The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak

Chapter 451 - Plot

Importance of his life. What the hell was happening to him? Bryan didn't even know why he was like this.


A pain assaulted his head as he saw various images in his mind. He held his head and knelt on the floor because of the pain

A small beautiful girl with a smile on her face.

A small boy in front of dozens of corpses.

A destroyed mansion.

A man wearing a long white coat.

A group of children with unknown origins..

A storehouse full of different body parts.

And, a huge explosion that covered the whole sky.

"What happened to you? Are you fine, Sir Bryan?" The director asked with a concerned look.

"Yes, I'm fine. It's just a headache." Bryan said as he stood up and patted his clothes.

His mind was in a mess. What the hell did he just saw? What's wrong with those images? Is it related to his childhood?

But something wasn't right in those images. Why was it full of blood and looks tragic?

Bryan sat down on the chair while thinking about the images that just popped into his mind. When he tried to deeply think about it, an intense pain assaulted his head and it was greater than the pain before. It felt like his head was being cracked open like some kind of fruit.

They said that he wasn't a normal human and he had the blood of a barbarian flowing in his veins. It was the reason why his strength was above average. But he couldn't even remember his parents. The only thing that he could recall was that they were only ordinary humans.

The director glanced at Bryan before he opened the door and said, "Bring us some water! Hurry up!"

After ordering his subordinates, he sat on his seat and said while stuttering, "S-Sir Bryan... Y-Your hair..."

He finally noticed that Bryan's hair has changed. The strands in front turned into a color red. It was obvious as the difference between black and red was huge.

Bryan raised his hand and grabbed his hair. He looked up and saw the color of his hair. "This? It's nothing... Teacher Bargan said that I have the blood of a barbarian but it isn't pure so my hair didn't permanently turn red." He explained like it was nothing.

"You are a half barbarian?" The director asked.

"Not like that. Teacher said that it's less than a quarter." Bryan replied to him.

"Well, let's go back to our topic." The director said and his subordinate knocked on the door.

"Come in."

The subordinate entered the room with glasses of water. After she placed the glasses of water on the table, she quickly left the room.


Bryan drunk the water and took a deep breath. Those images, he will think about it later. What he wanted to do right now was to help Cyndy.

"I think that we should let the girl talk about her problem. She should tell about it to the guards." The director said to Bryan after he saw Bryan regained his posture.

"I don't understand complicated things so explain it to me in a simple way," Bryan said. "I'm weak at that."

"We should let the girl expose the bad things about the Bentley Family even if no one believes her. At the very least, this will place doubt in people's hearts about that family and I'm sure that the Bentley Family had various competitors as that's the life of nobles. And those competitors will try to pry the Bentley Family for the meantime." The director paused for a moment and he added, "But don't worry about the girl. Remember that the girl wanted to die so badly to end her suffering and the Bentley Family prevented it from happening to the point that they casted a curse on her body. It means that she is important to them and they didn't want her to die."

"After that, what are we going to do?" Bryan asked.

"It's simple. We're going to investigate the Bentley Family in the dark without anyone knowing about it. Just like I said before, they will pressure us if they knew about it and we will lose our footing in this very country." The director drunk his water and continued, "Fighting nobles are different than what you can imagine. It's an ultimatum of every country. You just can't kill your opposition directly as this was the unwritten rule in every land. Finding dirty things and taking down the business of your competitor was the way that they've decided upon. It's full of schemes."

In case a noble or any businessman in the country decided to fight, the higher-ups who hold most of the power will not let them do what they want. They were free to fight but direct confrontation wasn't allowed and no methods were allowed to harm each other. No normal people knew about these rules as they weren't included in the top class of the country.

That's why when various families wanted to take a piece of the honey that the Asvares Family got, they could only pressure the business of the family. No matter how strong Lumilia's father was, he couldn't do anything as the country forbids it.

So if someone decided to break this rule, then the country would be forced to move.

This was the reason why most of the nobles in the Hebrei Kingdom hated Souta as they think that he was the one who killed Gregory, the head of the Vidrato Family. If they had proof that Souta was the one who killed him, then Souta would be taken out by the country. Even the Ladros Institute wouldn't be able to protect him if that happens.

Murder was different than beating.

"It's too complicated. I only know how to fight." Bryan rubbed his temples.

"It's reasonable as each country didn't want to watch their citizens murder each other. Also, a country would suffer if the top forces in their territory murder each other. Each force of the noble was huge and it was also a deterrent force to prevent other countries from invading." The director smiled.

"So where should we start our investigation?" Bryan didn't ask for more details as it was too complicated for him.

"We should check the red light district first." The director said.


On that night while Bryan and the director were planning their next move, a man wearing a plain black robe arrived in front of the detention center which Cyndy was held.

The man raised his hand and lowered the hood of his robe to cover his head. His gaze was pointed at the detention center and after a while, he looked at the dark starry sky.

"The moon is high up in the sky. It's casting light to illuminate this dark world."

He muttered before he turned his gaze back to the detention center. He gathered his mana on the tip of his five fingers before he placed it on the corner of his face.

"Everything is ready. A scenario will occur today and it's my job to perform."

He said to himself as he moved his feet and walked towards the detention center.

"Hey, it's already night."

The guards noticed him and tried to talk to the unknown man. Suddenly, they felt that their bodies went numb.


The head of the two guards on the door of the center flew in the mid-air while their necks were spurting a large amount of blood.

The unknown man just sliced their heads apart with astonishing speed.

"This is the beginning..."

The man said as his mana burst out crushing the door of the center.


The other guards inside the center were shocked but before they could react they found a heavy pressure pressing on their shoulders. It was the pressure brought by a powerhouse at the A-rank level.


Flames gushed out in every direction and it turned into countless flames spears which pierced the bodies of the guards. The man who did this didn't even give them a time to react or recover their posture.

It was done in an instant and it was perfect for assassinating dozens of people at the same time.

In just a second all of the people inside the detention center have died except for two. The chief of the guards and Cyndy.

The chief of the guards was lying on the ground with several holes in his body. Blood was pouring out of it and he couldn't move his entire body at all.

He was just an early B-rank expert so he was no match for an expert who liquefied his mana to this degree.

Footsteps sounded in the hallway and he tried to look at the man. What he saw stunned him as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

The man had a short black spiky hair and he was familiar with this man. This man was Bryan Dagruel who was just a student but managed to liquefied his man.

'He is here for that girl...'

He said inwardly. Soon, what he heard confirmed his thoughts.

"N-No!! You! Why?! N-No! It's a scheme right! I shouldn't have involved them in my situation!!"

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