The Bloodline System

Chapter 1189 There Is Something Down There

Chapter 1189 There Is Something Down There

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Thanks for keeping it busy... the distraction was all I needed for my attack to be successful," After saying this...


Gustav's figure turned into a streak of lightning and he disappeared from sight instantly. 

-"Hey ho..."

-"He's gone,"

Everything happened so fast, Gustav was already long gone before the other participants could try to stop him.

"You can't have that, its only fair you give it to me since I contributed a great deal to this battle," One of the participants voiced while pointing at the cloaked figure.

"No, I am the one who deserves it. I did more," Another participant stated.

"You fools didn't even come close to me,"

They soon began arguing on who should take the egg.

"You'll have to get it from me first," The cloaked figure voiced with a raspy tone before flying off.

The participants tried to chase but soon discovered just how fast he was. A dark streak was left in his wake as he sped away.



Gustav reappeared in a different location after using lightning blitz five times. He was now more than eight hundred miles away from his initial location yet it had only been a second.

Zing! Zing!

He kept both eggs in his storage button as he decided on which direction to head in next.

The initial battle with the level five Frost Raikin was one he stalked since it began. Gustav had watched the creature swallow up the eggs which caused the participants to give chase.

He patiently waited and hid himself far from the battle scene before appearing at a crucual moment when he was sure his attack would hit.

The level five Frost Raikin was very evasive which was why it stayed alive for that long despite the multiple onslaught from the participants. 

Gustav could already tell that there would be higher levels of Frost Raikins but this wouldn't stop him for searching for more eggs.

"Two more to go," Gustav muttered.

He only needed two more required colors of eggs to complete the set and make another Viondur Egg.

After deciding on which direction to head in Gustav flew forward with immense speed.



"Siva have you gotten it?" Within a forest region filled with frosted looking trees, a figure with six limbs and star shaped green marks all over her face questioned. 

-"Not yet, assistant captain... We have company," A voice responded in her mind.

"How long would it take to deal with a bunch of riff raffs and take just a single egg?" The female referred to as assistant caption voiced with an irritated tone.

Around here were a bunch of participants who looked similar to her but their star shaped marks bore different colors.

-"Maybe the company they have are really strong,"

-"We should have sent Fudor with them," 

Two of the six others around her commented.

-"One of them is an earthling... won't be easy to handle," Siva voice resounded in their minds once more.

Just when the assistant captain was about to speak, a voice butted in.

"Deal with the company and bring back that egg. I do not care if there is an earthling there or not. Take care of it,"

A figure approaching with about eight others appeared from up ahead.

"Captain Strum," The assistant captain stated with a tone of respect.

"There 's four of you there, don't embarrass our great planet. Deal with the situation," Captain Strum commanded.

-"Understood captain!"

Multiple voices answeed in their minds.

Captain Strum arrived before his assistant with the eight around him, bringing their group to sixteen in the number.

  "We must remain the leading team," Captain Strum voiced, "Ostril, let's wait till they arrive with the egg," He added.

They all nodded in response despite the captain mentioning only the assistant captain's name.

The Draconets had so much advantage over other planets since they had found a way to arrive at the same location together from the moment they entered the fourth disk.

They also had the ability to communicate with each other using their minds. Due to being together with all of these perks from the start, they gained a upperhand which they made use of well to become number one in the Viondur challenge.

The Draconets were already one of the most powerful forces in the competition, moving together to acquire eggs made them even more challenging considering other participants they met would barely have more than two or three as a group.

It was very easy to overpower others and claim eggs for themselves.


In another location, a group of participants could be seen treading across a massive ice platform high in the sky.

This ice platform was shaped like a floating tower and there happened to be entrances within.


A golden beam slammed into a part of the massive icy floating platform causing it to tremble slightly but it seemed to have missed a dark figure who was speeeding across the surface.

A massive dark claw exteneded from this figure and swiped downwards with intensity. 


it slammed into the source of the beam which was anothed participant.


The participant cried out as they fell from the platform towards the ground in the distance.

"They are mine," The dark figure voiced out as he stood on the floating platform, undisturbed by gravitational laws.


Multiple attacks were sent forth from below in the next instant, causing the figure to dash into one of the entrances on this floating icy platform.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The entire platform trembled once more at impact, yet it was barely damaged due to its massive size. Although they were already multiple holes all across it.

-'My idiot liege, it's time you stopped playing fair and kill the bastards who dare to oppose you,' 

"Shut it," The dark figure who had an ominous looking black star on his forehead yelled as he leapt upwards.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He broke through multiple floors of ice within the massive floating ice tower as his body ascending to the peak.

The peak of this icy tower happened to be thinner than the rest of its lower parts. The instant the figure cloaked in the aura of darkness arrived there, the fog of darkness emitting from his being suddenly increased in intensity. 

Swerving his hand in a circular motion, a sharp blade formed from the intense darkness slashed through the top of the ice tower.

It was like a cap had been formed as the figure placed himself within the space at the peak of the tower that had been seperated from its lower part.

Massive hands formed from the darkness which held onto the cut off part from the ice tower before powerfully flinging the peak of the ice tower into the distance. 


The peak of the ice tower cut through the sky with intense speed with the dark figure within it. The strength at which it was catapulted into the sky, caused it to move at incredible speed, leaving the others behind unable to catch up.

"He got away!" One of the participants yelled with a look of dissatisfaction. 

The others looked into the sky with expressions of annoyance as well but in the next instant...

Thooommm~ Thoooom~ Thooommm~ Thoooommm~

Four illusionary looking figures with multiple limbs, ascended into the sky. They were just as quick as the top of the ice tower if not quicker. 

They soon dissappeared in the direction of the tower peak and dark figure in a second, leaving the rest of the participants astounded.


ραпdα -n૦νe| , c૦m ("It's been two days already,") The system voiced in Gustav's mind.

"Yeah... at least I've managed to gather six eggs. Just one more needed to create another Viondur Egg," Gustav replied.

("Falco should be close to the designated point by now,") The system reminded.

"He would... I can sense that he is indeed close but then he should have gotten there like an hour ago," Gustav couldn't view them at the moment because he would have to tap into God Eyes again.

He didn't want to do that currently because of his present location. 

("Maybe he got sidetracked,") The system stated.

"Yeah... well, so long as he is okay," Gustav mumbled as his eyes turned into slits.

"I gotta focus on this right now," He added as he arrived before the edge of a deep rift.


There was utter silence in the environment as Gustav stared down at what looked like a divide on the fourth disk.

It was so lengthy that the end of this rift on the ground couldn't be seen with the naked eyes. However, it wasn't only lengthy... it was also deep and wide.

It was like staring into the abyss as darkness was all that could be seen from the top. One also couldn't see where the land was supposed to continue beyond the ledge.

A spectrum of glowing colored lines were the only things that could be spotted in the distance. It was both an amazing and mind boggling sight at the same time.

"Anyone would think they have arrived at the edge of the fourth disk if they saw this," Gustav muttered.

("Indeed... however, you and I are aware that there is something down there,")

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