The First Order

Chapter 941 - Drinking adulterated alcohol

Chapter 941: Drinking adulterated alcohol

Thanks to Wang Yun, the soldiers at the defensive position were given a precious opportunity to catch a breather.

The expeditionary army had only taken two hours to reorganize before they launched this attack wave. Their assessment was that the defensive position had too few people, so they wanted to use a rotational battle strategy to completely wear down the defenders.

No matter how well-planned P5092’s tactics were, all of the soldiers would be exhausted by these relentless attack waves within a week.

At this moment, many of the soldiers at the defensive position were unsure of what had happened. After all, the tornado had bypassed them from above and went in for the attack over on the expeditionary army’s side. Everyone only saw some of the barbarians suddenly vomiting before suddenly withdrawing their troops.

The soldiers at the defensive position were still a little puzzled. What were those barbarians up to? Why did they suddenly start vomiting?

“Maybe they had some spiked drinks?”

“That’s so unprofessional! Don’t they ban alcohol before a battle?”


A commotion broke out among the soldiers, but no one knew what was going on.

It was not that they lacked imagination, but that their future commander and Staff Officer Wang’s tactics were way too strange. Not to mention the expeditionary army, even they themselves could not have imagined it.

After several days of fermentation, the waste produced by over 6,000 people garrisoned here was not something that normal people could bear. It was simply too revolting!

P5092 came over and asked Ren Xiaosu, “Future Commander, what happened just now?”

After Ren Xiaosu explained what had happened, P5092’s expression immediately became weird. In his meticulous battle plan, he had never expected the expeditionary army to retreat over such a matter.

Now that he recalled the sight of those barbarians vomiting, everything seemed to make sense.

P5092 did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Future Commander, please let me know in advance if you’re going to do something like that again. The expeditionary army retreated in a hurry this time, but I thought they were deliberately trying to mislead us. Otherwise, I would definitely have made sure to kill more of them.”

“Ahem, Wang Yun and I didn’t expect it to have such an effect either. We were just planning to annoy them, but we really didn’t expect them to directly withdraw their troops.” Ren Xiaosu said, “Aren’t those barbarians weak as hell?”

“It’s not that they’re weak.” P5092 analyzed, “Future Commander, think about it. If such a strong gust of repugnant wind suddenly blows towards them on the battlefield while our soldiers at the defensive position are fine, the other party will probably think that it was our Central Plains’ biological weapon affecting them. Actually, it wouldn’t be too much to say that it is a biological weapon. This gust of wind will definitely sweep some of them over… uh, stain their bodies. Those barbarians who initially suffered slight injuries will definitely fall sick when the bacteria and viruses infect their wounds.”

In ancient times, there was an extremely dirty tactic known as “golden water.” The soldiers guarding the city would dump boiling golden water down the walls, and the enemy troops who were stained would basically be in so much pain that they wished they were dead.

Although what Wang Yun did was not as ruthless as that, it still had some impact.

Then P5092 realized Ren Xiaosu’s gaze had shifted over in the direction of the latrines. It seemed like he was getting some ideas again.

At this moment, the expeditionary army that had retreated realized their soldiers had only vomited and that it was nothing serious. Therefore, they thought they might have just fallen for a trap, and that this repugnant wind was not actually a biological weapon.

But while they were fine, the smell on their bodies could not be gotten rid of. The entire military camp was filled with a foul smell.

Everyone gradually came to a realization. Where did this smell that was stuck on them come from?

A division commander of the expeditionary army looked towards the defensive position of the 6th Combat Brigade from afar and thought to himself that he had never fought such a disgusting battle in all his years in the military.

That night, it finally quieted down on Mt. Zuoyun. P5092 requested that everyone, other than the soldiers on rotational duty, must seize this precious opportunity to rest and reorganize.

Ji Zi’ang and Zero also emerged from the tunnel. Based on their update, the digging of the tunnel was already halfway done and everything was going even smoother than expected. However, Ji Zi’ang was mentally exhausted. The flashlight he brought into the tunnel with him had run out of power, so he came back temporarily to get some rest.

Ren Xiaosu jumped in to have a look. The tunnel was about a meter wide and 1.9 meters in height. This was easily enough for him to run at a quick pace inside it.

Then P5092 watched Ren Xiaosu pull Ji Zi’ang aside and mutter something to him. No one knew what they were discussing.

At dawn, the expeditionary army made yet another comeback. The soldiers of the 6th Combat Brigade had already caught up on their rest and were waiting for the enemy to come knocking on their door.

However, the barbarians today were exceptionally brave. They were like raging bulls determined to charge into the defensive position despite the gunfire.

Initially, P5092 thought it would be several days before he would see the heavily armored warriors again. However, the unexpected incident yesterday seemed to have angered the expeditionary army. As a result, the enemy’s heavily armored warriors appeared more frequently today and nearly broke through the firing blockade at the defensive position several times!

However, P5092 kept looking at Ren Xiaosu to stop him from taking any action. He said to Ren Xiaosu, “Today, we’ll see if Ms. Xiaojin can hold the line, so you’re not to make any moves. If she proves she can’t handle these heavily armored warriors among the crowd of barbarians by herself, you won’t be allowed to carry out the mission of attacking the expeditionary army’s supplies from the tunnel.”

Ren Xiaosu thought for a moment before agreeing. “Alright, but the expeditionary army will definitely not use their trump cards now, so Yang Xiaojin alone will definitely be enough to handle the situation.”

“We’ll see.” P5092 said, “I’m worried the sniper bullets might not be able to penetrate the enemy’s heavy armor.”

Moreover, P5092 had always felt skeptical of Ren Xiaosu’s claims that Yang Xiaojin was the one who taught him how to shoot.

To be honest, it was very rare for a girl to be an expert sniper. To be able to become Ren Xiaosu’s teacher as well, that definitely sounded a little bit like an exaggeration.

Therefore, P5092 felt that Ren Xiaosu might have just said that to ease his concerns.

However, after observing the battlefield with his binoculars for a while, he realized that something was off.

P5092 thought for a moment and went to look for Wang Yun. He asked in a whisper, “Did you manage to observe those heavily armored warriors?”

“Yes,” Wang Yun said.

“I saw that several of the heavily armored warriors were injured in their eyes without exception. Whether that was a coincidence or just the ones that I observed…” P5092 said.

“It’s not a coincidence.” Wang Yun said, “Ma’am has a shooting range of 800 to 900 meters. All of the heavily armored warriors that suddenly appeared were discovered within two seconds and killed by a single shot. They were all targeted at the eyeslit of their face armor. Honestly, with her marksmanship, it doesn’t really matter whether she uses armor-piercing bullets or not. Moreover, she never fires at any targets other than the heavily armored warriors. That’s how calm she is.”

P5092 quietly looked up at Yang Xiaojin who was firing from the sniper’s nest in the mountain. He thought to himself, ‘As expected, they’re truly a couple. Both of them are so fearsome.

Back at Mt. Dashi, he had realized one of the two snipers was stronger than the other. He initially thought that Ren Xiaosu was the stronger one, but he did not expect the answer to be the opposite.

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