The Crown's Entrapment

Chapter 40

“I am Prince Ezekiel’s personal warrior servant,” Xenia declared without batting an eye. “Let me enter right now, for I have a very urgent message for him!”

“Show us proof of your identification,” the Valcrez soldier promptly asked.

Hearing his words, Xenia gulped. She had absolutely nothing in terms of documents.

“I lost it,” she cooly lied. “Just ask Prince Ezekiel. He’s expecting me. Tell him that his servant warrior with green eyes has returned.”

The soldiers guarding the door looked at one another, looking as if they had just heard something stupid.

Blinking at their reaction, Xenia felt that something was off. “What is going on?”

“I’m afraid that Prince Ezekiel won’t be available to see you,” the soldier explained. “He has set off with the rest of the army of Ebodia.”

“Then ask for King Stephan,” she replied. “His Majesty knows me.”

The soldiers looked at each other once more, whispering to one other as they seemingly deliberated their next move. Xenia frowned at being forced to wait, but she kept her patience.

“Please come back later,” the soldier replied. “We cannot let you enter.”

“Why not?! King Stephan can vouch for me!” Xenia barked. She was getting impatient now. She really needed to get inside, especially now that King Nikolai was already in the castle.

“No. We cannot let you in,” the soldier firmly declared, pointing his halberd dangerously at her as he threatened. “Please leave now, or you will leave us no choice.”

“Absolutely not! Why can’t you just ask King Stephan to confirm my identity?!” she grunted. “Let me in right now!”

Drawing her sword, Xenia held her weapon at the ready. She was more than glad to fight the soldiers before her if that was the only way she could enter.

Assessing the situation before her, she quickly thought up a spell to use that could be effective to these vampires… which she woefully lacked at her lack of knowledge.

She inwardly cursed herself, only now realizing how important it was to learn magic. It was only unfortunate that she didn’t give much time to it since she found it more boring than physical combat.


Scrounging up a spell, she was about to utter her attack when the soldiers before her suddenly bowed before her. Xenia blinked, noting that they saw someone behind her as she turned to see who exactly it was that they saw.


Xenia’s jaw dropped, her eyes darting toward the majestic wolf-man who had shifted back into his naked human form… The Werewolf King…

‘I’m doomed…’

She gulped in fear, her face paling when her eyes met Darius’s piercing gaze. She could feel her heart thumping within her chest. Her knees wobbled, and she bit her inner cheek as she quickly turned around to avoid those judging eyes from scrutinizing her.

The King had caught her… Again.

After what felt like an awkward few seconds, the gate opened. Looking up, she saw Gideon running towards her. The King’s clothes neatly folded above his arms as he moved.

“Move quickly, Xen,” he urgently addressed her, his arms stretched forward as he spoke. “Put this on His Majesty!”

‘Seriously?’ her eyes scrutinized. ‘Do I have to be the one to do it? Why don’t you do it instead?’

Despite the emotions dancing in her eyes, Gideon seemed to not get it as he stressed out, “Don’t make him any angrier, Xen! Move! He’s holding back his temper right now, so please help him get dressed!”

Left with no other choice, Xenia accepted the clothes. She then turned back and walked towards the King. Standing in front of him, she did her best to keep her eyes away from his naked body, stopping just at an arm’s distance from him.

‘Here we go again…’

Stretching out her arms, she was just about to do her so-called duty when the King suddenly grabbed his undergarments and trousers from her arms and began dressing himself up on his own.

‘Thank heavens…’ she sighed in relief, already mentally lining up a few alibis for her to use. ‘It must be hard being a werewolf… Getting naked most of the time…’

“My cape, Xen. Put it on me,” the King commanded, snapping Xenia out from her trance as she looked at him. He stared back at her as he whispered, “Quickly, Xen.”

Absently moving, Xenia wondered what exactly was going on inside the King’s head. He didn’t sound angry, but the intensity of his stare was worrisome, to say the least.

Quickly moving, she towered over him, almost hugging him as she hastily put on his cape over his shoulders.

Their skin brushed against one another, and Xenia felt electricity running through her veins.

‘W-what the-‘

It was a weird feeling, one that she quickly shook off from her system as she continued on her duty. She just assumed that she was simply being nervous. This was a mess, after all; a chaotic situation that only happened because she ran away.

‘Why would the Vampire King surround the castle like this… It’s as if…’ Her thoughts trailed off. Her eyes then widened as she came to a revelation. ‘No… It can’t be!’

Xenia was about to move when her body suddenly stood frozen, the King suddenly leaning closer to her face as he whispered into her ear. “Do you really think you can run away from me, Xen? You can try again and again, but I will always come to get you.”

She fought herself from shivering. His hot breath sent a tingling sensation running all over her body, and she felt something coiling inside her stomach as she cautiously replied.

“Why?” she unknowingly murmured.

Before she could look at him, all the hairs on her body stood up on their ends as she felt something wet and warm settle between her shoulder and neck. Her eyes widened, her breath hitching at the sensation.

‘Did… Did he just lick my neck?’

She wanted so badly to scream. It was nerve-wracking, but what horrified her the most was the fact that her body was reacting strangely at that moment.

“You. Are. Mine.” the king whispered, enunciating each word in his heavy and domineering tone. His words sounded firm and deadly.

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