The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 641 - 641 Can’t Borrow Suitable Clothes To Attend the Gala

641 Can’t Borrow Suitable Clothes To Attend the Gala

The official account of the Time Awards released a notice of guests one after another, from B-list flowers to popular fried chicken, and even Chu Yuan was invited.

It could be said that almost all the famous artists had been invited by the Time Awards.

But Nan Wan was not there.

[I’m dying of laughter. The Time Awards is too vengeful. Nan Wan’s family doesn’t like web dramas, so they didn’t invite Nan Wan.]

[The Time Awards has always been vengeful. I don’t think Nan Wan will be able to go on any of their shows in the future.]

[Nan Wan and her fans can’t watch web dramas, so naturally, they can’t watch this Time Awards ceremony.]

[Looking forward to Chu Yuan’s performance at the gala~]

[Aowu! They even invited the singer Zheng Feicai! I can finally hear Big Sister’s heavenly voice!]

[Looking forward to the all-rounded singer and dancer: Shi Xi!]


On Weibo, those who ridiculed Nan Wan were at the top of the likes list, and what was left were the comments from various companies.

When Shi Xi received the invitation, she was naturally prepared to attend the gala.

Han Chuan was going to let Shi Xi and Lou Ruicong walk the red carpet together.

The two of them were artistes from the same company and they worked on [Meeting You In the Depths of Time] together. If they could support each other, that would be the best.

“No, I want to go skiing,” Lou Ruicong said.

Han Chuan was speechless.

‘D*mn it, this guy deserves it for not being popular!’

As Han Chuan contacted the artistes who would be walking the red carpet with Shi Xi, he thought about signing a new male artiste as soon as possible in case he was angered to death by Lou Ruicong.

“Why don’t we get Pei Jie to walk the red carpet together?” Shi Xi suggested after some thought.

The movie [Energetic Girl] that she and Pei Jie were acting in was about to be released.

She could use this opportunity to promote it.

“Pei Jie wasn’t invited to the Time Awards.”

Shi Xi was silent.


Pei Jie was from a talent show and was still in a boy group. Even though he had appeared on a few variety shows and acted in a movie with Shi Xi, his true popularity was not at the level where he could attend a gala alone, even if the Time Awards was just an award ceremony for web series.

“Their group wasn’t invited?” Shi Xi asked.

Shi Xi couldn’t remember the name of the boy band.

“Only Bai Cangyang was invited from the NDH Team,” Han Chuan replied.

Shi Xi admired Han Chuan’s good memory.

He remembered it so clearly.

Back then, she was still on the stage of the finals, but she could barely remember who the nine people were.

“They invited Lou Ruicong. Can Pei Jie take his place?” Shi Xi asked.

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Although Lou Ruicong wasn’t a very good actor, his and Shi Xi’s time was a hit. After going on variety shows, his natural-born comedian image had emerged and he had obviously stepped into the second-tier.

Unfortunately, he insisted on going skiing.

Han Chuan frowned. “Are you using our resources to support the people from other companies?”

“He’s the male lead of my movie,” Shi Xi replied.

Han Chuan was upset.

He would rather leave this resource empty than give it to an artiste from another company.

However, Han Chuan knew that this gala would be a good opportunity to promote the movie.

“Alright, I’ll go and contact them.” Han Chuan finally gave in.

At the same time, Han Chuan was even more determined to sign a few more artists.

There would always be one who would be obedient and not like to ski.


After receiving Han Chuan’s message, the Time Awards agreed very quickly.

Pei Jie was also an artiste trained by Xunteng, so it was not bad to be able to make an appearance at the gala.

When Pei Jie received the news, he was completely shocked.

He didn’t expect that he would be able to attend a gala that his teammates couldn’t!

Then, Pei Jie felt awkward again.

He couldn’t borrow any suitable clothes to attend the gala…


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