The Incubus System

Chapter 34: I'm Here… (18+)

Chapter 34: I’m Here… (18+)

The Incubus System Chapter 34. I’m Here…

After I swiped the key card in my hand to the scanner in front of the door, we entered a room in a hotel in the Acrine district.

As the door closed, Camila pressed my body against the wall, hugging me tightly and leaning her head against my chest.

“What is wrong?” I asked in confusion. I was quite surprised by her sudden movements.

“It’s nothing. I’m just … tired,” she said in a soft voice.

I sighed as my hand moved to stroke her hair. Now I understand why she requested to go to a private place. Even though she looked fine, in fact, her thoughts were in turmoil and she tried to cover it up from Olivia.

“I’m here, if you have something to say, just say it,” I said softly.

“Nothing …” But even with her answer, she hugged me tighter. From there I knew she needed someone to comforts her because of her burden could not be described with words.

My hand moved around her waist, while my other hand clasped behind her head.

“I’m here …” I repeated. I knew I couldn’t interfere in her personal affairs because it would only complicate everything, but at least I wanted to tell her that I was with her.

Seconds after seconds passed, we were silent just to feel our every breath. Her grasp loosened and I did the same thing.

“Are you feeling better?” My hand combed her long hair gently.

“Um… A little.”

“I’ll make you a cup of tea.” My feet have just taken a few steps to the complimentary table, but her hand caught me, stopping my movements. Her face approached me and a kiss landed on my lips.

“Just accompany me. Even if it’s just for a moment, make me forget my problem,” she requested. Her eyes looked at me deeply.

“Okay.” Her request was clear, she wanted a short escape from her pain. The key card in my hand fell to the floor and I pushed her gently against the wall, my lips overlapping hers. My tongue slipped into her mouth, twisting with her tongue, while her lips moved in tune with mine. My hand moved to open her overcoat, showing her body that was covered by a simple black mini dress. Alternatively, she opened my suit and dropped it to the floor.

I broke my kiss, leaving a strand of saliva that still connects my tongue and hers.

“Should we do it like last time? Or would you like to do it on the bed?” I asked.

“Anything is fine, as long as you make me forget everything.”

“Then do you mind if I do it a little rough than last time?”

She paused in doubt for a moment before answering.

“I don’t mind.”

After hearing her answer, I unbuttoned my shirt one by one, while my eyes were fixed on her. A smirk developed on my lips.

“Damian …” she whispered in hesitation. I remember when I did it the first time I was under my incubus rage’s influence even though I desperately resisted it with all my willpower. But since I am fully conscious now, I should be able to do it better.

“Are you afraid?” My hands travelled from her hair down to her neck and gently lowered a strap of her dress.

“Yes …” she whispered.

“Don’t be afraid. Touch me … Feel me … Don’t you want it?” I seduced her. My eyes fixed on every change of her expression.

With hesitation, her hand moved to touch me, exploring my chest and descending to my abs while her eyes moved together with her hand movements. Her soft skin greeted my skin, giving subtle stimulation to my body.

My hands moved to peel off Camila’s dress and my eyes widened when I saw the black sexy lingerie behind it. Her lower part is only covered by a thin lace g-string with a slit at the bottom which allows me to do penetration without releasing her lingerie. While her breast is covered with a thin lace bra that only covers her tips. A simple lace strap that connects her bra with her g-string adds to her body’s sexiness.

“Is it weird?” she said while looking down in embarrassment with a blushing face.

“You wear it for me?” My eyes could not be separated from her body, my face turned red and my heart began to beat fast. Which man isn’t tempted by her current appearance?

“Yesterday my husband’s mistress was wearing something like this while doing it, so I want to know your opinion if I wear it,” she said shyly.

I gave her a seductive smirk and put my face close to her ear.

“It really turns me on. I like it …” I whispered in a sexy voice. My hand slipped into her bra and twisted her tip between my thumb and forefinger slowly.

“Nggghh …” a muffled moan came out of her mouth.

A kiss landed on her ear as I took her hand and slipped it into my trousers and underwear.

“Haaa …” a soft moan came out of my mouth. I could feel her hands trembling as I made her touch my hot flesh directly.

“It’s okay … Touch it …” I whispered. My hand moved to make her rub my cock which began to harden. As her hand were getting used to touching me, I let it go. My hands lowered my zipper and took off my trousers.

“Camila … Can you take off my underwear?” I asked in a sultry voice.

She fell silent again in hesitation, while I could feel her heart beating faster and faster.

“Please …” I pleaded.

“O-okay.” Her hand grabbed my underwear and lowered it slowly, releasing my cock that was half awake from its cage. Her eyes widened in surprise after seeing clearly what had just stabbed her a few days ago.

I grabbed her hand and woke her slowly.

“Are you afraid?” My hand hugged her waist tenderly.

“No … I’m just a little surprised.” Her face turned even redder.

My face returned to her ear.

“Then I’ll begin,” I whispered.

“What do — mppphhhh” I covered her lips with mine. My hand shifted her bra up and twisted her tip with my fingers. My other hand dropped down, my thumb rubbed on her entrance, stimulating her clitoris.

“Mmpphhh!” a muffled moan came out of her mouth as I started to plug my fingers in it, tickling her throbbing, warm inner wall.

My lips went down and swallowed her other breast, my tongue played with her hard tip and sucked it hard. While my hand that had been playing her tip started to squeeze her breast, felt her soft mound in my hand.

“Ah … Hah … Hah … Damian …” I could feel her body begin to tremble in pleasure due to all the stimulation I gave her at the same time.

Her liquid began to flow out, soaking my fingers. Her heat loosened like hoping for something bigger to satisfy her. I unplugged my fingers out as I released my mouth from her breast. Then I licked my fingers in front of her.

“Do you want more, Camila?” My eyes looked at her who was still trying to catch her breath with an alluring gaze.

“Yes …”

I smirked at her and pulled her to the bed. She lay on her stomach and took her shoes off as well as me. I spreaded her legs and knelt between it. Slowly, I put one of my arms around her waist and made her stand on four legs, while my other hand placed on the bed. I swiped my hardened cock at her entrance, soaking it with her liquid.

“I’m going in,” I whispered in a sweet voice.

Without hesitation, I put all my possessions in one push, feeling her warm inner wall.

“Aghhhh …” she gasped in pleasure.

My waist moved back and forth, shaking her hanging twin mound and her body every time I thrust her.

“Do you – hah – hah – like it?” I whispered.

“Yes … Ah … – hah – hah – it feels so good …”

“That’s not all,” I said in a ragged breath.

I pulled my body away without releasing my cock from her and pulled her hands backwards.

‘Demonic Erection.’

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock is enlarged and extends inside her.

“Angggghhhh …!” A loud erotic voice came out of her mouth as her body jerked in surprise. She struggled, trying to pull her body in reflex but in vain since I held both of her hands.

“You can’t escape from me. I will make you forget everything. ” An evil smirk adorned my lips.

My waist moved back and forth as my hands pulled her body in tune. Rammed my waist with her round butt, making sure my cock fully went in every time I thrust her, making sure I could stimulate her innermost part, filling her heat with mine. I want to make her immerse in pleasure until she forgets everything.

Her body trembled violently every time I stabbed her. Our room was filled with the sound of our banging flesh.

“Aghhh! Damian … Ohh — ohhh – please — no … Damian — … Ahh … – Hah-hah-hah- no … Damian —!” she pleaded with difficulty.

But despite her words, her inner wall throbbing loudly, massaging all my cock passionately, indicating her body says otherwise.

“Do you want me -hah -hah- to stop?”

She shook her head side to side.

I smirked again after seeing her answer and moving my waist rougher and wilder than before. Made us climb the stairs of pleasure every time I thrust my cock. My body felt hot as my mating desire burned my mind while Camila kept calling my name breathlessly, her sweat dripping soaked our bed sheet

“Aghhh! Damian — Damian … Ohhh — Ohhh — I can’t-hah-hah- hold anymore … Ahh … Agnhhhh!” Her body raised slightly as I fired my semen inside her.

“Nggghh …” My hand shifted to hug her body tightly making sure she could not move from her position before all my hot liquid came out in her.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

She leaned her body to me in submission, her head resting on my shoulder while she tried to catch her breath. My hand held her cheek, tilted her head to the side and gave her a gentle kiss to soothe her.

“Do you like it?” I whispered softly.

“Yes …” Her half-open eyes were staring at me.

I pulled my cock out and dropped both of us onto the bed slowly without releasing my arms from her. She lay in my arms, a satisfied smile on her lips.

Doing this with her, reminds me of our first meeting a few days ago. At that time I was sure she was confused, and so was I.

“Camila … You’re the first person who did it with me,” I confessed. My hand stroked her long hair slowly.

She gasped and raised her head, looking at me.

“You had never done this before you met me?”

I glanced at her and smiled.

“That day I was so confuse and did not know what to do. Then you came and helped me, solve my problem in an instant. I am truly grateful for that.” If it wasn’t because of her, I could have ended up at the police station as a rapist. Even though I can use my charm skills to an unknown woman, but she could have reported me after we did it. Besides that, with the money, she gave me that day I was able to pay Celia’s school tuition and my house bills.

“I didn’t know you also had a problem …”

My hand clasped her head and pulled closer to me.

“It’s okay, after all, it’s over.”

“Do you regret it?” she whispered.

“No,” I answered firmly. I never regretted anything that happened in my life, no matter how bad it is. Because every incident, every experience I had been through was what made who I am now. That is why, although at first, I was rather difficult to accept Damian as part of me , but after I understood this system, I accepted everything.

“Damian … After my divorce is over. Do you want to come with me and leave this profession?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t.”

She woke up and looked at me with a disappointed expression.


“I’ve been contracted.”

“How much does she need? I’ll pay,” she said without thinking twice.

A chuckle came out of my mouth.

“She doesn’t want money, she wants me.”

“Did she buy you?” Her worries were absorbed from her tone.

Another chuckle came out of my mouth

“Of course not. I’m not the type of person who can put my life in someone else’s hands.”

She sighed in relief.

“Are you relieved?” I teased.

“Of course.” Her cheeks reddened in embarrassment. I can guess Olivia’s reckless and shy nature obviously comes from her.

I pulled her head back to my chest once again .

“You don’t need to worry. I’ve already said I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Camila slid her hand, hugging my neck.

“Damian, I can’t lose anyone anymore. That’s why … Please don’t leave me.”

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here …,” I repeated in a softer voice.

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