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Chapter 44 – Different Fees

Chapter 44 – Different Fees

“HA HA HA HA…….” Seven Fields and the others laughed out loud. Now that was an act. Previously, Immersed Jade made them look a bit foolish to the bystanders when she yelled out “God”. But this time, their laughter had already made the bystanders think they were mentally ill.

The many players that heard this loud laughter all turned around to look. In the end, they saw a player called Endless Night furiously type out around twenty exploding cartoon faces in the common chat box.

“What happened?” The players all asked each other, but no one knew. As a result, everyone carefully shifted their characters over and tried to listen in.

Then, they heard Endless Night, who had just relentlessly raged in the chat box, grind his teeth and say: “Then what class do you need?”

“Three Fire Elementalists with magic attacks greater than 430. A Level 22 or up Doll Shururu Auto Leveled, and a Witch that can use Shadow Cloak. Their technique needs to be good and their hands need to be steady. They can’t make any mistakes.” Ye Xiu said.

Endless Night stared blankly. Bringing three elementalists, this was a party with the highest DPS. Elementalists had low defense and low health. Witches only wore leather armor, which was just a bit better. The entire party all had extremely high attack but low defence. One OT could spell utter destruction. It was sure enough, a zero-mistake party. Zero-mistake meant that they couldn’t afford to make a single mistake.

As for this type of harsh requirement, Endless Night didn’t have too many complaints because the current record was 20:24:11.

If they wanted to break this sort of record, they naturally needed to use extremely harsh methods. If a member made a mistake, then saving him would waste a lot of time. This would only destine their party for failure.

“I might not be able to gather such a party right now.” Endless Night said. Actually, it wasn’t just right now, they weren’t able to gather such members in such a short period of time. It wasn’t only Tyrannical Ambition, other guilds didn’t have three Fire Elementalists with 430 Magic Attack and above either.

430 Magic Attack signified that the weapon had to be a Level 20 Purple Staff. How could a Purple Staff be so easy to find? Not to mention, it had to be a Fire Element one too. Currently, Tyrannical Ambition had three Purple Elementalist Weapons and unfortunately, none of them were of the Fire Element.

“No problem. When they’ve been gathered, contact me again.” Ye Xiu said.

“Besides that, are there any other options?” Endless Night said.

“Level 25.” Ye Xiu said.

Level 25 was a completely different realm. New equipment, new skills, everyone’s strength increased. Like this sort of Level 20-25 Frost Forest dungeon, in the old servers, all of the records were made by a party of Level 25s.

“Fine, I’ll add you first as friend then!” Endless Night said.

“Okay.” Ye Xiu and Endless Night added each other as friends.

After Endless Night, who had pretended to be decent, friended him, he revealed his true colors : “Then, we don’t need to set a record right now. All of us can do one more run. Why don’t you come with us for a run?”

“F*ck!” Seven Fields and the others gasped in surprise. This person truly was an immortal, invincible, shameless, ultra, unequalled c*ckroach.

“Okay.” But Ye Xiu also replied, “I can lower the fee a bit then.”

“You need to charge a fee for this too? Don’t tell me you charged them a fee too?” Endless Night said.

“I didn’t charge a fee, but all of the equipment was given to the party leader. I was the party leader.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s fine, we can do the same.” Endless Night said delightedly..

Seven Friends and the others listened to this and felt extremely uncomfortable! In their party, all of the equipment really did go to brother expert, but they knew brother expert was kind and honest. He never fought over items that suited them. When they were at the Spider Cave, he even gave the Purple Weapon to Sleeping Moon, a player who had been on bad terms with him!

“As you can see, I still haven’t changed classes, so I want all of the equipment.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s just a few equipment that’s all. Go go, let’s head out.” Endless Night repeatedly sent party invites. They were all automatically declined by the system because he was still in a party. Finally, Ye Xiu left his party and had Lord Grim join Endless Night’s party. This was a standard one MT, one healer, three DPSers party. Once Lord Grim joined, Endless Night gave the party leader position to him.

“Then let’s go!” Ye Xiu directed Lord Grim into the dungeon.

“Go!” Endless Night led the three others and caught up. He was still very satisfied with this outcome. He wasn’t worried about the record. He just wanted to see how good Lord Grim really was.

Ice and snow drifted in Frost Forest. Everywhere was silent. The five people stood there in a line. No one moved and no one talked.

A static screen stayed there for about half a minute.

“Hey hey!” Endless Night seemed as if he was testing his headphones.

“What are you heying for?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Did someone say something? I haven’t heard anyone say anything.” Endless Night said.

“I don’t think anyone said anything, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“No one said anything.” The other three agreed.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Endless Night said.

“Who are you asking?”


“Why do I need to speak?” Ye Xiu asked in response.

“To lead!” Endless Night said.

“I’m leading?”


“Leading fee.”

Twenty exploding faces were typed……The other three were all in chaos: “Brother, you’re not going that far are you?”

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“What’s the leading fee?” Endless Night discovered that he had met his match today. Sigh, no other way. Who told me to curry favor with this guy? Endless Night thought angrily.

“Ten White Wolf Bristles!” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother, how evil!!” The four all said in unison. The White Wolf’s hair wasn’t the Bristle. The Bristles had a chance to drop by Frost Forest’s hidden BOSS White Wolf. It was considered an uncommon material.

“I don’t have to lead!” Ye Xiu said.

Endless Night thought for a bit. In order to see an expert’s inner qualities and skill, he had to see his leading for himself. As a result, he clenched his teeth and said: “Fine, but I can only give it after we exit the dungeon. I didn’t bring any with me.”

“Can I trust his word?” Ye Xiu asked the other three. Big guilds wouldn’t go back on their word. For example, after he made the deal with Blue River, Ye Xiu trusted Blue River. But this Endless Night was so outrageously shameless, so he had to express his doubts.

“You can trust him.” The other three said immediately.

“Okay then!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Hurry up and go!” Endless Night said.

“Okay. MT pull the monsters. DPSers go up. Healer support the MT.” Ye Xiu directed.

The four stared blankly and their screens seemed to be frozen again for half a minute.

“That’s it?” Endless Night asked.

“Of course.”

“What type of leading is this!?” Endless Night crumbled.

“You’re all experts. You guys should know what to do.” Ye Xiu said.

Endless Night felt that he had been duped. If he used the standard routine, then their party didn’t need any leading. Everyone could do it on their own and they’d be fine. No good. I have to make sure these ten White Bristles are worth their price!

“No no, this won’t work.” Endless Night called, “You have to lead us step by step.”

“Okay……” Ye Xiu said, “Knight, pull the two Goblins at 10 o’clock. There are three possibilities. If the two are long-ranged, get close to them as fast as possible. If you’re attacked while you’re closing in, use Descending Phoenix Hammer. You’ll be able to jump over their attacks and the shockwave will cause the two monsters to flip over. When you’ve gotten close, pull any one of their aggros steadily. If there is one melee and one long-ranged, use Falling Star Hammer to interrupt the long-ranged one’s attack. When the melee one comes close, use Repel. Pull the long-ranged one’s aggro first. If there are two melee ones, use Descending Phoenix Hammer and then Repel one of them. Establish the remaining one’s aggro. Do you understand?”

The Knight’s cheeks streamed with tears: Giving me this sort of step by step leading. Do you think I’m stupid?

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