The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 776 - Take What's in the Buddhist Caves

Chapter 776 Take What’s in the Buddhist Caves

Zhao Feilong was really angry.

Originally, they should have been able to leave this small secret realm safely. But in the end, they encountered this group of idiots. Could they not tell that their enemies were extremely savage and terrifying?

They didn’t even know how to dodge.

This group of idiots really brought nothing but trouble.

Forced into a corner, he was about to risk everything to save them.

But at the next moment, his eyes suddenly widened, and his face was filled with utter shock.

The scene reflected in his pupils was something he would never forget.

It was the young man in white who he thought was a fool. He gently reached out his hand and held the red light sword in the hands of the monkey-armed demon as if he were holding a fire stick.

The surging red sword light actually dissipated instantly like the mist in a strong wind at this moment.

That was the Buddha’s secret treasure, the Sword of the Gods!

Zhao Feilong was dumbfounded. He could not understand what he was seeing at all.

The monkey-armed demon had the same feeling.

After he got the Buddha’s secret treasure, he almost felt invincible as if he had the best secret treasure in hand.

But this kind of invincible feeling instantly became unreal when the young man in white gently gripped the weapon in front of him.

“What… what are you doing?”

He looked at Li Mu in a daze and couldn’t fathom it at all at this moment. He said, “You… You let go.”

Li Mu then really loosened his grip.

A ruthless look appeared on the monkey-armed demon’s face and he waved his sword again.

However, the scarlet light sword was once again held in Li Mu’s hand.

That invincible light did not touch a hair on Li Mu’s head.

“This is the Buddha’s secret treasure? I understand now.”

As Li Mu spoke, he flicked his wrist.


The monkey-armed demon’s arm holding the sword of light exploded.

His face twisted in pain and he stepped back in horror.

At this moment, he came back to his senses and knew that he had met an extremely terrible opponent. He was no match for this young man at all.

“Who the hell are you?”

The monkey-armed demon retreated at a high speed; his only desire now was to make his escape as quickly as possible.

“I’m from Hero Martial Arts Alliance.” Li Mu held a Buddha’s secret treasure in his hand, which was the red Buddha sword. It was simple and unsophisticated, with a Buddhist hand as the hilt. When the hilt opened up, the blade was exposed. There were dense ancient runes on the blade, which were the source of the long sword’s power.

He waved his long sword casually.

A sword beam flew out.


The monkey-armed demon was directly blown into a cloud of blood mist.

Instant death.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The red sword light flashed, and the people of the Demon Coalition fell, one after another like wheat under sickles and they all laid in a pool of blood.

Tang Tian, Zhao Feilong and the others could not believe their eyes, which were wide open in shock and astonishment.

What a terrible power!

Using this red Buddha sword to attack the cultivators was like using a machine gun to claim the lives of knights with cold weapons. It was completely like cutting grass. Those cultivators of the Demon Coalition were considered strong fighters, but they could not fight back at all.

What a good sword!

“How powerful it is!”

As expected of a Buddha’s secret treasure.

The eyes of the people from the Hero Martial Arts Alliance widened in shock.

In the blink of an eye, all the members of the Demon Coalition were killed.

Zhao Feilong looked at Li Mu and by now he had completely lost the ability to speak. He didn’t know how to describe his feelings. Today, he finally met a real Buddha.

“So-so, so-so.”

Li Mu commented.

To him, this Buddhist sword was nothing special.

The Spiritual Treasures and Taoist Treasures he had obtained in the Tomb of the God of Sin were all stronger than this one. But for the cultivators on Earth, it was good enough.

“Here you are.”

Li Mu directly threw the Scarlet Buddha Sword to Tang Tian behind him.

Tang Tian subconsciously caught the long sword, opened his mouth wide, and said in disbelief, “Ah? Me? No, it’s too precious. I’m not qualified…” A sense of unreality as if he had hit the jackpot came over him.

Li Mu said, “It’s just an ordinary Taoist Treasure. There must be a lot of them in the Mogao Caves’ secret realms… Take it.”

After standing on ceremony for a while, Tang Tianhao put away the Scarlet Buddha Sword.

He loved it so much that he scrutinized it over and over again. He almost drooled on his sword. On Earth, this kind of Taoist Treasure was extremely rare, and only a few high-level officials were qualified to have such weapons.

The others also looked at Tang Tian enviously.

“Don’t worry, everyone will get one.”

Zhao Feilong was shocked again.

A Buddha’s secret treasure was given away to someone else without any hesitation. Who on earth was this man in white sportswear? He was so broad-minded and generous.

He did not leave but followed Tang Tian and others to the depths of the Sotapanna Sutra small world.

Along the way, Li Mu casually killed the half-demons of the Demon Coalition and snatched three or four so-called “Buddha’s secret treasures”, which were directly thrown to the young disciples of Hero Martial Arts Alliance.

The entire Sotapanna Sutra world was finally emptied.

Except for the Hero Country cultivators, all the half-demons of the Demon Coalition were killed directly. As for the foreign cultivators, as long as their hands were not stained with the blood of the Hero Country cultivators, they were basically let go after a simple punishment and asked to leave the secret realm within a specified time.

In the end, Li Mu and the others came out of Cave 220.

“I didn’t find Lu Xun and Director Song. It seems that I have to dig the caves one by one and continue to search.”

The group of people chose Cave 215 and entered it.

The secret realm small world of this Buddha cave was indeed another Buddhist country. It was a mural world of the Maitreya Sutra. There were also all kinds of cultivators fighting for control in it. Li Mu killed them all with all his means. In the end, he got six “Buddha’s secret treasures” and threw all of them to other young disciples of the Hero Martial Arts Alliance.

The six lucky ones did not expect that they could get such weapons and could not believe their luck.

However, although Cave 215 was a little bigger than Cave 220, Maitreya Sutra was more famous than Sotapanna Sutra, so the mural world was much smaller than the Cave 220 small secret realm.

Fortunately, Li Mu was here.

No matter which secret realm they were in, no matter what kind of opponents they encountered, none of Li Mu’s enemies could stand up to him. No matter if they were masters from foreign organizations or leaders from the Demon Coalition, wherever they went, all the enemies were crushed easily.

In the blink of an eye, four hours passed.

Under the leadership of Li Mu, Tang Tian and the others only needed to exclaim and applaud along the way. For the first time, the young alliance disciples felt so good that they were able to do whatever they wanted.

They had already explored more than 50 Buddha cave mural small worlds.

The efficiency was simply astonishing.

However, they did not meet Lu Xun and the others.

The biggest gain was that Tang Tian and more than a dozen people had almost obtained all of “Buddha’s secret treasures”. When they held them in their hands, they treasured them as much as their lives, and the strength of the whole team soared.

At noon.

Li Mu and the others came to the door of Cave 158.

There were four foreign cultivators guarding outside and they did not allow any outsiders to enter.

“Huh? Foreign cultivators guarding the door of Hero Country vault. Are you kidding me?” Li Mu became angry all of a sudden.

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