The Incubus System

Chapter 476: Use Your Head And D*ck Well

Chapter 476: Use Your Head And D*ck Well

The Incubus System Chapter 474. Use Your Head And D*ck Well

Ethan’s PoV

08.27 AM

We were back at the Illusion Night Tower and decided to have breakfast together at the royal mansion. But instead of the dining room, my servants and I decided to take our breakfast to the living room, leaving Lord Damon alone.

We sat on the sofa excitedly and turned on the TV.

“Damian, come here!” he shouted in annoyance. A frown on his forehead.

I turned to him without taking my eyes off the TV screen in front of me.

“The news is starting, dad. I will eat here with the others,” I shouted.

A plate filled with something similar to avocado egg toast in my hand. The difference was the avocado’s color was purple and the egg yolk was blue. A glass of demon ‘orange’ juice on the coffee table not far from me.

I couldn’t wait to see the morning news since I was sure they would be discussing what happened at Avarici soon. So were the others. And I was right, they made this as today’s news highlights. Better, the Gargoyle’s King, Zatan, would give his statement at an impromptu press conference.

After some footage and news about what happened at the intersection, the TV screen was replaced by a red gargoyle with a stout body standing behind the podium. A large scar on his right eye.

But when he just started to speak, Lord Damon shouted again.


“Zatan is talking right now. I can’t miss it!” I answered in a loud voice.

“Zatan?” he said in disbelief. A second later, Lord Damon used his Teleportation and suddenly appeared amid us. Without further ado, he squeezed himself and sat by my side. Just like me, a plate of avocado toast was in his hand. While his other hand put his glass on the table.

My servants quickly got out of there and moved to another sofa. It made me furrow my brows in annoyance but I quickly returned my gaze to the TV since I didn’t want to miss a thing.

“Oh, you’re right. I thought he’s still allergic to cameras,” he said before he took a bite of his breakfast. His eyes were on the TV just like mine.

“He’s never done this before?” I asked in disbelief.

“Nah, never. He loves money but hates cameras. Locking him in the safe vault for a week isn’t a big deal for him. But an hour in the TV studio is more than torture for him.” The tone of his voice made it sound like a sneer even though it wasn’t.

“Why does he hate it?” I asked before I continued my breakfast.

He shrugged.

“Dunno. Maybe he isn’t confident about his appearance,” he made a random guess.

“Because of his scar?” I asked mouthfully.

“Maybe,” he said in a nonchalant tone. “Anyway, it wasn’t me who did it. But his dead brother. Wealth can make them kill each other,” he added.

After that none of us made a sound, except the crunching sound of food from our mouths. We focused our attention on the TV. But in the end, he didn’t say what was missing.

“He didn’t say anything about the bunker plan,” said Lord Damon. Yeah, we checked the documents and reported it to Lord Damon once we got back. And I had to say I was quite surprised with the documents. It was valuable information for us.

“You mean the human farm plan,” I corrected him. I needed to destroy it but not now. Zatan would have discovered about me if I did it and our plan would be in vain. So I would let them kill each other first before I destroy them.

He frowned upon my reaction.

“You don’t have to be that cynical, you know. I can’t deny it, it’s a good plan and a nice commodity. It will bring more money,” he admitted.

His statement made me turn to him and furrow my brows.


“Just saying my opinion doesn’t mean I’ll do it,” he replied in a nonchalant tone.

I decided to ignore it and returned my gaze to the TV. My sight immediately caught Zatan’s pale face. It was too obvious even when he tried to cover it up.

“Oh look, he’s getting pale.” I held my chuckle.

A disdainful snort escaped his mouth. An annoying smirk appeared on his lips.

“He just talked for 5 minutes. And that’s all he got. Pathetic as always,” he scoffed.

After that, we were silent again. Our attention was focused on the TV, listening intently to what Zatan said. Still, we had to hold back our laughter due to his pale face. His nervousness was also getting clearer.

A few minutes later the news reported another thing.

“Wait… That’s it? What about the city hall’s CCTV footage?” I complained in disappointment. I thought they would spread my face on TV.

“That’s important evidence, they won’t show it right now. After all, you showed your face on the CCTV right?” replied Lord Damon in a nonchalant tone. From his tone, I bet he already guessed this.

“Not really. I just give a peek here and there,” I explained.

“It’s the same thing. The sentiment on Letos will increase if the tape is released to the public. On the other hand, Zatan doesn’t want to accuse him openly before he gets stronger evidence than this,” Lord Damon continued.

“In other words… Zatan doesn’t really believe that it’s Letos’ work. Or he decided to keep the footage for other purposes,” I analyzed.

“I bet he’s just careful with that. He won’t announce anything until he makes sure of it,” said Lord Damon.

“Do you think he suspects us?” I asked without taking my eyes off the TV.

“Maybe,” he replied. “He would suspect anyone. What he didn’t suspect was money. I’m sure he would send spies here, just to make sure it wasn’t because of us.”

His statement made me turn to him spontaneously.

He chuckled at my reaction.

“Don’t worry. As long as you don’t come out of the 99th floor and the mansion, he won’t detect you. Just execute your mission,” he said casually.

“Are you sure?” I made sure.

“I’m sure of it. As you said, they don’t know your existence. So they will be targeting me. Use this as an opportunity to attack other places. Besides this isn’t the first time he’s sent spies here. But as usual, I’ll let him peek around for a bit before killing him. A nice way to trample his pride.” Again, he said it casually, as if he was used to this.

I cringed. “You’re scary…”

“Says someone who plans to make the demon lords kill each other,” he continued in an annoying tone. His smirk also showed the same thing.

“Tch.” I clicked my tongue and turned my gaze forward.

“Just concentrate on your mission tomorrow. That Spider Queen is an annoying widow. Well, maybe you can bring her to our side after you f*ck her once,” he said casually before he took another bite.

His absurd idea made me turn to him in shock.

“You want me to sleep with our enemy? What kind of dad are you?” I asked in disbelief.

He also turned to me and frowned, as if I was the one who had just made a strange statement.

“Oh C’mon. Letos has done that to a few women before and he’s succeeded. Otherwise, how do you think he can maintain his power with his dramatic leadership style?”

I clicked my tongue once again.

“Tch! True.” I admitted Letos was more suitable to be a drama king than a demon lord.

“You are my son and an incubus. You have to use your head and d*ck well,” he advised.

It was enough to create another cringe on my face. The question ‘What the hell?’ was written clearly on my face even though I didn’t say a word.

“I’m just telling the truth,” he added.

A long breath escaped my mouth. My eyes turned to the TV. Even though it sounded weird and sad, I knew what he said was true.

“Anyway. Good job for your first mission,” he added. He extended his fist to me.

I glanced at him and smiled.

“Thanks.” I gave him a fist bump without turning to him.

Tomorrow… It was Jealousi’s turn.

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