The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating

Chapter 442 - You Were Actually Not Controlled By Me!

Chapter 442: You Were Actually Not Controlled By Me!

The boss was very enthusiastic and even brought them to that hotel.

After they checked in, they all gathered in Tang Li’s room.

Xu Guanhai said with a solemn expression, “I have a feeling that this boss is not a good person. Why is he telling us all that when he knows it’ll put him in great danger.”

Zhao Guangyi agreed. “Also, that water granny he mentioned sounds like a swindler.”

After saying that, the two of them looked at Tang Li.

Tang Li rubbed her chin and thought.

Qi Yihan said, “That water granny should be in cahoots with the leaders of the vocational school. This boss asked us to stay.” At this point, he looked at Tang Li. “The boss specifically mentioned beautiful girls in the vocational school. His main goal might be Li.”

These words surprised Butler Yang and the other two.

Xu Guanhai and Zhao Guangyi snorted in disdain.

“He really overestimated himself.”

Butler Yang asked, “What does Madam plan to do?”

“I’ll go meet that water granny later.”

Qi Yihan said, “If the water granny and the leaders of the vocational school are really birds of a feather, we’d better get the higher-ups to step in. When the time comes, you’ll deal with that water granny and the higher-ups will deal with the rats of the vocational school.”


Tang Li nodded. “Sure.”

Qi Yihan immediately made a call to the higher-ups.

After hanging up, Qi Yihan passed on the message from the higher-up. “Mr. He will send someone over immediately and ask us to get the evidence first.”

They nodded and discussed what to do before returning to their own rooms.

On the other hand, after the boss sent them to the hotel, he did not go back. Instead, he went to a house in the east of town.

In the middle of the house was a blood beast that made people have nightmares just by looking at it. The blood beast looked similar to a glutton, but its entire body was covered in blood. It was clearly an arched stone statue, but the blood seemed to be flowing. On the table in front of the blood beast was a fiery red candle. There was no incense lit, and in the middle was a bowl of blood.

The blood in the bowl was moving on its own, emitting ripples. Just as the boss entered, the blood disappeared.

The boss shuddered in fear and kept swallowing his saliva. He looked into the left door and saw that it was dark inside. He swallowed his saliva again and called out carefully, “Water Granny.”

Seeing that there was no response, he called out again, “Water Granny, Water Granny.”

“What is it?”

The voice came from behind the boss. The boss was so scared that he screamed and quickly turned around to say to her, “Water Granny, a very beautiful woman came to town today. I’ve already arranged for her to stay in the hotel of the Li family. Do you want to kidnap her?”

The water granny was a middle-aged woman in her forties. She was very short, about 1.4 meters tall. She was wearing a green dress, but her eyes were very sharp, making people not dare to look at her.

The boss quickly withdrew his gaze and stood there, waiting for her answer.

“How beautiful is she?” After asking this, the water granny walked to the blood beast and looked at the empty bowl. She took out a transparent bag that was also filled with blood.

After watching her pour the blood into the bowl, the boss said, “She’s prettier than anyone I’ve ever seen before.”

Water Granny paused and turned to look at him. She narrowed her eyes and smiled.

This smile was not amiable but terrifying.

The boss’s hair stood on end.

“You did very well.” The water granny took out a thumb-sized bottle from her pocket. Inside was a pill.

When the boss saw the pill, his eyes instantly lit up.

“This is your reward.”

The boss quickly took the small bottle with both hands, his eyes sparkling. “Thank you, Water Granny. Thank you, Water Granny.”

The water granny waved at him and the boss left.

As soon as the boss left, the water granny took out her phone. After making a call, she said, “I met a top-grade woman here. I only want a bowl of her blood, and you can take her body… This woman is much prettier than those in your school. At least five million… Sure, come over at two in the morning and I’ll show you the goods… Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make her behave and listen to you.”

After hanging up the phone, a wicked smile appeared on her face.

At one in the morning, other than the pattering rain, there was no other sound in the entire town.

In the hotel, there was no one in the hall and the receptionist was dozing off.

A short figure appeared by the door and walked in.

She was not slow. After she walked in, the lights in the hall suddenly went out.

The short figure instantly disappeared into the darkness.

Soon, the figure arrived outside Tang Li’s room.

She pushed the door open and walked in.

After she walked in, a red flame suddenly appeared in her hand.

She looked at the bed and saw two people lying there.

The woman was as beautiful as a top-grade jade doll. The water granny walked up to the woman’s bed. After carefully examining her face, she was pleased.

Then, she poured the flame on the woman’s forehead. A drop of bright red liquid dripped onto the woman’s forehead and disappeared into her skin.

At this moment, Water Granny said, “Get up. Get up and follow me.”

The woman opened her eyes and looked at the water granny in a daze.

The woman lifted the blanket, put on her clothes and shoes, and followed Water Granny out.

On the way, the flame in Water Granny’s hand didn’t extinguish. She walked in front and the woman followed behind. The two of them walked down the aisle, past the front hall, and out of the hotel.

It was still drizzling, and neither of them had an umbrella. The flames in the water granny’s hand did not extinguish in the wind and rain.

The two of them walked towards the east of the town.

When they reached Water Granny’s house, Water Granny brought her to the blood beast. First, she knelt down and kowtowed three times. Then, she said, “Your Lordship, I found you the blood of a top-grade woman. Take a look and see if you like it.”

The blood on the blood beast’s body flowed faster, looking like it was excited.

The water granny smiled happily. “Your Lordship, don’t worry. I’ll let you enjoy her blood immediately.”

With that, she picked up the bowl of blood on the table and took out a dagger that was shining with a cold light from the drawer. She turned around and walked to the woman, gesturing to her. “Kneel down.”

However, this time, the woman standing there did not listen to her.

The water granny was shocked and shouted again, “Kneel down.”

Tang Li looked at the water granny whose face was red and laughed out loud.

“You weren’t controlled by me!” The water granny’s eyes widened in disbelief.

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