The Crippled Bigshot’s Little Ancestor Is Too Cool

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Eating

He Youran did not take Lu Qingzhuo to a big restaurant. Instead, she went to the famous food street in Rong city.

Rong city was also known as the “Food City”. Every October, there would be a food festival.

The one-kilometer-long food street was filled with stalls. The stalls were old-fashioned carts with colorful signboards. The sellers were either wearing ancient clothes or other strange clothes, and the scene was very lively.

Lu Qingzhuo didn’t let Pang Zhong follow him. He drove his wheelchair and walked with He Youran in the Food Street. Looking at the side of the street that he rarely came into contact with, he felt that it was very novel.

“Mr. Lu, you probably don’t come to places like this very often, right?” He Youran noticed that Lu Qingzhuo was quietly looking around and asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Lu Qingzhuo nodded.

“How is it? Are you nervous?” He Youran looked at him curiously.

A pampered young master would usually be waited on by servants at home or going to a high-class restaurant. Would he be afraid to walk alone in the marketplace like this? She remembered very clearly that when Lu Qingzhuo went to the hospital to help her out, he had more than a dozen bodyguards with him.

As she thought about it, He Youran found it a little funny.

She was really big-hearted. This was the young master of the Lu family in imperial capital. If she dragged him to a crowded place like this, what would happen if someone robbed him?

Lu Qingzhuo didn’t ignore He Youran’s curious and gossipy gaze. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he smiled and said,

“Of course I’m nervous. My net worth is tens of billions. If doctor He kidnaps me, she’ll have nothing to worry about for the rest of her life.”

“That’s true. If I’m in prison, the government will provide me with food. It’s one of the ways to have nothing to worry about.” He Youran pursed her lips.

Lu Qingzhuo chuckled.

He Youran led Lu Qingzhuo left and right until they arrived at a small alley. The alley had an antique door with the words “There’s a wonton restaurant” written on it.

“We’re here,” He Youran said.

“This is it?” Lu Qingzhuo was surprised.

He Youran took him for a long time and didn’t stop at any of the other food stalls. He thought she was going to treat him to something special, but it turned out to be wontons?

He Youran really treated him to such a home-cooked snack.

Lu Qingzhuo sighed in his heart. He felt that it was too difficult to be a single mother. He completely forgot that He Youran still had a $20 million Buckton VIP card in her bag.

“Right here.” He Youran waved her hand and called out to the chef, “Master, two big bowls of wontons and some stewed vegetables!”

“Okay,” The chef replied loudly.

He Youran pushed Lu Qingzhuo into the alley and sat down in a seat with more space.

After a while, the wontons were ready and served.

Lu Qingzhuo stared at the rice bowl that was emitting white smoke and did not move his spoon.

“Try it,” He Youran urged as she picked up a ladle to scoop up a wonton. After taking a small bite, she rolled up her tongue and sucked up the delicious gravy in enjoyment.

The gravy carried the rich fragrance of meat and a little bit of the pungent taste of ginger. It stimulated the taste buds. She sucked up the gravy, and chewed on the meat filling with skin. The dough was soft and the meat was soft and glutinous. It was obviously a very ordinary wonton, but it had an unusual taste.

Seeing He Youran eat so well, Lu Qingzhuo couldn’t help but serve a wonton. After taking a bite, his eyes flashed with surprise.

The texture of the dough and the chewiness of the meat were just right.

He took another look at the chef.

The chef looked ordinary. Oh, no, it should be said that he was very handsome.

He had a bald head, a white chef’s hat, a round face, and a festive smile. He wore a white chef’s suit that fit him well. The clothes was tight and spotless, but his figure was different from his round face. He looked strong and bulky, especially his arms. He had obvious muscles.

At this moment, he was beating the meat filling. His powerful fist smashed into the stone basin filled with minced meat. Then, his fist formed into a palm, and he flipped it up and down. It looked like he had great strength, but there seemed to be some ingenuity in it. There was only a clanging sound in the stone basin, and not a single piece of meat was spilled.

Lu Qingzhuo instantly understood why the meat filling was so chewy.

However, this was such a delicious wontons. Why were there not many people at the stall?

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