The Incubus System

Chapter 473: Ethan's First Secret Mission III

Chapter 473: Ethan’s First Secret Mission III

The Incubus System Chapter 471. Ethan’s First Secret Mission III

Once I entered, a nice office room greeted my eyes. The interior was dominated by white with several neatly lined bookshelves and a simple desk. Since it wasn’t that big, I was pretty sure it wasn’t the main room.

Still, I bet this demon had quite an important position. So I hoped I could find something here. I couldn’t go find another room since I had spent quite a while in this place. I had to put my plan into action immediately or they would notice I was an intruder before I could execute it.

My sight immediately noticed the CCTV on the ceiling. Deftly, I grabbed a pen from the small table beside the door and threw it, destroying the lens instantly.

I knew my action would alarm the guards, but that was my point. Aside from covering my face, I wanted to give them a little homework about what I stole here.

Quickly, I walked over to the desk and started looking for anything I could steal. My initial plan was to take the laptop, but I couldn’t find it so I would go with any important documents.

I rummaged through the bookshelf, and the desk and quickly checked all the drawers. My hands took the document and scanned it briefly before throwing it. Judging from the desk and documents, I guessed it was the Gargoyle Lord’s assistant’s desk.

Dozens of sheets of documents fell on the floor, as well as books and others. My heart beat faster. My hands were moving nimbly. I didn’t have much time since the guards could come at any time.

A few seconds later, my search stopped as soon as I got the documents for the bunker construction plan. The location was outside of Avarici. From the map, it looked like it was located underground and in progress. I realized there was another long explanation in the documents, but I decided to check it out later.

Immediately, I put the documents in my blazer. I didn’t know if it was important or not but I decided to take it since the bunker construction was supposed to be related to something crucial. Whatever that was. I would find out later.

I grabbed some stationary as my weapon and ran out towards the rooftop. The guards should be on their way here so I had to get out of here as soon as possible.

Out of the room, I ran as fast as I could to the rooftop. It was very different from my previous caution. I showed my panic clearly. I didn’t care about the sound of my footsteps, breaking through the group of staff who were looking at me in confusion, even almost showing my face on the CCTVs around me a few times.

Although I did it on purpose to leave a little clue about my identity, I quickly destroyed the lens with the stationary to show that I wanted to cover it up. That way they would think this face was my real face.

When I almost reached the last stair, I realized something was coming from behind me. Without turning or stopping my steps, I gritted my teeth and tilted my head to the side. Several green spikes passed by my side, a sign that I was within the guards’ attack range.

But instead of countering their attacks, I ignored them. I turned and went up the stairs. The sound of footsteps behind me was getting closer, indicating that I had to finish this soon.

Since they already knew where I was going, I knew another squad was waiting for me on the rooftop. After all, they were Gargoyles and had wings. That was why I planned to end this cat and mouse game before I reached the rooftop.

I was almost at the door. I quickly made sure my pursuers didn’t see me before I opened my portal and ran inside. Just like that, my first mission was completed.


The Gargoyle’s PoV

Five gallant Gargoyles in guard uniforms were lined up neatly on the rooftop. Their eyes and hands were on the door, ready to attack anyone who stepped out of it. They were sure they could trap this intruder since this demon wasn’t that smart. Reckless if they could say. Despite his neat infiltration plan, his escape plan was trash.

With the Alpha team chasing him inside the building and the Beta team waiting for him at the rooftop. They were ready to surround the stupid intruder.

The sound of footsteps from behind the door grew louder. The Beta team waiting behind the rooftop door was ready with their skills. Once these intruders came out, they would immobilize and capture him. Kill him if he resisted.

But catching him would be even better since they were sure this intruder was working for someone. Moreover, they were pretty sure that the explosion at the intersection had something to do with it. Which meant, this demon didn’t work alone.

They held their breath once their ears could hear the intruder’s footsteps. Strangely, a second later the sound faded as if the intruder changed his mind to come out from the other way.

‘Maybe he noticed us,’ they thought. Which meant the intruder decided to take on the Alpha team since there was no way out other than these two directions. Not even a window. Oddly enough, they didn’t hear any ruckus either.

Another sound of noisy footsteps startled them. Then the door opened with a bang. Unfortunately, it was not the intruder, but Alpha team.

“Did you get him?” said the Alpha team leader.

“He never arrived here,” said the Beta team leader.

“That’s impossible! We were right behind him,” said an Alpha team’s member. Their panic and confusion were clear from the tone of their voices.

“He must be hiding!” said a Beta team’s member. That was the only guess that went through their heads since the Beta team didn’t hear any ruckus before the Alpha team got here.

Without further ado, they entered the building and combed every inch of that place. Surprisingly, they didn’t find him as if the intruder had just disappeared into the wind.

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