The Mafia's Crybaby Wife

Chapter 32 - Yan Yunge Was Too Much

Chapter 32: Yan Yunge Was Too Much

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The next day, in the car on the way home, Lu An’an was in a daze. Thinking about what happened last night, she could not help but blush. Yan Yunge was too much. Not only did he kiss her, he also caressed her waist. Because her body had gone soft, his big hands were closer to her breasts.

When Yan Yunge finally let go of her, she had no choice but to escape in a hurry. She did not even dare to sleep with Yan Yunge at night. Instead, she found a quilt from the cupboard and made do on the sofa for the night. She was glad that Yan Yunge’s legs were still not yet fully recovered, or else he might have done more things to her.

The more Lu An’an thought about it, the more she felt absent-minded. They did not sleep until midnight last night! The kiss seemed to have lasted for a few hours. Yan Yunge kept holding onto her and refused to let her move. She was really confused. How was it possible that she was kissing Yan Yunge for a few hours?

Thinking of this, Lu An’an took out her phone and used to camera to take a photo of herself. Her soft lips were swollen. It looked like she had botox. It was too obvious. She even noticed a pink mark on a neck.

It seemed to be a hickey. If her father saw it, she would be dead meat!

“Driver, can you turn around? I have something to do at home,” Lu An’an said immediately. The driver worked for the Yan family. Naturally, he listened to Lu An’an’s orders and turn around very quickly. Lu An’an could not wait to rush to find a high-collared shirt to cover up the ambiguous mark on her neck.

At the Yan family house, Lu An’an changed into a high-collared shirt. As soon as she came out, she saw Yan Yunge at the door and glared at him. It was all Yan Yunge’s fault! If Yan Yunge did not make out with her so intensely, there would not be any marks on her body!

“What’s wrong? You look upset,” Yan Yunge teased with a smile. The little girl’s expression looked very cute. It did not look like she was angry at all. Yan Yunge could not help but tease her.

Lu An’an pouted and did not say anything. She did not want to talk to Yan Yunge right now, and she did not want to see him either. Lu An’an stormed out of the door, but the smile on Yan Yunge’s face did not disappear. He seemed to have really pissed off the little girl.

Lu An’an sat in the back seat and said angrily, “Driver, drive!” The driver quickly started the car and the car drove slowly on the road. Thinking back on what just happened, Lu An’an felt a little bad for being so harsh.

She was the one who had asked to be allowed to visit her home and attend school. But in the end, she was the one who got angry. Yan Yunge did not deserve it. The more Lu An’an thought about it, the more distressed she felt. It was not until she saw her family’s farm that she felt better.

She had grown up here, and she felt an attachment to every plant and tree here. It had been a while since she last saw them, but Lu An’an felt a little nostalgic.

Her father was still busy in the field. Lu An’an asked the driver to stop some distance away from the farm, and she ran over excitedly. “Dad! I’m back!” Lu An’an shouted excitedly. Unexpectedly, she saw her father’s disappointed eyes.

She stopped her footsteps and looked at her father with some confusion. “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

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