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The Demon Monarch System

The Demon Monarch System







The Demon Monarch System

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An unlucky youth born to unknown circumstances possessed a destiny to be great. However, for him to be great, he had to first experience treachery. Death, betrayal, all the negative experiences one would loathe is what he experienced.

Be that as it may, all that does is allow for the true Demon Monarch to arise once again. With the assistance of other past powers, behold as the rise of the Demon Monarch unveils.

The system is his tool and the universe his opponent. With his subordinates moving at his whim, destruction follows in wake of their torrential conquering. Sin, Demons, World Sundering weapons, this is all at the beck and call of the Demon Monarch!

Thus, he embarks on the path to the true Demon Monarch's mantle; the rise of a Daemos!

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