The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I Want To Dye This Thing Green

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Xie Yunzhou looked at the bag in front of him and pondered. “She saved me, so she should give me a gift.”

His assistant heaved a sigh of relief.

Xie Yunzhou: “Go to the jewelry store.”

His assistant, who was about to get off work: “…Alright.” If he had known, he would have said it tomorrow!

The car stopped in front of the jewelry store, and the assistant thought of another matter.

Miss Shi was Sheng Yan’s fiancée!

Was the boss trying to steal her away?!

The assistant looked up at the name of the jewelry store: Sheng Shi Jewelry.

‘F*ck, I was too hasty. I brought the boss to buy jewelry from his rival in love.’


Early in the morning.

Shi Xi got up early in the morning and dyed her green hair.

She stayed away from the male lead, starting with the annulment of the engagement!

In the original plot, although the male lead did not like Shi Xi, the male lead’s parents liked Shi Xi very much. They felt that her beautiful and elegant appearance was worthy of marrying a noble lady.

She had to break the stereotype of the Sheng Family’s parents!

Although she was indeed beautiful and elegant, she could not marry the male lead!

Tony looked at the girl’s long hair and asked, “Do you really want to dye it green?”

Shi Xi nodded. “Yes!”

Tony thought that the little girl was quite good-looking, but there was something wrong with her brain.

“Wait.” Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “Can you dye it into a one-time use? The kind that can be washed off.”

“Of course!” Tony smiled and recommended, “Miss, do you want to apply for a card? Now you’ll get 3,000 for 5,000, and 5,000 for 10,000!”

Shi Xi said, “I’ll get 10,000.” Perhaps she would have to dye her hair frequently in the future.

An hour later.

Tony looked at the girl in the mirror and said in amazement, “So beautiful!”

The girl’s skin was whiter than snow, her eyebrows were curved, her lips were red, and her teeth were white. Her black and bright eyes were like the stars in the dark night, and her eyelashes were thick and curly like crow feathers. Her facial features were exquisite like a doll.

Her long, wavy green hair hung down, making the girl look even more exquisite and cute.

When the other female customers in the shop saw this, they called out, “I want to dye that color of hers too.”

There was even a little boy who raised his hand and said, “Mommy, I want to dye this thing green too.”

Then, he was beaten up by his mommy.

Shi Xi was also very satisfied. She was so unconventional that the Sheng Family’s parents would definitely not like her.

After coming out of the hair salon, Shi Xi took a taxi from the app to the Sheng Family’s house. Before the car arrived, Shi Xi was hit on by a thin and shifty-eyed man.

The thin and small man said sneakily, “I have something good here.”

Shi Xi subconsciously asked, “What good thing?”

The thin and small man took out an illusion-shaped iron necklace, “This is a good thing that was dug out from the tomb of King Qin. King Qin relied on it to keep his corpse from rotting for thousands of years. Wearing it on your body can ensure that your meridians are connected. The iron oxide inside will flow through your skin and drain your blood, replenishing iron ions…”

When Shi Xi heard about the iron oxide, she realized that she had met a swindler. She interrupted, “Isn’t this just a magnet?”

The skinny man was not anxious even though he had been exposed. He continued, “The market price is 188,000 yuan. I think you are fated. Let’s be friends today. I’ll sell it to you for 180 yuan.”

Shi Xi casually bargained, “18 yuan for it?”

The skinny man said resolutely, “Okay!”

Shi Xi: “???”

She was too careless!

Since the price was already stated, Shi Xi could only pay.

The skinny man took the money and chuckled. “Don’t feel that you are losing out. Just buying this magnet alone costs more than 10 yuan. I even gave you a hanging rope for free.”

Shi Xi: …Why did she need a magnet?

Sure enough, after dyeing her hair, her IQ would also plummet?

The car was parked by the roadside. Shi Xi stuffed the magnet into her bag and got into the car.

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