delicate and fair neck. Lu An’an could not help but get dizzy. His nimble tongue moved up slowly, slowly licking Lu An’an’s petite earlobe. He whispered in her ear, “Now you understand what I want, right?”

Dizzy, Lu An’an leaned against Yan Yunge and looked at him with a slightly dazed gaze. Lu An’an’s eyes were bright. Because of his overly flirtatious teasing, there seemed to be a layer of mist in her eyes. It was both cute and seductive. Yan Yunge was never someone with good self-control. Without hesitation, he lowered his head and kissed Lu An’an’s soft lips.

Very quickly, Lu An’an gave in to him. Her tender white fingers clutched the fabric on Yan Yunge’s shoulder as if she was holding on for dear life.

Yan Yunge’s big hand rubbed on Lu An’an’s back as he admired the dazed look of the little girl in front of him. He did not go any further than that. He knew that if he went too far, the little girl would get angry. He ended things off by intimately rubbing his nose against Lu An’an’s nose. Seeing that he did not go too far, Lu An’an did not make a fuss. She was thankful that he respected her boundaries.

Last night, when the doctor came to give Yan Yunge a full body check-up, he suggested that he started rehabilitation. In the daytime, Yan Yunge trained at the gym in the villa. Lu An’an did not need to help him, but at night, he would need her to help massage him.

Another day of training ended. Yan Yunge lay flat on the bed. Lu An’an massaged him following a video that she had found on massaging.

Yan Yunge wore a pair of dark gray boxers to facilitate the massage. After massaging him for a while, Lu An’an saw his manhood erect. Even though she felt ashamed, the curiosity in her heart could not be suppressed. She looked at Yan Yunge innocently. Thinking of the rumors of Yan Yunge being a sexual sadist, she started wondering if he was someone who thought that it felt good getting beaten up.

Lu An’an’s hand movements slowed down, and she kept dwelling on her thoughts. Her eyes were wandering when suddenly, her hands were pressed down by Yan Yunge.

Yan Yunge said in a hoarse voice, “Can you stop day dreaming and massage me properly?”

Lu An’an regained her focus and looked at Yan Yunge innocently. She immediately vocalized her thoughts “Would you feel good if you were beaten up?” The words that came out of her mouth were like water spilling out. She had no control over them. She thought that Yan Yunge would get angry, but instead, he looked at her with a smile.

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